A Rundown of Why Everyone Is So Sad – The Jim Jefferies Show

A Rundown of Why Everyone Is So Sad – The Jim Jefferies Show

why everyone is so [bleep] mad
all the time.
So we’d like
to lighten things up
in a segment we call
“Why is Everyone so [Bleep] Sad
All the Time?”
♪ Why is everyone ♪
Oh, we’re not doing
music anymore. Fine.
America was founded on the idea
that people are entitled
to life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness.
But what does that really mean?
It sounds like the founding
fathers just couldn’t think
of another word
that started with “L.”
It was supposed to be
life, liberty, and leeches.
[ Laughter ]
But then they realized
that health care isn’t a right,
and they scrapped it.
But remember — the phrase
is the pursuit of happiness.
Nowhere does it actually say
you get to have it.
And as it turns out,
the pursuit of happiness
is making us all miserable.
The data showed
that chasing happiness
can make people unhappy.
Even though life
is getting objectively better
by nearly
every conceivable standard,
more people feel hopeless,
depressed, and alone.
As life gets better,
we get sadder.
That’s why it was so easy
for the founding fathers
to pursue happiness.
To them, happiness
was a well-stocked gun cabinet,
two of your 12 kids
living past the age of 8,
and having a slave who knew
how to keep a secret.
Life was good.
Now despite having every
possible convenience,
we’re sadder than ever.
Even money can only do so much.
In fact, as people get richer,
they make themselves
more unhappy
because of unhealthy
social comparisons.
We don’t do ourselves any favors
since we keep a little box of
unhealthy social comparisons
on ourselves at all times.
Social media is built on a lie.
[ Applause ]
You think that Instagram models
are as happy
as they appear to be?
No. Look at this photo
of a hot Instagram model.
But zoom out a little bit,
and you’ll see the real story.
She died trying to take a selfie
on a cliff
during a particularly nice
[ Laughter ]
Social connections
are the key to happiness,
but these days,
we’re more connected than ever,
and it’s killing us.
Teens who use electronic devices
more hours a day
are more likely
to be at risk for suicide.
Twenge says the so-called
smartphone generation
is less likely to have
face-to-face interaction
with friends,
which she says is crucial
for mental health
and building social skills.
“Face-to-face interaction
is crucial for mental health.”
Seems like bullshit to me.
I’m sitting face-to-face
with you people right now,
and I’m [bleep] miserable.
I’ll be honest. I’ll be honest.
I struggle with sadness
and depression at times.
And those times are from
the moment that I wake up
to just before I go to bed.
Today I’m sad
because an Instagram model
I was dating fell off a cliff.
[ Laughter ]
But I’m part of an at-risk
population — white men.
White men kill themselves
more than anybody else.
Statistics like that
put things in perspective,
because if white men
can’t be happy,
the rest of you
don’t stand a [bleep] chance.
[ Cheers and applause ]
The truth is,
if you’re not happy,
there’s not a whole lot
you can do about it.
Your baseline —
In the literature,
this is called “set point”
It’s sort of how happy
or unhappy are you
in the absence
of other events in your life?
People who go to jail,
a year later, they’re about
as happy or unhappy
as before they went to jail.
Oh, I can see that.
You know, if I went to jail,
I’d probably be all right.
Sure, there’d be
a lot of rapes and beatings
in the first few months,
but then I’d settle down
and leave everyone alone.
[ Laughter ]
But to the unhappy people,
I want to tell you
that you’re not alone.
United States the third-most
overall depressed country
after China and India.
India’s number one!
That’s karma for ya!
And the U.S. is third.
Turns out having
a shit healthcare system,
high gun violence,
high cost of education,
high cost of living, and using
doughnuts as hamburger buns
isn’t a recipe for success.
[ Laughter ]
Happiness is a fleeting thing.
You can’t force it.
When you try to be happy,
it just makes you more unhappy
that you’re not happy.
The only way to be truly
satisfied is to embrace sadness.
Think about it.
You can be unhappy,
but you can’t be unsad.
And there are
so many flavors of sad.
You can be melancholy,
dejected, forlorn.
It’s a rainbow of shit.
And sadness can be great.
It gives you excuses
to do many fun things
like sleep late, cancel plans,
start drinking at noon.
Maybe the pursuit of happiness
is the wrong idea.
Instead of pursuing happiness,
we should just ignore it.
So, happiness, from now on,
I’m playing hard to get.
I’m not interested in you
anymore, happiness.
Although if you want
to get a coffee,
I’m sure we could get a coffee.
It would be no real commitment.
And I do have a show coming up
at the improv down the road.
And you could show up
with friends.
It wouldn’t be like a date.
It would be a group thing.
Look, look, can — can you
please text me sometime?
And — Or, at the very least,
could you unblock me?

100 thoughts on “A Rundown of Why Everyone Is So Sad – The Jim Jefferies Show”

  1. You taught me something Jim, when you give up on hope, you get to be happy. I was depressed since I was 13 till 28. I’m 32 now, I stopped giving a fuck and everything is awesome

  2. “Everything is amazing and nobody’s happy.” — Louis CK

  3. I think the key to happiness is lowering what you expect. I have seen poor people who's lives suck who are quite happy and rich people who have litterally it all and are still pissy. It seems being happy is about what you think you deserve,. And if you think you deserve a lot your going to be unhappy. If you expect nothing then everything is a gift.

  4. In Buddhism, it's a principle to eliminate desire from your mind. If you don't desire, then you can't be dissatisfied.

  5. A total lack of face-to-face interaction is necessary for my mental health. Too many judgmental idiots for my taste.

  6. Muslims are sad that you drew/insulted Mohammed during your Avi Yemeni interview then deceptively edited it to make it look like he was the bigot instead of you

  7. Mate the statistic at 4.17 does not say a lot, they are taking a total amount of people, they should consider relative numbers though. Otherwise you will only have high population countries in the top 10.

  8. Indians are the most depressed yet the white men are the most depressed, YET INDIA BARELY HAVE ANY INTERNET.


  9. There is a simple solution to all this, delete your social media and go outside! Talk to people face to face we are more disconnected from eachother than we've ever been choosing to communicate through Facebook over real human contact is the friggin problem the solution is so utterly simple and people refuse to believe it

  10. That list also coincides with the most populous countries. Completely misleading. How about doing that list per capita now?

  11. I’m 17 and never will use Social Media! Except when necessary! Teens of this generation need to get a life! An actual one!

  12. Overall social media isn’t good but believe it or not YouTube users are usually more happy for having used it. There’s always a positive

  13. I'm sad because left wing talk show hacks edit interviews to put answers to questions in the place of different answers to questions like absolute frauds.

  14. The ranking of most depressed countries almost perfectly tracks the rank of countries by population. Apparently people are the reason we are depressed.

  15. I'm sure Jim Jefferies would just think of himself as just a comedian. However, I think the ending was the most powerful thing I've heard from him. Embrace sadness (acknowledge that it's there) but don't dwell in it. Take care of yourself and BREATHE. Also try avoiding "social media", go outside, learn to play an instrument, talk to people, practice gratitude, climb a mountain, etc.! This is your life!

  16. “Life is getting overall better for everyone.” Where the fuck she get that statistic, because it’s bullshit.

  17. India’s numba one – that’s kahma fo ya!😂 Even on a day when I am feeling sad Jim can still make me laugh out loud.

  18. They depressed listening to you Jeff. Couldnt get a show in Oz had to go to merica. Use to think you were mildly funny. Just annoying now.

  19. Happiness isn't a goal, it's a path.
    If you're adamant on pursuing "success", fine, don't make yourself, and everyone else involved, miserable along the way. There is nothing wrong with putting in a day of hard work or study, just don't forget to set aside some free time for your family, friends, a good beer (or 3), an occasional joint, a good bike ride, a killer session of shredding some deep powder, volleyball, hoops, Frisbee, etc., and don't forget the killer tunes.
    Social media is useful for keeping in touch with those who are too far away to see regularly in person, but little more.
    Now it's time for me to ride my bike home, put on some tunes, stretch a bit, and enjoy a nice beer after. Vedy vedy happy mon…

  20. That list of most depressed countries is very similar to the list of most populated countries, almost in the same order. Nice coincidence

  21. If you’re not happy pick a group of people you don’t like and blame them for all your problems.

  22. Anyone else notice the list of countries with the most unhappy people is the list of countries with the most people? Well go figure! xD

  23. This guy was way funnier when he wasn’t a liberal mouthpiece. But I guess that’s how he got the job

  24. I deleted social media about 6 months ago and i already feel less insecure because of the constant judgement i made of myself by saying "why aren't i this happy" get off the shit and you'll feel better i promise

  25. To be fair, I was fine before trump became president. The things he has done do make most of us depressed.

  26. Funny.. I don't socialise at all. Hate social media and face to face conversation. I'm happy when i am alone, i'm depressed when i have to meet new people and interact…

  27. I really don't think the pursuit of happiness in itself is what makes people unhappy. It's because they don't know how to pursue it so they listen to other peoples advice which doesn't work because they won't tell you what makes YOU happy, they'll say what makes THEM happy. Only YOU know what makes YOU happy, and that is what you should pursue. Even when those teens get on their electronics, you know what they exactly do? LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLE'S BULLSHIT! So imo, your own happiness should be your top priority. 2nd is to stop caring. Caring is what makes you sad, stressed, anxious, etc in the first place. 3rd, whatever you love to do, just keep doing that as long as it hurts no one. 4th, make sure you still do what you gotta do when it comes to responsibilities. Besides all that, your happiness is number one.

  28. My answer :
    Everybody over the age of 29 knows how good it can be. An realized it won't last!

  29. I liked you more when you were the sad and depressive one Jim, this "Im a winner" image they try to sell is fucking pathetic. Go back to being yourself cunt. Fuck off.

  30. Is he really deperssed or just making a joke? Because i saw standup for him talking about deperssion and it just weird because he have everything

  31. Try growing up with abuse and abandonment. Try seeing your brother dead with purple cheeks from drowning. But a Buddhist monk says all emotional suffering is thought. Americans don't attempt meditation practice which teaches thought management and the ability to stop thinking for long periods. We make up our universe every second with thoughts. If you don't meditate you will not know of what I speak.

  32. WTF, the most depressed countries in the world list looks almost just like the most populated countries in the world.

  33. Happiness is a challenge you know you can handle. No challenge, no happiness. Embracing sadness helps too, if you haven´t allready.

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