A Boris day in The Zone – S.T.A.L.K.E.R. animation

A Boris day in The Zone – S.T.A.L.K.E.R. animation

*loacher films*

This… is the zone.
An area of danger, risk, and an overwhelming day-to-day struggle for life.
For its inhabitants… or stalkers, as they refer to themselves.
This is the place to start life anew, and to live in freedom.
There is someone, however, who’s not here for money.
He’s not interested in unlimited freedom. His reason to be here is..
I’m just here for fun, BLYAT!
Let’s just say… his reason is different.
(slav king anthem plays)
Here he comes! Jerry, get the camera! Get a move on! How do I look?
Like you are ready to fall into any anomaly you see.
But, that is what I’m here to prevent. Welcome to the zone! Let’s begin.
This is the pelmeniator. (it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a pelmeniator!)
Powerful, elegant… Russian. Best for killing targets that are harder to reach than babushka’s kompot on top shelf!
Look… there. It is a Cyka Sparrow. Cyka… what?
A giant mutated crow, blin!
(russian rage)
Get down!
OK, get up, they did not spot us.
Look, bandits!
Magnificent, and vile creatures. Notice how leader of group stands in most elevated position, ready to give signal to other gopniks. (blin)
That guy looks.. familiar.
OPA! Is Vasya blyat! What did he do now? Okay.. His little nature walk just turned into… rescue operation.
Come on, Davai! Despite our protest, Boris insisted on going through with his rescue.
However… His idea of entering the bandit base was a highly unusual one.
Hyalo, Mister Bandit!
*cheeki breeki*
An… interesting sight, most definitely!
*moar cheeki breeki squats*
HAH! Western spy can’t handle some good vodka! Follow me.
We are completely on our own. If the residents see us, we are likely to die. Our only
hope at this point, is to stay hidden.
*supah slav kick*
Whaaaat… is he doing?
Jesus Christ!
Nu. Just Boris. Now, get on second floor and watch closely. Shit is about to go down.
Welcome, friends. I believe you have my man Vasya captured. I am
here to take him back.
Well, alright then. Let’s do this!
*gopnik simulator 2018*
Man, these gopniks have too many bullets!
Come on! We need to see what’s going on!
Are you okay?
oy that was close ;-;
Don’t just stand there, come in!
Take this ,Cyka!
*dead* cyka
Now let’s get Vasya.
*godly laugh*
The idiots put him near vodka!
This, is what a true gopnik looks like.
Always drunk.
*gopnik snore*
damn vasya is a a badass..

Good morning! You too, my friend!
So, enjoying the trip? Very much so.
What’s the plan for today? Something BLYATiful!
Uhh… What does that mean?
Oh, you will see.
(tru slav outro plays)

100 thoughts on “A Boris day in The Zone – S.T.A.L.K.E.R. animation”

  1. Boris: hello mister bandit!
    (Squats infront of the bandit)
    (Both starts squat dancing)
    (Bandit comes in)
    Random bandit: what the blyat is this??
    Boris: it’s yo boi CHEEKI BREEKI BORIS!
    (Shoots both bandits)
    Boris: hehehe u cyka blyat XD
    (Squat dances)

  2. Who's voice was used for the narrator's?

    Boris I don't want to be disappointed by knowing you're just a european and that accent we all know and love is just made up and worst of all you're not slav…

  3. Наеееееееебсик ты не в чернобыле… он есть в Украине и на урале

  4. Your slav vidoes are absolutely awesome and true, well i come from Poland. But i think your accent is kinda strange, it’s not so similiar to classic russian accent, or any eastern-slavic accent. Maybe you’re from the balkans then🧐

  5. As an animator for a number of decades standing; You need to tighten up the voice edit then animate to that, unless you're using a game engine in which case you need ot tighten up the edit. Not bad though!

  6. Imagine you're a Area 51 Guard and there's only one person who will storm in Area 51


  7. bandit simple creature, just wants to squat, drink babushkas kompot, and to live life in the zone. Little did he know….. BORIS is nearby

  8. I once found a stash of vodka that had 30 to 40 bottles of vodka in stalker. I drank it all in one go and ı started seeing flashes of light

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