A Moment Apart Tour – EP05 – “The ODESZA Family”

A Moment Apart Tour – EP05 – “The ODESZA Family”

Bah bah bah bah bah
Hi, you! What are you doing?
What are you doing, silly?
Well, first off
Our crew works ten times harder than us.
The bus usually pulls in a city
and they are right off the bus
into the venue, specing it out.
Our day starts out:
First thing is the head rigger, Emiliano, will start laying out where our
trusses are gonna go.
Chris Fuller, the stage manager, will start organizing trucks.
So, strap it.
Then we’re gonna do decks.
Then we’re gonna hang rigging,
we’re gonna hang lighting
And after that,
we’re going to build all the elements on the floor, plus backline.
Approximately 60 people
that are all responsible for putting the show on every night.
One down!
We have a very family-oriented crew.
Everyone cares a lot about each other.
It’s all people that you can hang out
with and have fun
But also when it comes to game time,
they’re 150%.
What’s going on right now?
Ah, well we got the fire marshall in here, trying to shut down our rocking show.
Detroit likes to party.
Detroit likes to f*cking party.
I don’t think this is a $5 salad!
No, he ordered the large salad
Yes, you did!
That is one large MF salad, dude.
Dude, you’re in. Get in here.

100 thoughts on “A Moment Apart Tour – EP05 – “The ODESZA Family””

  1. Odesza, don't stop!! You guys can change the world! After watching your show live i seriously can't listen to your music without chills or holding back tears. I love you guys!


  3. These videos are amazing. I have loved the inside / behind the scenes footage. Thank you so much to each and every one of your entire crew for their hard work. Berkeley Night 1 was the best Odesza show I've seen to date. These videos bring me right back to that amazing night. Thanks everyone!

  4. You guys inspire me. Your music and your team is what I believe, moves oceans inside people. ❤️🙌 Keep creating amazing music!

  5. holy shit seriously guys please dont stop touring till i watch your show atleast once in my lifetime, it just matter of money and distances :((

  6. Saw you guys in New York tonight, not sure if you read these but I wanted to let you know that the show in Brooklyn was the most amazing performances I've ever experienced. Not only was the music amazing, the show itself was even better; the lights and choreography blew me away. I spent 40 dollars to see it but that ticket was nearly priceless. Keep it up, love you guys.

    – Adriano and Olivia

  7. Ahhhhhh!!!! This is awesome. I can see myself front row at the Masonic temple in Detroit! That show was damn close to being shut down. I can tell you that WE GOT THE FUCK DOWN!!! They oversold the show, people rushed all the aisles. It was CHAOS Lmao. But it was hands down the best show of my entire LIFE! I saw them at Electric Forest for the first time this last June and saw them one month ago here in Detroit. Best show you will ever watch!! Thank you ODESZA!!!

  8. I love these videos! They have so much meaning behind them and are so beautifully done! My dream is to one day go to an Odesza concert!

  9. The production quality on these vids are amazing and just makes us appreciate you guys, your music, and your tour team even more! <3

  10. Brooklyn was unbelievable, the heart you guys put into your music and your performance is top tier. Loved every second of it. Till next time 🤘🏻

  11. dope ⚡️✨thanks for the show this year. exceeded my expectations 1000000000%. I look forward to seeing where the future takes you guys! 🔆

  12. ¡What an amazing video! every time that i watch a chapter of you guys instant goosebumps, beside the music and the shows I need to congrats the team who film, record and edited all of that, KUSANAGI & EYEWAX FILMS what a good job over there!

  13. I remember when I saw you guys at a dinky little show in Lawrence KS a few years ago. It was a blast. I knew you guys were gonna blow up, and I'm so happy for your success fellas. Change the world!!

  14. Goosebumps every time I see one of your videos. Knowing that the entire group behind the music is living what they preach is amazing. Odesza family <3

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