A BORING poker tournament vlog at the Wynn

A BORING poker tournament vlog at the Wynn

the wynn $230 rebuy 15,000 starting stack
with one optional $100 $7,500 add-on to
be done anytime I’m late retching it’s
about 3/10 later edges open till 420
blaze it we’re going to come in for 330
dollars with a 22,500 chip stack let’s
run it up to the final table deny all
chops until it’s very favorable for us
no trophies for this one just about ten
thousand or more for first let’s get it
I love the win we have the win we have
the encore and we have the newest win
encore property no actually it’s not it
is an impostor exact same design very
close by and it’s actually owned by a
Asian conglomerate of casinos or
something agenting or Resorts World and
they’re getting sued by the Wynn and
being forced to redesign their building
when it’s almost halfway done nice try
Genting Group
rebuy period is over we’re in for 330
going two more hours before dinner break
400 800 we have over 20 blinds we know
what to do with that Evon Philadelphia
with blinds at 600 1200 action folds to
me on the button I have Queen Jack
offsuit easy raise make it 2500 small
blind calls and the big blind folds flop
comes Jack 6 5 rainbow and he leads out
3300 no respect I could raise here but I
think it’s better to play in position so
we put in the call the turn is a
beautiful card it’s a queen
he now slows down and checks so put them
on like a weak Jack maybe a straight
draw that’s open to get a free river but
we’re not gonna do that we’re gonna bet
about 1/3 of our stack setting up a
river jam for value so I bet 5500 and he
puts him to call the rivers of 9 king 10
gets there and more importantly 7 8 gets
there he thinks about it for 30-40
seconds and checks usually this means
they don’t want me to bet they just want
to get the cheap showdown it’s like a
fakie reversal like he was thinking
about thinking about betting but of
course I’m going to shove all in for
13400 top 2 for value if he got 7 8
congrats to him he’s got a lot of 1
pairs and two pairs of combos that he
can call us with he eventually folds and
we take down a nice pot he later tells
us that he had a queen not sure what
Queens lead that flop and check
check full river but you know take it
for what it’s worth and we now have
almost 30 40 thousand ships on
blinds at 1,000 mm I can move to new
table with the agro European big stack
on my left that’s my initial read holds
me in the hijack I make it 4,000 with
pocket kings love pocket kings 43,000
ships in my stack cut off big stack euro
makes it 11 thousand the small blind
shoves all in for 31,000 every getting
cooler it is one of them have aces
there’s only one way to find out we’re
all in three better eventually folds
says he had East Queen 31k all in has
East King and here’s the video
I look around the table and there’s
a Brazilian chick with a nose ring
tattoos wearing a unicorn onesie – to my
left on my direct left is a Russian male
who every hand talks to and kisses a
picture frame that’s in his lap am i
trippin hey someone drugged me is this
these should be flick players I want to
play against but it’s just really
freaking me out
freaky you are freaking out man where do
they get these people who to Halloween
this is an insane asylum am i an
the blinds at 1500 3000 3000 action
folds to me in the hijack and I have
heats Queen offsuit easy open to 7000
action folds to the button who is a
Brazilian woman aged 25 to 40 with
tattoos a nose ring and is wearing a
unicorn onesie
she says all in she has me covered about
90,000 what do you guys do call off a
screen 25 lines in this spot they fold
live to see another day I’m putting her
on something like ace queen plus all
pairs are not doing so great against
that range but sometimes you have to
gamble but not this time we put in the
fold and she doesn’t show
blinds at two thousand four thousand I
have fifty four thousand under the gun
with East Jack offsuit pretty borderline
but sometimes you just got to go for it
people are gonna be over folding a lot
of mid pairs maybe even a nice green so
we shove all in middle position calls it
off yes sixty thousand and he has ace
king let’s hit a jack here’s the video
there’s forelimb purrs we’re in the big
lines with three eight of Spades we
check our option 24k in the pot Bob
comes ten and four deuce two spades
looks like a good spot to lead in the
take it down maybe get some folds maybe
hit a spade on the turn
so we bet 8,000
elderly Caucasian male on the button
puts in the call for heads up the turn
is a good one it’s a five we now have
the flush draw and the open ended
straight draw and 80,000 shits what’s
the best line here we could check Jam
but then we’re only doing that to hope
we fold out some of his value range like
if he used to bet a 10x or weakened his
lead he might fold you might call the
worst thing you can do is shove on us
but he really shouldn’t do that so I bet
25,000 he lines up a stack of five K’s
equaling a hundred thousand and he puts
in this shove a player immediately
starts laughing at us he can’t help
himself this shit’s funny to him turns
out he’s a viewer of the vlog shout out
to you sir and we fold we can’t call it
off with a tie with the combo draw might
be close but hey this is tournament
poker it’s all about survival
we went some small pots chip up make
some good reeds and we now have 133,000
going to three thousand six thousand six
thousand with 34 players remaining let’s
get to this final table
with blinds at three thousand six
thousand I’m in middle position with
pocket eights and a hundred and seventy
thousand ships we’re doing well raise it
up sin thirteen thousand action folds to
a big blind who is a chronic limper
probably a recreational of some sort he
puts in the call the fog comes ace six
deuce we want a bet for value here he
shouldn’t have to be a scissors range
and we can get value from hands like 6x
Deus Ex three four five four etc he
calls our 10k bet the turn is a four he
checks and we’re gonna go for value
again seems thin but we’re targeting all
of his six x and lower pair hands and
just in case he has an ace if we check
he’s not gonna bet big and lead into us
on the river about 16,000 and he puts in
the call
alright playing is to check the river
rivers of for seeming brick but then he
leads out thirty thousand what’s he
leading with three four five four an ace
doesn’t make much sense the lead is
pretty strong but we’re getting a pretty
good price let’s find out what he’s got
I put in the call and he shows King four
off suit it’s a good flop call a good
good turn Carl into a great river I’m
glad you got rewarded and we now have
around a hundred thousand ships
the blinds go through us a few times
we’re down to 46,000 under the gun three
thousand six thousand with the blinds
going to four eight the very next hand
so we got to make a boob look down at 10
9 offsuit easy jam middle position asks
for a count and iso raises to a hundred
k hopefully as ace king i stole my ten
nine were heads up and he has pocket
we’re live flop comes queen 7 3 but it
doesn’t matter because the turns of
seven were drawing debt and we’re out in
27th place 20 pay it’s 10 o’clock at
night out three hundred and thirty
dollars thanks for playing
this is the harsh reality of tournaments
it’s still the era Boesky we’re not
gonna let this one setback stop us from
crushing 2019 hit the like and subscribe
button I’m out maybe it’s time to shave
off this mustache

100 thoughts on “A BORING poker tournament vlog at the Wynn”

  1. Agro European, and Nose Ring Onsie wearing Specialist!!! Where do these people get their money??? On to the Next 1… 😎❤Zro♠Fux♦Gvn♣ #BagAndTag

  2. Sorry you lost, but loved the "outro" music…"Hello darkness, my old friend." Perfect, just perfect gotta love Simon & Garfunkel in that spot.

  3. I can't wait for you to say, "big yellow chick, 30-60 goes all in, she's been playing tight so I fold."

    ♥️ From the 3%

  4. I recall when China unveiled 20 NEW cars for the year (2010?). They downright COPIED 20 different make/model. They are masters of the copy, but not very original. They reverse engineer all of our stuff and then put out an inferior version. It's laughable.

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  6. How is T9o an easy shove UTG? I think you are overshoving this spot unless the table drastically overfolds to these shoves.

  7. (MUST SEE!) ??? Who did the title for you, Brad Owen? Don't use this and similar phrases in the title Jeff, they have an air of desperation and in my opinion, put people off watching! Porn tash maybe on the way out? :O)

  8. Not sure why you put (MUST SEE) in the title. Any Boski VLOG is a MUST SEE! Common knowledge Sir! Good Luck on the next tourny!

  9. The security guys and the floor man , would have needed iron bars, too prise my hands loose, from around the neck of the guy with the K4…..lol…..Truly a tilting moment….

  10. Tough fold on the flush/straight combo draw. Not sure I'm folding there with half the deck helping me out. I understand your argument about survival, so maybe I need to think about that more when I play.

  11. Hahaha I love this Boski on a heater. Great attitude lately. Run good feel good. Even here "Hopefully he's got ace king….he's got aces…………we're live" LOL keep up the good work man

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  13. Keep grinding away Boski …I recommend using a black tourmaline stone.. It has the power to push away negative energy and fend off stinky Frenchmen that don't shower …allegedly!👍

  14. Hi Jeff, finally got off the fence and used your link and bonus code and signed up on ACR. Of course the generous bonus for BTC didn't hurt either. Thanks again and continued success in your game and vlog. Elderly white male aged 50 – 80.

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  18. I used to think you were an odd geek. Now I see.. you revel in being such.. and your dry humor and funny video editing win the day. "Hello Darkness My Old Friend" .. nice touch lol

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