According To Kids – What Happens When Kids Invent a New Sport? – CBC Kids

If I could make up
any sport…
This is my sport.
This is my brand new
sport named basshock.
Tag soccer.
The l-o-l-gator.
And it’s called “the only
sport that can only be
half of everything.”
There’s four people
and two on each team.
You have to get
the letter L and O…
There’s skipping,
swimming, running…
And one art picture.
You need to wear protective
gloves and a helmet.
First, they get up
in a line.
Start off with a ball, and
they throw it behind them.
You have to look at
the ball the whole time,
because you don’t know if it’s
going to turn into a Frisbee,
a football, a horseshoe,
you don’t know what
it’s going to turn into.
[whistle blows]
As child:
You have a penalty!
For what?
Throw it to their partner,
it will change
and then you’ll have
to catch it.
I like the red team.
I like the blue team.
When it’s in the middle, you
have to get your tennis thingy.
You have to go
all the way around.
Don’t let people…
I didn’t do anything!
And they throw it
to their partner,
but their partner
just sits down.
If anyone says stop,
then the person who has the ball
will have to put it
with the tennis thing
without using
their hands.
You have to catch it
and if you don’t catch it,
you have to go
in the jail.
He grabs it
and scores.
[whistle blows]
And if he doesn’t score,
he’s kicked out of the team.
And once you get a point
you get to say,
“I got a rainbow!”
[crowd cheers]

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