A STAR IS BORN – Official Trailer 1

A STAR IS BORN – Official Trailer 1

[guitar plays]
♪ ♪
You know, man, in the
old days…
I always knew, like,
you were gonna do something.
That you’d be
all right.
It’s the first time I’m
worried about you.
Can I ask you a
personal question?
Do you write songs
or anything?
I don’t sing my
own songs.
I just don’t feel
Why wouldn’t you feel
Almost every single person
has told me
they like the way
I sounded…
but that they didn’t like
the way I look.
I think you’re beautiful.
I just wanted to take
another look at you.
♪ ♪
Here’s what we’re
gonna do.
You come sing that song
that I love.
No, I can’t do that.
You’re coming.
Here we go.
Jack, Jack, please,
it’s not funny.
-Look at me.
All you got to do
is trust me.
That’s all you
got to do.
[guitar plays]

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  1. KPOP has so much more to offer and so much more meaning than this made up Bollywood stuff. KPOP brings out the writing and poetry and musicality of gifted one of a kind protege's that will never be equaled in the centuries of music. Beethoven, Brahms, move aside, these are the true owners of all earths sounds. Lyrics such as " I Sprinkle myself with Love" are the true art form of words that have never been put together with such grace and eloquence. True artists that aspire to reveal to the world the true meaning to what it means to spin and twirl almost in unison and Lip sync in perfect harmony are the true treasure of love and sprinkle.

  2. Still can't watch the end of this film . I no what happens but I've lost to many people and it would just fuck me up . But what I did watch was great acting and a great soundtrack

  3. If theres one thing I've learned from this movie and Bohemian Rhapsody, it's that if your band manager is an unassuming snarky asshole from somewhere in Europe, he's going to try and fuck up your life. This movie conveniently didn't acknowledge that Jacksons 2nd downhill spiral began after that cunt manager gave him that little "pep talk".

  4. So fuckin amazing movie. I just watched 2 days ago. I can't stop listening the soundtrack. Its awesome. Gaga shoud sing this kind of music. Her voice is so beatiful… Never listen her music before.

  5. I love this, I heard the song on the radio and who knew it was a movie coming out ! I honestly can’t wait . 🥰 I love her with him , hopefully they’re together in real life .

  6. This is an exact copy of ‘Aashiqui 2’ from 2013, everyone’s silent because Hollywood copied Bollywood 🙄! No surprise there, even the dialogue is identical

  7. Watched it 3 times so far. There were a number of scenes which teared me up. The final scene between Jackson and his brother. When he broke down to Ally about his Grammy behavior and this famous rock star still worries about what his wife's father thought of
    him. And if course the ending.

  8. AAshiqui 2 Mannn ……. Damnnn . ….. AArohi , Kya , Kuch nahi ………

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyXXgpPqe6w . Watch This

  9. 1.10 proper spoiler my partner would poor her eyes out to that bit defo not showing her the trailer

  10. 🇮🇳 This movie is fucking copy of indian movie aashiqui 2 and that makes me proud of my country 🇮🇳

  11. OMG I never knew Aashiqui 2 is a copy of A Star Is Born. What a shame!!! I am also sorry for our people dragging this film. Love yall

  12. Hey…. ..you
    U know… This is the remake of an Indian film (ashique2)
    It was very good film and this film is going to be good as well

  13. Looks a lot like Aashiqui 2 !!!! 😀😁😂 To my American friends a lot of things are copied from a bollywood movie named Aashiqui 2. Concept, Plot, Characters and that scene about taking a look at you.

  14. من اجمل واروع الافلام اللي شاهدتها قصة محبوكة وتمثيل رائع ليدي غاغا انتي بطلة الفلم باختصار ارجو ان اشاهدك في عالم الافلام قريبا
    الافلام الموسيقيه جميله بين الحين والاخر عندما تكون هناك قصة او تجسيد شخصيات راحله مثل فيلم رامي مالك عن فريدي
    تحياتي للجميله ليدي غاغا اتمنى لك السعاده

  15. Reminds me of the movie Aashiqui 2 and i really cried watching that movie back in 2013….. looking forward to see this one in 2019…ahh!!😒

  16. Gaga is trying every way to improve herself, from singing, acting, now even making-up. She is always expressing a feeling of confidence, equality, fighting for LGBTs and so many sides. She is talented and hardworking. So lucky to live with Gaga growing in this world.

  17. People don't do research anymore, eh? A Star Is Born is a new version of the same film released in 1937. It is not based on a film that no one knows about outside your country.

  18. Sometimes you need to take a nap from everything that surrounds you and feel the trailer as it was the first time.

    Believe me, you cry.

  19. The movie is the best. I saw the whole picture on WarnerMedia’s premium network HBO, but I didn’t realize that the studio didn’t put the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer onscreen.

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