5 Weird AliExpress Gaming Accessories Under $20

5 Weird AliExpress Gaming Accessories Under $20

80 thoughts on “5 Weird AliExpress Gaming Accessories Under $20”

  1. I'm just trying to figure out where they got the car mouse 😂 they probably said it in the video, but I wasn't paying attention to parts because of my doggo 😂

  2. I love your videos on tech! another good one is the 1 star computer build, you should do more of these! Having Kelsey there is the cherry on top, great video y'all

  3. Given that my laptop's WASD keys keep breaking from the stress, a one handed gaming keyboard could actually be an excellent investment so long as it responds well

  4. I need Kelsey to use all of these things in the 100 baby challenge from now on, especially the enter key.. I don't know for what but I need to see it

  5. Half keyboard is for left hand mousers… half my keyboard sticks off my desk's unless I'm at home on a 7ft long desk

  6. This totally reminds me of PC gaming in the mid 2000s, I actually played decently with all sorts of crappy, weird and cheap peripherals. None of this fancy gaming stuff people have today!

  7. Zach in those glasses looks like a stranger with candy waiting outside an elementary school he has no kids at😂

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