9 Win Streak Casumo Live Blackjack

9 Win Streak Casumo Live Blackjack


that’s a bust
win, win ,win ,win
great double
you konw why….
like random people, bets closed…ahhm
so even in my brain I think
I’m still Lora
like honestly..
yeah it’s getting stuck..
too many
20, 20,
mosty if I meet
I don’t think
anyone asks for names nowadays, 14
there is people in this building I…
talk with them
I like say hi to them
I have absoloutely no clue what’s his name
I don’t introduce myself now
what will I say?
hello I’m Lora i like horses like..
what in the world?
that’s too many, win, win ,win ,win ,win ,
great double love it
yeah, ahhm
there is
bunch of people,…
bets closed
and not that I will remember either….
words are had like names are hard for me
Its fine
Hello jimmy, welcome
17, 12
no for rule #1, hit
doo, do do do do
I actually have no clue
think your honest
is that Danny, who’s Danny? Is it!?
ahh, see I knew it.
enjoy the win
there you’re special, you shouldn’t be disappointed
5 in a row
thank yu, bets closed
because someone constantly calls you by your name that’s why.
but I wasn’t 100% sure
19, hit
Do you know me by Laora or you know the other as well?
you well Jimmy
are you …Ok?
with ..13
no 20, good
nice one
there is people who I know by last names as well
that’s werid, 14, 13
woo, too many, enjoy the wins.
did yu ask to change
enjoy the wins, yeah, I just wanted.. some
yeah, I’ll stay.
nice, 6th win, 4th win, guys doing good
I’m not telling you, oh my last name I actually came up with fake ..
I gave mysef a fake last name…
Oh, Lora Font
with “T”
like ’em

there was a story
you know Jane Fonz?
I’m Lora Font!
like a word font that you choose for your..
no not front, without the “r”
Lora Front!
so I have a fake identity
and I am Italian, ahhm dentist
why do have split personalities?
because we need one here, 17
its easier to live…one more Rud, you always hit on 17’s
and how you get even higher scores?
I’m glad you did though.
why did you get lost in Berlin?
ahhhm 19, 20
because…too many
that is a beautiful blackjack.
13, 16,
18, win, win, win, 7 in a row
I got lost because…
bets closed
if you heed any help with your dentist appointment
what, I’m not Japanese,
stop telling people I’m Japanese
right, beautiful with your blackjacks
pair, straight, hitting
you’re hitting, we can stories to my fake identity, 20
guys feel free to
10, beautiful, beautiful blackjack
beautiful beautiful, beutifull, beautiful
nice done
thank you, bets closed
oh that’s a nice straight
…I have won in a row, I don’t see now, I will see once..
that’s a stand
once, once, once the round’s over
this is the 9th round
20, 15, 15
15, please bust
please, please, please
bust yeah, 9 wins in a row, 2, 4, 2

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