today I’m going for max efficiency that
means we’re gonna maximum late reg the
wind $230 rebuy we’re getting there
right at 420 blaze it $230 to enter plus
$100 add-on should give us twenty two
thousand five hundred chips which gives
us around twenty or thirty blinds to
work with if we somehow bust the wind
before 6:30 we can max late reg the
venetian three hundred and forty dollars
so that’s our back-up plan but let’s
hope we don’t have to use it let’s be in
for three thirty and final table my
favorite tournament of the week let’s go
to the win
with blinds at 400-800
played in orbit we got some reads on our
opponents middle position asian male
aged thirty to sixty raises to three
thousand into very enlarged raise action
folds to the small blind who puts in the
call i’m in the big blind with twenty
two thousand and pocket kings i don’t
think a call is good we don’t want to go
three ways in case that horrible ace
pops off on the flop what we do want to
get heads up or induce a jam so let’s
just make it ten thousand just under
half of our stack hopefully someone gets
curious and wants to see a flop or we’re
gonna get it in regardless asian male
and middle position shoves all in
instantly small blind folds we call and
we’re up against pocket queens let’s
hold for a 50k pot the flop comes five
six queen a few players at the table mom
well under their breaths give him a king
he deserves it they’re rooting for me
turns an eighth and the rivers are six
and we’re out of the win
two hundred and thirty three by a net
loss of three hundred and thirty dollars
it’s 5:20 let’s go to the venetian later
edge that three hundred and forty dollar
later edged Venetian 25-thousand
starting stick blinds are 400 800 800
upon arriving at my table the dealer
informs me that I’m just in time for the
big blind
everyone laughs had my bad timing jokes
were made about me walking around a
while and missing the big blind but I
told him I’m not a scumbag and that’s
not my style I’ll play my big blind
action folds the middle position who
limps everybody else folds and I looked
down at pocket aces
the very first hand I loved pocket aces
make it 3,000 limper elderly reg
Caucasian if that matters tanks and
folds no action thought about showing
but and probably not best the very next
hand middle position opens to 1600 at
the minimum I’m in the small blind with
ace Queen offsuit make it 5,200 he puts
in the call we’re heads up the fob comes
eight seven four two hearts we don’t
have a heart and I check hopefully he’ll
check back all of his Jack ten Queen
Jack Broadway type hands we can get to
showdown with ace high but he does not
comply he puts in a bed of 8,000
probably has a hand like pocket nines or
tens going for value and we put in the
fold and we’re down four K chips okay
that’s a start
with lions at 400 800 800 I could move
to a new table I have 27,000 in my stack
raise it up under the gun plus one with
pocket tens to 2,000 middle position
calls 2,000 agen male age 21 to 40 on
the button makes it 8400 what’s he
reppin action pulls back to me 27,000
pocket tens not low in this spot but
something about the way you put the
chips in the pot makes me think he has
ace king possibly a sack suited I might
have had to tell on how he looked at his
cards so we shove all in for 27,000
original a collar folds and he shrugs
and puts in the call he has Ace King off
suit 57% never felt so good
flop combs jack 9 7 Turner’s a5 and the
river is a deuce we hold and we now have
almost 60,000 chips
the blinds had 500 1000 1000 action
polls to middle position who makes it
3,000 everybody folds and we have pocket
threes in the big blind of course we’re
gonna put in the call with our 55k stack
the flop comes nine five deuce rainbow I
check planning on a check raised if he
bets small but he does not that small he
bets large six thousand it could be
doing this with a lot of hands like a
skiing ace queen try to take it down
here on the flop it’s very dry a lot of
our range has missed so I put in the
call threes are still going to be good
here a lot of the time the turn is in
offsuit nine great card for our range I
think about leading very small but I’m
more likely that he’s gonna just check
or give up if he doesn’t have an
overpair I check and he bets eleven
thousand a very strange bet considering
he should be afraid of me having a nine
so his story of him having an over pair
doesn’t make much sense I think he’s
more likely to have hot control or check
an over pair when the top pick top card
on the board pairs so we put in the call
still putting him on some sort of bad
straight draw seven eight six eight or
ace high he’s trying to get us to fold
we can still draw up to nine but we
don’t want to turn our hand into a bluff
and check raise so we call let’s see a
river the rivers in offsuit Jack we
check planning unfolding to a triple
barrel because I don’t think many people
will triple barrel on this board we
still have a lot of nine X’s in our
range and we could be trapping he
quickly checks behind and shows out of
turn pocket queens I do not have to show
any takes down a nice pot I’m now on
dinner break possibly with a viewer of
the vlog and we have thirty thousand
let’s bag and tag right after midnight
playing that one and then everybody
obviously signs inconsistence like
register we go from 30,000 all the way
down to 10,000 without winning a hand oh
we tried we tried to win some small pots
they did not let us mines are now going
to be 800 1600 under the gun plus one
makes it 3,600 I’m out of the gun plus
three with pocket aces
I love aces we shove all-in for 10,000
he asked for a count and eventually puts
in the call should be good Oh jack oh no
nowhere else
we get three or four shows through
people are amazed that I’m shoving so
wide with a 15 wine stack but it is what
it is I shoved eights
ace king ace Jack all reasonable
Holdings then under the gun limps off a
10 blind stack
elderly Caucasian splashing player over
limps out on the button with King 10 of
spades the kajam would be okay here I’m
definitely not worried about the splashy
player but the under the gun limper
could be trapping so we just call blinds
complete and the flop comes nine high
all spades action falls to the splash
you player who bets six thousands no
reason to raise and scare off the other
players so we put in the call but
everybody folds her heads up first
splashy turns a brick he bets 11,000 and
we’re all in for 12,500 he asked her
account and hesitates and puts in the
call I showed my hand and he mucks but
you can’t muck in an all-in situation
your hand must be shown he is ace eight
off suit and he’s drawn dead
I thought you’d loved it
Oh when I called open they discuss their
like what happened with it so at that
like final the blinds at one thousand
two thousand two thousand under the gun
splash you player makes it six thousand
Indian male age forty to sixty pretty
crazy player makes it seventeen thousand
we’re under the gun plus two with East
Queen and forty mm you know what we got
to do guys
I fold and round to the next hand two
more hours left to play tonight we have
fifty thousand going to twelve
twenty-four twenty-four it really
botched the structure on this one there
shouldn’t be this level in big blind
ante it should be fifteen twenty five
twenty five
so the hundreds can be colored off and
taken out of play get it right venetian
I emailed the table II the Venetian
tournament director to voice my concern
about the discrepancy in the big blind
aunty structure he promptly replied and
agreed that there was a problem and it
will be fixed in the future
props to Tommy at the Venetian
with blinds at 1,200 2,400 2,400 action
folds to be in the cutoff I have King
Jack offsuit make a standard raise to
5500 off a 55 k stack a large muscular
Caucasian male on the button snap jams
32,000 chips action folds back to me
pretty close spot could be easily
dominated but I think the snap shams a
little bit weaker think he would have
tanked a little longer he had something
like Ace King ace Queen ace Jack just
you know make it look like he has a
weekend he just wants to take down the
pot now but we came here to gamble I put
in the call he shows two deuces let’s
win a flip flop comes Jack eight for all
spades neither of us have a spade turns
the ace of hearts and the river is the
four of clubs we eliminate a player and
have 85,000 chips
40 minutes left in the night hopefully
we’ll bag and tag we have 100,000 ships
going to two thousand four thousand four
thousand with blinds at two thousand
four thousand there’s eight minutes left
in the night
I have 82,000 chips action folds to
middle position who makes his standard
raise to 11,000 I’m gonna cut off with
East King off suit just over 20 blinds
slam dunk all in the blindfold and he
asks for an exact count he has two
hundred and thirty thousand to start at
the hand so I’m putting him on something
like a screen ace Jeff you know maybe a
small fair why not even use between your
snap calling that he says after he gets
the count I’d be a terrible player if I
folded this so guys he has like a mid
pair he slams the chips into the pot
after a minute and says what you got I
show ace king he shows pocket queens
pocket queens but let’s punish him flop
comes seven four three
the turn is a four he’s yelling for a
deuce and the river is a deuce and I’m
out eight minutes before the bag hell of
a day
playing live poker thanks for the net
roll buddy makes you sign up on
America’s card room 100 percent deposit
bonus using bonus code boesky

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