100 thoughts on “A Game You Can Always Win”

  1. I found a pattern in the sequence
    1 12 23 34 45 56 67 78 89
    The last digit of the number will be the first digit of the next number and the second digit of that number will be the first digit+1

  2. Or u could let them go first and keep picking a number to get to 9
    For example:
    Total:9 then his/her say a number again then keep going till 89 then when they pick a number between 1-10 then say the number to get 100 to win

  3. You can do the same with 21 where you can go up 1,2 or 3 and you just have to stick to the 4 times table (who ever says 21 loses)

  4. Actually, I’ve played this game before, it was pretty tricky, but once you know how to play properly, it’s easy.

  5. Wow I need to remember thus so I can show one of my teachers who did a numbers trick like this and it blew my mind

  6. I tried this with a friend, and I kept saying "let me explain this to you" and he would say "no, no, I'll win eventually."
    Poor guy.

  7. Hey I made this into an android app a while ago, it goes to different numbers and has a 2-player mode.


  8. you could also move 1 match to make the number 4 (square of 2) or put one match on its back side (vertical).

  9. collection of number games and math puzzles:

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  10. How about two of them use the same strategy then what happen?
    Both of them win?
    Or one of them lose?
    If one of them lose then this game doesn't exist

  11. Oh yeah this game I remember finding the trick myself when I was a kid… I won all my next battles and I thought I was smart. Also when I encountered someone who knew the trick the beginning was always awkward like "who starts" you no me

  12. I remember when I was like 7, in french class we played a game where we had to add either 1,2 or 3 to a number and if you get to 11 you have to sit down. It was all in french of course but same idea

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