Abraham: WINNING THE LOTTERY? Pt. 2 of 2 – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Abraham: WINNING THE LOTTERY? Pt. 2 of 2 – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Abraham-Hicks Presents
Winning the Lottery?
Part 2 of 2
With Jerry & Esther Hicks
And are you refreshed?
You’re ready to continue?
I am.
So tell us
about winning the lottery.
It would feel extraordinarily good.
It would.
It would future tense.
Now our question
is going to be better this time.
What does it feel like
to be a vibrational match
to winning the lottery?
Feel the difference?
What would it feel like
if something that hasn’t happened
would happen?
What does it feel like
to be in a place
of something happening?
There’s a distinction that is important.
So what does it feel like to be
in the vibrational vicinity
of winning the lottery?
What does that feel like?
What does that feel like?
How do –
How do you feel being there?
It feels that there and
I’m capable of doing anything that I want.
Capable of doing anything that I want –
Feel how this feels.
I’m capable of doing anything
that I haven’t done before.
I’m capable –
There’s a little defiance in that.
Can you feel it?
I’m capable.
I deserve it.
That’s defiant too.
What does it feel like to be there?
It would –
It would feel –
Still feels future tense
doesn’t it?
It would feel –
Because you see
you’ve been –
you and everybody else just about –
have been facing reality
so it doesn’t feel like
the place you are.
It feels like the place
that you want to be
but it feels to you like
you need to win the lottery
and then you’ll be there.
But that’s –
That isn’t the way
the Law of Attraction works.
You’ve got to vibrationally be there
and then
the means
try to describe
what it feels like
to be in that vibrational vicinity.
Can you feel what we’re getting at?
If I need it I’m not there.
If I want it I might be there.
If I’m justifying it
I’m for sure not there.
If I’m appreciating it
I’m there.
If I expect it I’m there.
If I need it to compensate for something
I’m not there.
In other words
you have to find a way of
working the kinks
out of your own vibration.
You have to vibrationally be there.
Most people say
Abraham I want to be over there
and we say
well tell us what it’s like
to be over there
and they say
I can’t I’m over here.
Which is just about what just happened.
Well what would it be like
to be over there?
Well I don’t know.
Give me the jackpot
and I’ll tell you later.
You have to stop doing
the thing you do
that keeps you from being there
and that thing that you do
that keeps you from being there
is a practiced thing.
How do you feel about people
who are magnificently –
let’s use a different word.
How do you feel about people
who are excessively wealthy?
As powerful.
As living a life that –
as capable of living a life
that they want to live.
Really good answers.
How do you feel
about really really rich people?
It’s important
because you’re telling us
you want to be one.
And if you want to be one
then you’ve got to
really appreciate those who are that.
And most people don’t.
Most people say
well I’ll be different when I’m rich.
I’ll be rich but I’ll be nice.
But they’re rich and not so nice.
And we say
there’s vibrational discord
going on in there
isn’t there?
There are some kinks
that have to be worked out.
In other words
you can’t need and –
and be in a place of desire
at the same time.
They’re different frequencies.
You can’t ask a question
and have an answer at the same time.
They’re different frequencies.
You can’t
be aware of not enough money
and be in a place of receiving
plenty of money
they’re different frequencies.
So you have to practice the frequency
and then the winning lottery ticket
comes into your experience you see.
what does it feel like
to be in the vibrational place of –
of large amounts of money flowing
through your creative experience?
What’s that like?
It feels great.
It feels like a great relief
from a lot of burdens.
Alright now see
there it is.
Now –
You’re right
but burden is the operative word.
In other words
burden is what’s active.
You’re trying to overcome a burden
and we started there today.
You can’t overcome a burden
because the burden
gets bigger
when you look at the burden.
you have to
not do that.
we’re just going to keep harassing you.
Are you going to get it
in a lump sum?
Now –
Now we want to talk about this.
Because if you are ready
what do you do
with that kind of money?
Is there a bank you could put it in?
And how much
do they insure your money for
in that bank?
That is correct.
But there are other investment vehicles
that I could certainly –
Real-estate, bonds, equities uh –
There’s a plethora of investment vehicles
that I could
invest in.
I’m very well capable of handling that
type of money.
We believe you.
We believe you
and so do you don’t you?
In other words as –
as he spoke that to you
was he in the Vortex or out?
just in this short conversation
you went from someone who
was not a vibrational match
it’s something that you
feel that you deserve
or that you need
and it would relieve burden
to someone who owns it
who feels it
who knows what to do with it.
Just that much conversation
shifted the vibration
of your being significantly.
Now you’re inside the Vortex.
The money is yours
and we want to say to you
it is.
We are not kidding you
even a little bit.
The work is done.
The work is done.
what you must do in order to
have the manifestation of it is
you’ve got to get in the Vortex
and hang around there for a while.
But you don’t have to stay long
in order to get the feeling of it.
This is the piece
that we so want you to hear.
If we have convinced you
of the reality of this Vortex
and we have convinced you
of the rightness
of what you’ve put there
and the claim
that you have laid on it
because it would not exist
if it were not for you
and if you had not put it there.
In other words
it’s there and it’s real.
If we have convinced you of that
then just knowing it
has to give you ease.
Just knowing it
has to make you proud.
Just knowing it
has to make you strong and sure.
Just knowing it
has to make you feel more alive.
Just knowing what you’ve done
because we know what you have done
and we are conveying what you have done.
If you can know what you’ve put there
and if you can know what you have done
and you can lay emotional claim to it
by feeling the exhilaration
that you can see
and you can feel that we feel –
We’re not kidding you about this.
Can you feel the realness
about what we know
about what you’ve done?
We’re not just making this up.
We are reflecting back to you
the realness of what you have done
and when you know it
even to the slightest degree
that we know it now
it must manifest for you.
we don’t want you
to get in the Vortex
to make it manifest.
We want you to get into the Vortex
because we want you to feel like this.
So people say
how are you doing?
You say I got my Vortex.
What does that mean?
It means plenty.
It means everything.
It means everything it’s life.
It’s who I am.
It’s why I’m here.
It’s what I’m about.
Don’t just go flapping off
to other people about it
who don’t get it
they’ll just think you’re crazy.
But when you know it –
When you know it as you know it now
and you
get in there in whatever way you can –
you’re having a good moment –
Jerry and Esther were driving
they stopped at a rest stop
in the monster bus
and as they were pulling out
a man was getting out of
one of the 18-wheelers
who was stopped
and as Esther looked at him
she smiled broadly at him
and he gave her both thumbs up.
Both thumbs up
in appreciation
of that beautiful monster bus.
Both thumbs up.
And Esther
she could not smile
a big enough smile back at him
and she wanted to turn on the loudspeaker

that she doesn’t have
which she wants –
take the CB and say to him
this too shall be yours.
In other words anytime –
anytime you give two thumbs up
to anything
and you feel that way in that moment
you’re in the Vortex.
You are lined up
with what you’ve put there you see.
Very good.
Thank you.
I’m very appreciative.
Thank you so much.
We have enjoyed this immensely.
There is great love here for you
and as always we remain
and eternally
in the Vortex.
Winning the Lottery?
Recorded May 15th, 2010
During An Abraham-Hicks
Vortex of Attraction
And Audio Recording of
The Complete Workshop is
Available From Abraham-Hicks
Video by
Mike & Karen Sherlock
Unlimited Fun Options Media

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  3. @12Chinyere Both the opening and closing music are from the CD "Joy, Joy, Joy" by Francine Jarry, which is available through our Abrham-Hicks website.

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  11. Ok…PERFECT EXAMPLE of what Abraham is trying to explain:
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    "Charity is tax-deductible; generosity is a measure of true wealth"

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