7 Psychological Benefits of Video Games

7 Psychological Benefits of Video Games

Video games are more popular than ever.
Games like Fortnight have gone completely
mainstream, and now almost everybody considers
themselves a gamer.
In the past, video games have been looked
down; they have been accused of causing habits
of violence or addictive behaviors.
But what about the benefits of playing video
Here are some reasons you might want to game
hard in 2019.
One; video games are linked with emotional
Here at Psych2Go, we’re all about helping
and educating others on everything related
to psychology, and emotional stability is
a huge part of that.
A 2012 study suggested that immersive games
in particular, appear to be the most beneficial,
because they allowed gamers to try out different
versions of themselves.
Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 are so immersive
that people can go anywhere and do anything.
We’re allowed to explore our own personalities
and see what fits best with our ideal selves.
And according to research, this helps a lot
with emotional stability.
Three; video games improved Visumotor coordination.
You might have heard previously that video
games improve hand-eye coordination, it’s
In fact, a recent study found that video games
improve all Visumotor coordination which is
when vision and movement work together to
produce actions.
For example, in First-Person Shooters, gamers
must aim quickly and accurately at small targets.
In driving games, we make small steering adjustments
at high speeds.
When we boost our Visumotor coordination,
we get better at all kinds of tasks; including
walking, driving, sports and even basic tasks,
like getting dressed in the morning.
Four; playing certain video games boost social
We all know that in 2019, some of the best
video games are the ones we can play online
with our friends.
But until recently, no one really considered
the benefits of these games.
In 2014, a very interesting study was published
on the subject, which proposed that immersive
social video games help gamers develop pro-social
In these games, you have to figure out who
you can trust, who to make friends with and
how to lead a group.
And yes, those skills can definitely be transferred
from the game world in to the real world.
Five, videogames are linked with better vision.
We’ve been told that staring at a screen all
day is bad for our eyes, but what if videogames
actually improves our vision?
There have been quite a few studies on this.
Games can boost visual contrast sensitivity,
which is basically the ability to distinguish
between different shades of gray.
One study even found that videogame treatments
can cure a lazy eye, which is also known as
That being said, don’t stare at a screen all
day playing video games with the excuse of
trying to improve your eyesight.
Six; video games might help with dementia.
Almost everyone’s a little fearful of getting
old, and one big reason is dementia.
Once again, it’s video games to the rescue.
A 2016 study found that playing video games
helped older patients restore their cognitive
This included benefits like improving walking
abilities, better moods and better social
interactions with friends and family.
Seven; video games can help teens blow off
Being a teen isn’t easy and most of us remember
having a lot of pent up emotions during this
If anybody needs to blow off some steam, it’s
your average teenager.
And according to a 2007 study, video games
are a great way to do that.
The study found that teens were relieving
a lot of stress by playing video games.
So instead of causing aggression, video games
might actually be helping teens vent by getting
aggressive in the game world instead of the
real world.
To summarize this video, what’s your favorite
video game?
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100 thoughts on “7 Psychological Benefits of Video Games”

  1. Happy Saturday/Sunday where you are. Now you can show your parents or teachers the benefits of playing video games. Are you currently playing any video games? Name drop them below 🙂

  2. My favorite games are solo adventure games set in unknown worlds or places (like subnautica, fallout, and red dead)

    Ignore my profile pic

  3. I now have ideas on how to make my dream on making video games useful for people besides having fun. Thank you!

  4. I have multiple favorites red dead redemption for the interesting story and the vast open world to explore the Beautiful graphics and awesome gameplay halo2 for the art style very fluid and intuitive gameplay and controls especially for 04 the deep lore great characters it’s also the first game I ever played at 4 years old in 2006 when I was with my uncle and he brought out his Xbox so it has great memories with it rainbow six Vegas 2 for the more tactical gameplay amazing customization especially for the time and the metro games (the books are also great) because if the story engaging gameplay Systems and that oh so amazing atmosphere

  5. This actually is very interesting u always help me learn more about the human brain thank you and I love video games!

  6. Right now it's legend of zelda breath of the wild because i finally got a new copy after losing my original in 2017 and its just soo good

  7. This is neat because so many people hate on gaming and to have you show the benefits may even change their view on them

  8. I sound like an stupid child but i like playing roblox (i am 12 by the way). I like it because roblox is a platform wich has games developed by it's own community. There are these types of games fps, platformers (obbies),role playing and simulators(wich i don't like) and other games wich would make this list bigger. And what i like is that roblox has it's own Studio (where you can use it to make games). I use the roblox studio to build wich helps we reliefe stress by building and improving my building skills. And yes roblox is a online game. I know roblox isn't a game but it's a platform, still the games it has are fascinating.

  9. heres a link to a guy that stole this video and uploaded it to his channel

  10. If my profile pic and username isn’t enough of a hint, I absolutely LOVE playing Persona 5. I’m playing on ps3, though

  11. Favorite Games:

    Any Sonic Game (Except Boom & 06);



    Mirror's Edge/Mirror's Edge Catalyst(even not playing it)

    Asphalt 9;

    And much more.

  12. Gaming helps so much more than that though… You can learn legitimate educational facts from games, make friends around the world for a much stronger support system, unlock your imagination in the game worlds and gather inspiration from them. If you're like me, you can also waste all of your moments when not working or sleeping on them!

  13. Plants vs Zombies 1 & 2 have taught me, among several lessons, that there is often more than 1 way to do things

  14. pokemon kinda helped me cope with depression a little bit since it‘s pretty chill compared to the games i‘m into or play. i‘m also really into this detective or solve-a-murder-case stuff like danganronpa, ace attorney or zero escape because their cases are super interesting and it‘s fun to try solving them!! but i think i‘m a hug fan of visual novels too (especially the lgbt ones haha) ex: we know the devil, butterfly soup, there‘s this girl, missed messages etc.

  15. My favorite game series is the Mother series. more specifically, Earthbound. I like that game because it's so relatable. Remember when you thought that your Mom was the strongest person in the world? Do you remember meeting friends that helped you with a specific topic? All that is mirrored in Earthbound. The part where Ness beats the more sinister part of his mind in Magicant, levels up (a whole lot) and realizes his true potential? Was great, felt great.

  16. A cross between Geometry dash and skyrim, but not as often as other people my age, I just don't have that kind of money.

  17. Yea this is me since im 4years old and im still playing mobile/pc games and now is 2019 im still on it

  18. Now I never wanna hear my mom say I get bad eyes because of games or shouldnt focus on so much things at the same time ever again

  19. My favourite game is ToramOnline… I wish I knew more people that played it lol but it’s really fun😊

  20. My favourite video game is Red Dead Redemption as It taught me about valuing life and love.

    I also love Mortal Kombat X and 11 to blow off steam and be excited

  21. The game that’s helpful for almost all these reasons is Minecraft the reason is you can almost do anything it’s creative it’s educational it’s fun it’s very very exploitable infact I don’t know any games where you can do anything more than you can in Minecraft

  22. One of my favourite series is Gensou Suikoden. It helped me figure out what I want to do with my life. I do game design and composition. It also got me thinking more about philosophy and politics.

  23. Warframes my favorite game. Now is. Use to play Skyrim but my ps3 takes 20 mins to load a loading screen. Also its lags. I now play on ps4 and have surpassed my older brother on warframe. (I inspire to be like them so I can meme with them and understand more so I can socialize about it more)

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