100 thoughts on “5 Seconds Of Summer – Lie To Me”

  1. My fav song ever Luke is now moving on i m really glad that seeing him happy with someone else is also giving me hopes that i can be happy again with someone else like luke and be lucky again. This song best represents the feelings of ppl who have been in toxic relationship :')

  2. the part where luke was getting hit by the derby cars and the other boys just watched and couldn’t do anything hit hard man..💔

  3. By far my favourite 5sos music video they all look amazing, quality video, quality idea, whoever threw those thumbs downs, your moms are hoes.

  4. I’ve never heard of this band… but this song hits hard bro. I’m glad I now know this exists. Now I have a reason to start obsessing even more with my music.

  5. Esta canción me llega al corazón, pero sin nadie en la mente, es solo que me llega, me pone a cantarla con el alma♡

  6. wow!!!!!! amazing job this song actully broke my heart when i hear this song but i love it it is one of my favorite songs now im impress you guys inspire me glad we are close

  7. My autoplay is on so yeah , I'm watching this after teeth and this song just taste like high school , I remembered that I listened the day that album came out , I was in school and I go the album the same day I was waiting for my test score in different part of my school (I failed btw) and the dude that I was into cross in front of me when I was singing this and I swear I felt the song like if it was freaking crack

  8. This song reminds me of my ex best friend who I knew since forever we were so close and she meant so much to me we used to always hang out , we’re partners in crime we did everything together and were like sisters , once we hit year 9 she had found these other 2 girls who she had started to hang out with more than me and at first I was fine with it but then she started ditching me for them constantly and there were rumors that she was talking about me behind my back so sure enough I heard her talking about me and that was my last straw I never spoke to her again after that and yes I have found new friends it just still hurts knowing that we had a lifelong friendship and she just threw me away like I was trash , I honestly relate to this song so much

  9. I feel sad because in my head i imagine that Luke just died. He's alive and pretty as always, thank you, God. 🙏🏻❤

  10. I had finally found this I’ve been looking this for day’s just by watching a jungkook fanfics
    This is wierd im only in here just because of that ff ……. #RealFansSaveBands

  11. Still here and still heart broken… But I'm in a healthy relationship….. Magic in the music 5sos makes…

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