A Day in Macau 🇲🇴 || Free city tour.

A Day in Macau 🇲🇴 || Free city tour.

Such a beautiful place
Really guys
Really feel so proud
When you get to explore such
Beautiful places ❤️
Just look the sky, so colourful

So when you arrive macau terminal
Or macau airport,
You will see such bus stands
All buses are provided
By casinos and hotels in macau
You can travel in this buses
Completely free 🙂

So wherever you want to go in macau,
Just search the nearby hotel
And take that hotel bus from here
And reach there for free
Not compulsory to have a stay in that hotel

So right now I am in bus
It’s of Hotel Royal
So i caught this as i want to go tourist attractions
And they are nearby to this hotel
Feeling nervous to travel in free bus
As i am not there guest
Still, i took this bus
I guess people do this, even you can do
They know that more than half people are not there guest
Thankful to them.

Major tourist attractions are nearby to this hotel
I saw that in Google maps

Once i get down,
I will explore by walk then

So here i reached there hotel
Thanks to them
Got here free…
You can do this if you are on budget trip
This will save your money.

They provides free service, take the opportunity.
Not necessary to stay in their hotel
This all apart, but tell me 1 thing
How was macau?
I mean the shots i gave from bus
How was the infrastructure guys
Wow… It was amazing guys…
1 second
What i have seen from bus,
I am really very excited
Macau is amazing man…
What a beauty – grand Lisboa building

I remembered my dubai trip
Such an amazing infrastructure
Macau took away my heart

20 thoughts on “A Day in Macau 🇲🇴 || Free city tour.”

  1. OMG mind blowing Macau grand casinos excited to see u r really lucky bro.Try again last time you have won some dollars there haha. 👌🏙

  2. hi pratik, nice video, sahi mai " kammal ki jagah hai", hey !! what time u entered maccau & what time u left ??

  3. Hi pratik. Macau ek dum jhakas hay. I have one concern. When you return back to HK from macau. You need to show pre arrival registration on Port of HK to get entry.

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