Aaron Rodgers and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Have an Epic Conversation | One-on-One | GQ Sports

Aaron Rodgers and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Have an Epic Conversation | One-on-One | GQ Sports

100 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Have an Epic Conversation | One-on-One | GQ Sports”

  1. 3:16 Rodgers starts talking about nutrition and by 3:45 Justin closing his jacket to hide his gut bahahaha killed me.

  2. Awesome seein admiration, and love for different talents. Both these cats are highest level, and it's good to see honest conversation. What 'murica needs

  3. So perspective opening when you sit an athlete down with someone they are actually comfortable with. Very authentic. Thank you GQ

  4. As a Vikings fan and a Bon Iver fan, the single 2 greatest comments in this interview were Justin saying he'd like to play forever, while Rodgers admitted his career will be much more shortlived. Those wrinkles bring hope.

  5. I am a Bears fan…but come on My favorite artist and Aaron rodgers!!!! cant hate!!!! . on a real note great video. such meaningful things were said and i have the utmost respect for these two!!!!

  6. OMG this is epic. I´m a Packers fan and a Bon Iver fan, I am so glad for this conversation between the two. Thank you so much!

  7. I never realized Aaron Rodgers had so much depth. I will never again look at him in the same way. An authentic and perceptive conversation.

  8. Thank you GQ for letting people everyone looks up to be themselves. This might be good for your numbers, but it’s even better for the people.

  9. I love Justin's music but I feel like his humility is disengenuis and he over compensates to hide his pretentiousness….but I'm not psychologist or anything.

  10. Dear Aaron, please check out Jimmie Rodgers, one of the great grandfathers of country music. The recordings are old school, straight to 78 rpm record, but his songs will still pump you up. The Blue Yodeler, The Singing Brakeman is long lost for all of you true old school studs. Check out Long Tall Mama Blues and Blue Yodels #1 and #9.

  11. Dang, that is Justin Vernon's normal voice? He sings so high pitched, I would never have guessed his voice sounded like this.

  12. Justin Vernon =55 in Gematria , they mentioned the score of 55 – 7 . When you learn Gematria you can see right through the scripts for these Freemason scumbags .

  13. How could Justin not know fi he visited new Zealand?? I know when your on the road tour its hectic…. but " come on man " ,, its New Zealand , its one of the most unique topology and people and vibe you will find on planet earth.

  14. They are both like minded and have similar temperments as well as intellect. Same propensity to withdraw at times too.

  15. you can tell rodgers is truly glad to be doing this it's like he is talking to someone who can stimulate him and vice versa

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