A look at compulsive gambling issues in Montana

A look at compulsive gambling issues in Montana

chasing after that rush is something most addicts are familiar with when it comes to substance abuse problems but there’s another type of addiction that’s devastating the lives of Montana families that’s not that well-known k-pax is Marcus Boyer gives us a closer look at the impacts of gambling addiction in Montana with close to 100 casinos in the area in sports betting soon making its way into the fold gambling addiction is an underlying issue that’s affecting people in the Magic City just look at the casinos you never see them empty there’s always cars in the parking lot just in terms of our patients so I have four active gamblers on my caseload right now and they range from the person who ya the gamble more than they should sometimes they’re a little short on rent but versus I’ve also got some who lose everything have had ones that have lost their entire retirement they have during their kids college fund from machines live card games online betting to state lotteries gambling stimulates an addicts brain the same as someone with a substance abuse problem for those people that do have a problem the gambling lights their brain up the way alcohol or methamphetamine or whatever might light someone else’s brain up there’s something about the lights the bells the sounds they feel alive they feel engaged they feel excited you know you can tell when a person is under the influence of drugs and alcohol you cannot tell if someone’s a compulsive gambler we’re sneaky we don’t want you to know like other addictions this problem affects a person in various ways ranging from financial issues to damaging personal and professional relationships it’s devastating you turn into a monster someone that you wouldn’t ever think you could become you you lie you still you you hurt people a lot of people for people suffering this addiction resources for treatments are limited as this issue is not considered as detrimental as other types of addiction so your your resources are much more limited you have a smaller pool of counselors you don’t have as many levels of care that you can get for treatment and there’s not as many of the 12-step support groups so those are your basic resources in Montana certainly out of states there are some large treatment facilities that only treat gambling on an inpatient basis and those are also options if your insurance pays for it even though things may look bleak for the addict going through this problem there is hope come out and tell your spouse your friends your family hey I got a problem and I need help and they will help you I would find a counselor I would find a program that you feel comfortable with just take it day by day you can do it reporting in Billings Marcus Boyer MTN news if you are anyone you know thinks they may have a problem with gambling you can call the Montana Council on problem gambling 24-hour hotline at 888 999

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  1. Montana is ranked #3 in the most addicted to Gambling.
    #4 in most gaming machines per capita.
    #5 in most casinos
    Gambling truly is an unethical source of tax revenue

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