$5k to $20k: The Journey to Become a Professional Sports Bettor

$5k to $20k: The Journey to Become a Professional Sports Bettor

Before I started the trading at Trademate
Sports, I had really no experience. I signed up in late April 2016 and I’m now been using Trademate Sports for a year and a half. [Music] So I started using Trademate Sports after hearing about it on a poker podcast and I really liked it, so I haven’t seen any reason
to stop using it. So I’ve never sports betted before because I would assume I would lose money. But with Trademate Sports, I could actually win money on sports, which I would follow and spend a lot of time on anyway, so that’s great. I have a little background from poker which
definitely helped me in the trading. I believe nowadays it’s more
profitable than poker and I enjoy it more. The best thing about Trademate Sports is you can analyze your results, see what works and what doesn’t and build your own strategies around that and you eventually become a really good trader. If you’re a beginner at sports trading, I would recommend you to check out Trademate Sports blogs and FAQs. So I began with a $5,000 bankroll and it took me a while to get better at understanding what I was actually doing, but within the first five months or so, I had grown my account to $9,000. Each week, I register about 250 to 300 trades. I have Trademate Sports running in the background
while browsing the web or watching a movie and I get a notification from them and I can check and if that’s a bet I want to take or not. My average turnover per month really depends
on what time of the year it is. In the summer time now, it’s not been much, but in April, it was around $180,000. On the weekends, I can sit from
11:00 in the morning to maybe 9:00 in the evening, so that’s quite a few hours for the weekends, but that’s also when most of the football games are played. In a 25 bet sequence, I had one winning bet and 24 losing bets, so that’s gonna take its toll on the bankroll. I would guess my highest winning streak
would be something like winning 27 out of 30 bets in a row. I really watched the games but I
follow them on live scores. I tend to enjoy sweating the closing edge
rather than the actual game. How do I know you’re not an actor and this
is just another stupid video on YouTube? I guess you can tell from my
performance that I’m not an actor by the way I’m speaking and my looks. [Laughter] [Laughter]

11 thoughts on “$5k to $20k: The Journey to Become a Professional Sports Bettor”

  1. Great video! Have you ever thought about launching a forum where users of trademate could discuss trade-ideas, presets, leagues to avoid etc?

  2. Is it profitable to use in Germany considering we have to pay 5% tax on some bookmakers with an average ROI of 2.6% thats an instant loss isnt it?

  3. Hello Trademate, I am interested but here in the Czech Republic we are not allowed to bet on foreign bookies as the law restricts. I think neither of the bookies you`ve listed with good edges operate here. How to resolve it?

  4. Its just an advert for the product Trademate , like all the poker players that burst onto the scene years ago they all go missing in the end and disappear into the wilderness after losing everything, the word professional gambler is a myth and nonsence, you cannot solely rely on your betting income to have a living. At the end of the day value betting or not it all comes down to luck no matter how you calculate your risks etc. A gambler who says theyve never lost all their bankroll is a liar and all compulsive gamblers are liars its a known fact. I would love to see a video series of a so called pro gambler over the course of a year to see the truth, guaranteed you will not see it ever, you can bet on that lol

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