$50 Hotel Vs. $35,000 Hotel

$50 Hotel Vs. $35,000 Hotel

– Steven!
– Steven
What you up to?
– We’re taking a selfie?
Nice hair.
– Thanks.
– Steven, you work way too much.
– No I don’t.
– So–
– Wait, what are you doing?
– We’re gonna go on vacation.
– Yeah!
– No I can’t!
– We’re going, let’s go!
– I gotta edit this video!
– [Selorm] Whoo!
(upbeat music)
Let’s find some hotels, cmon, go go!
Today we’re gonna try three
different places to stay,
at three different price points.
Isn’t that what you always say?
– At three drastically
different price points.
– At three drastically
different price points.
So the first hotel we’re going to
is called Podshare L.A.
It’s kind of like a really
cool version of a dormitory.
– We’re going to a place where you
share living spaces with each other?
– Yeah, there’s like different pods.
Everyone has their own
pod and their own space.
– Rule number one,
(bell ringing)
don’t talk to strangers.
That’s the only rule you need.
– That’s the only rule?
– Yes.
– I know you’re an introvert,
I feel like this place is
gonna open you up more.
Strangers aren’t so bad.
– If somebody attacks us,
can we please throw
Kevin in front of them?
So you gonna document me dying?
– Someone’s gotta film it.
Someone’s gotta film it.
– Argh!
(playful music)
– My name’s Elvina, and
this is Podshare, DTLA.
We also have two other
(bubbles popping)
locations, Los Feliz
and Hollywood and Vine.
– How much is it per night?
– There’s a $15 day pass,
or you can do 24 hour pass, 50 bucks.
So that means any location,
you’re not just locked into DTLA.
– What do you consider podule?
Like, what do you call it?
– Flexible term dormitory.
I wanted to create co-living,
meaning you face each other
and there’s social collisions,
like the rate at which
you bump into somebody,
maybe you make eye contact,
instead of knocking on a door,
that’s less social collisions,
than they would, like,
seeing a name on a pod,
and being like “Philipe!”
Hi, Philipe!
– I’m an extreme introvert,
so the idea of social
collisions is terrifying to me.
– You can’t, like, close yourself out.
This is collaborative living.
So, we don’t wanna necessarily say
you can’t live the pod life,
so we’re looking at
buildings where we can do
private upstairs but always always
dormitory style pods downstairs.
Welcome to Podshare, and we
got mostly twin-size pods.
We got queen size pods here,
and then the third is the murphy pod,
and it converts from bed to desk.
– [Steven] So this is the pod?
– Yeah.
You get a twin-size memory foam mattress,
outlets with USBs for
your phone, obviously,
Netflix, Hulu, Pandora.
You plug in your
headphones into the remote
so that you don’t bother other people,
when you watch your favorite shows.
– I sleep on a one inch foam pad.
– I’m really surprised at
how comfortable this is.
I’ll be back for you.
– This is the queen?
– [Elvina] Yeah, the queen pods.
– I, as a human being, need a queen-size,
definitely worth it.
– If you need two things
when you’re staying,
you need a desk and you
need a place to sleep.
We took that and put it into one,
so you go from bed
(bed squeaking)
– [Steven] Whoa!
– [Selorm] What?
– [Steven] What?
– And the cup of coffee
just stays in one place.
– There is somebody blow-drying
her hair over here (laughs).
That’s what it is, social collisions,
can’t have enough of those.
– I was actually just online,
and I was looking for a place to stay.
This place was a lot more economical
than a traditional hotel,
and it gives you your
own space to sleep in,
you can watch a movie.
It was definitely exceeding
my expectations that’s for sure.
– When I first moved here,
and I crashed my friend’s apartment
for like three weeks, and I felt so bad.
I just wish I had like
an alternative to that,
and this would have been
the perfect place to come.
– It’s not only accessible,
but it’s comfortable too.
– Yeah.
– Thank you so much.
– Thank you so much.
– [Elvina] Thank you.
What is it?
It’s a box, and then, wait, do that thing.
– Pod life.
– The pod life.
Okay, Steven,
(happy music)
how did you like Podshare?
– If you’re looking for
a hotel and you have $50,
that is the best cheap
option you’ll get in L.A.
– It was cool that
everything was so handmade.
That murphy bed blew my mind, literally.
– That was pretty cool.
– Success!
On place number one!
Hotel fact!
The world’s oldest hotel, is in Japan,
it’s pronounced Ni-shi-yama Oon-sen
Keiun-Kan Hotel–
– Okay, okay.
– Okay, I almost got it.
It’s been around for nearly 1,300 years.
– Whoa.
– I think it was founded
in 705 A.D.
– You know it’s old
when you start using A.D.
– Well, we’re not going to Japan next.
The next spot is called the Redbury Hotel.
I know that it is banging.
– It’s banging?
– It’s banging.
– What does it mean when a hotel bangs?
– The hotel is cool, Steven.
– Okay, cool.
♫ One, two, three four
(playful music)
– My name is Bryan Barrera,
I am the sales coordinator here at
the Redbury Hollywood and Vine.
We are a boutique hotel
here with 57 rooms.
This room that we are currently
in, is our vine suite.
It comes with our kitchenette.
It all comes with a two gas
burner, block countertop,
and then of course, our microwave.
Some will only be here for one night,
but they’ll wanna, like,
do a whole gourmet meal.
We value that, we want them to use
all of our features here at our property.
– [Steven] Right.
– [Bryan] Each room comes with
its own private living
area, a king-size bed,
which, as you can see, are
very very spacious, very luxurious.
– My complaint about
hotels is the pillows.
Pillows should always be able to,
conform to your body.
Sometimes pillows don’t,
but these pillows do.
It’s extremely comfortable.
– These look like, little soda cans,
but they’re actually our intimacy kits.
(Kevin laughing)
There’s condoms, lubrication,
even enhancers I think.
– I thought it was Redbury soda,
like Redbury juice, like ha berry juice.
– Here we are in our Redbury bathroom,
amazing Rainhead showers.
As you can see, it comes with a spa area.
– [Selorm] It’s not a joke.
– We don’t want guests to come back
because they feel like it’s convenient,
we want them to come back
because there’s an urge.
– [Selorm] Yes.
– We go above and beyond
to put just a smile on someone’s face.
– Thank you so much.
– Okay?
(Selorm laughing)
You’re welcome, my pleasure.
– For the record, the
Redbury’s bed was the best bed.
Pillows at the Redbury, firm, yet giving.
– You can’t find a nicer
way to describe that.
Hotel fact!
– [Kevin] Whoo!
– That makes sense, I
mean Vegas is the place
where you go to party,
(rubber duck squeaking)
to live extravagantly.
– I’ve been to Vegas once,
but I really wanna go.
I mean–
– Let’s do it!
– Let’s do it!
Let’s go to Vegas!
The most expensive hotel
that would let me in–
– Wait, oh you already planned this!
– Yeah.
– How much is
(upbeat music)
this hotel in Vegas?
– So this hotel is priced at $35,000.
– What?
– Thirty, five, thousand,
– [Steven] What?
– That’s like, 17,000 large
fries from McDonald’s.
– What could possibly make
something cost that much, you know?
– Truffles, it’s always truffles.
– Pack your bags, tomorrow,
we’re going to Vegas!
– Whaa!
– Whoo!
Wait, I need to drive.
We’re going to Vegas.
(party music)
(thrilling music)
♫ Throw the dice, spin the wheel
♫ Take a chance on me baby
♫ I’m a real big deal
♫ Joker in the pack
♫ Ace in the hole
♫ Double dealin’ baby,
got me outta control
– Oh, my gosh.
– Whoa.
– [Kevin] Whoa!
– [Steven] Look at that view!
– That’s an elevator.
(both laughing)
– [Selorm] Why is there
an elevator in here?
I’m so excited!
– My name’s Kyle, I’m a
bellman here at the Palms.
This is our two story sky villa.
It’s roughly 9,000 square feet.
This is where anybody who’s
anybody stays in Las Vegas.
Comes with butler service.
This room can sleep about 12 people.
– Great, we have four people here.
– We don’t have many friends.
– Okay, you guys can spread out.
(Steven laughing)
Alright, guys,
this is our main room.
This is the bar in the room.
Bottles start at $275.
– Not like $2.75.
– $275.
– Gulp.
– Check it.
– This is the dining area in the back.
– If we go upstairs, so they
had this amazing elevator here.
Hey Kevin, wanna come inside with us?
– [Kevin] No, man.
– [Steven and Selorm] Oooh.
– [Kyle] This is the
bathroom, full jetted tub.
– [Steven] Look at all of those jets.
Let’s turn this bad boy on.
(both laughing)
(both laughing)
This knob activates that.
– The water just pours like
it’s coming from the heavens.
– Oh my gosh.
– [Kyle] Just inside this
door is the dry sauna.
– Dibs, sorry.
– No.
– [Solena] Dibs!
– No, it’s not dibs!
I called dibs first!
– [Kyle] This is the master bedroom.
This circular bed does rotate.
– How does that thing rotate?
– [Kyle] There’s a remote.
– Ooh it’s–
– What am I doing with my life?
– This is the master
bathroom, full jetted tub.
– Very obvious, what this tub is for.
The beads, the bed right next to it.
– It’s for a pool party, duh!
– Oh yeah.
– We’re gonna call a butler.
– What do you wanna eat?
– Let’s get steak and shrimp.
– Alright, I’m gonna call them.
– [Solena] Yes!
(knocking at door)
– [Steven] Yes!
– [Blair] Butler Service.
(both laughing)
– Yes!
– [Blair] Steak and shrimp.
– [Steven] Yes.
– [Solena] Yes.
I don’t eat meat, but
that looks really good.
– [Steven] We actually don’t
have very many friends,
wondering if you wanted to come
chill with us for a little bit?
– Sure.
– Blair, what is the craziest
request you’ve ever gotten?
– There is no crazy request.
I can do like go-go
dancers, stripper poles.
– What?
– [Blair] We’ve had tigers in here.
– [Solena] What?
If I’ve got someone that I don’t like
over at the Bellagio, you can’t, like,
take them out for me.
– Unfortunately, no, we can’t do that.
Anything else you might need for tonight?
Two shots of vodka?
– [Solena] Oh yeah.
– [Steven] Thank you.
This is like three shot glasses or two.
– We’re in Vegas, go big or go home.
– I go home.
– [Voiceover] You crazy.
– Take me now, pool.
– Oh it’s warm, it’s like a heated pool.
– There is a freaking sauna.
– Sauna!
Underneath the water, things are moving.
Whoa, shit!
– Kevin, get your own.
It’s for you.
– [Kevin] No, I’m good,
you guys can just, oh God.
– How’s it feel, Kevin?
– It feels like $35,000.
– The last thing, and
the most important thing
is can you sleep well in this hotel?
(cheerful music)
(motor starting)
And good night.
Signing out from Las Vegas.
– Alright, so we just got back from Vegas,
what did you guys think?
– I’m tired.
You would think that
after visiting hotels,
we would be–
– Rested.
– Yeah.
– It’s not the case.
– The Redbury was amazing.
It had everything that you need,
and some units have washers and dryers.
You could actually live there,
and live very comfortably.
You know, when like, somebody’s
gonna punch you in the face
but then they just give you a present?
Like that’s what
Podshare was for me.
I thought it was gonna be dangerous.
I thought that was gonna be
the worst thing in the world,
but no, when we got there, I
actually wanted to stay there.
– Podshare is my
(ringing bell)
worldly winner.
Not only can you live
modestly at Podshare,
but you can live well.
– I think they were all really cool.
– Yeah, but you gotta choose.
– Mmm, Palms was like a once
in a lifetime experience,
of a 24 hour butler service,
a pool, that was amazing!
I love the Palms.
– [Steven] Mmm.
– Yeah I think I’m
gonna have to go with Podshare.
(bell ringing)
Just all the things
that you get, that you
wouldn’t get in a hostel,
that you don’t even get in a hotel.
– Yeah.
– That was insane.
– Kevin.
– What was your favorite?
– I will say, if by the grace of God,
I get adopted by a rich family tomorrow,
I will live in the Palms casino resort.
– But for real, what should we try next?
Tell us.
– Tell us.
– I’m gonna do a backflip off this couch.
That didn’t work.
– That was horrible.
– [Steven] Okay.

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