7 Biggest LOTTERY JACKPOTS in the World (Big Lottery Winners)

7 Biggest LOTTERY JACKPOTS in the World (Big Lottery Winners)

Dreams of winning the lottery are often remarked
as somewhat of an impossible feat. But the lottery is real and, for some people,
the impossibility becomes a reality in the blink of an eye. Whether it was the single winning number or
a portion of a gigantic jackpot, here are some of Dreamy Money’s top lucky 7 biggest
lottery jackpots in the world. Can you guess which country dominated the
top 7 largest jackpots in history list? Stay tuned all the way through to findout. Welcome to Dreamy Money TV Want a peak behind
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notification button if you haven’t already. Now let’s get into it…. 7. $448.4 million Powerball This pot of gold
was spread far and wide when it was won in 2013. One ticket was jointly held by coworkers who
deemed themselves “Ocean’s 16” after collectively contributing to Superstorm Sandy
cleanup in New Jersey. The other two portions of the pot were taken
home by a 70-year-old New Jersey man and a long-time lottery luster from Minnesota. 6. $540 million Mega Millions 2016 saw a lot
of big lottery winners, like this single ticket holder who earned bronze for biggest lottery
winner in history. It was sold in Indiana and it took a few days
before the winner redeemed their prize. The winner sent representatives of their LLC
to claim the ticket and talk to the press in hopes to preserve their anonymity and the
safety of their family. 5. $587 million Powerball This jackpot was split
between two tickets. One of them was held by an Arizona man. The other half of the pot went to a Missouri
couple. The land-locked residents celebrated by taking
their daughter to the beach and bought a red Camaro. 4. $590.5 million Powerball History was made
in 2013 when Florida resident Gloria Mackenzie had the one and only winning ticket for this
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in yourself. Audio books let you learn on the go! You don’t need to win the lottery, when
you can go out and build your fortune by investing in yourself. No more excuses. 3. $656 million Mega Millions This jackpot was
split amongst three winners. The winning tickets belonged to a retired
couple from Illinois, a trio of friends from Maryland, and a winner in Kansas who remained
anonymous. Fun Fact: Only a select few states allow lottery
winners to remain anonymous. Kansas and Maryland are two of them. The Maryland winners of this loot revealed
themselves only as “The Three Amigos.” 2. $758.7 million Powerball Winning the lottery
is even sweeter when the earnings are all yours. This was the case for a Massachusetts winner
Mavis Wanczyk. who celebrated by quitting her job and hiding in bed for the night. Lottery winners can opt to get the money spread
out yearly or get taxed all-together on the lump sum. Wanczyk opted for the latter option, taking
the loot which ended up amounting to $480.5 Million. 1. $1.6 Billion Powerball These massive winnings
were part of the pot that was split three ways in 2016. Couples in California and Tennesse laid claim
to two-thirds of the fortune, while a septuagenarian from Florida claimed the final cut. She reportedly had played the same lotto numbers
for years before it finally paid off. A little bit of patience proved to pay off
big time; this is the biggest lottery prize that’s been won yet. It’s not needed to say, that these individuals
in our list have landed on unimaginable luck, to strike it big with the biggest jackpots
in history. But don’t let the tiny odds of you getting
as lucky let you down. There are countless other ways to attain such
fortunes and build generational wealth for you and your family. Subscribe to Dreamy Money TV, as we explore
who, what, where, and how of wealth building from scratch. Along with how that wealth can be spent in
extravagant ways. Thank You For Watching!

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