Aces VS Kings at Planet Hollywood!

Aces VS Kings at Planet Hollywood!

today I am playing the $365 six max No
Limit World Series of Poker circuit
event at Planet Hollywood not sure if
this is a two-day event if so you know
we’re gonna bag and tag
I love six max it really rewards my
aggression you have to fight for every
pot you’re in the blinds 33% of the time
or more so we’re going to keep it
aggressive and cheers to hit the raise
button over the call button if the spot
is closed it is a reentry I don’t want
to re-enter but if needed I’ll fire
another bullet didn’t come all this way
to fire one and go home we have a Bumble
date arranged for 10:00 p.m. so either
we’re still in the tournament and that’s
a good thing or out of the tournament
and round a hot bubble date that’s what
I call a win-win scenario let’s stay
positive play well and win all the chips
in tournament poker they often break
tables one person from each big blinds
to create a new table to accommodate
late registration participants I was
taken from my juicy six max table from
the big blind to start a new table which
was filled up by five other gentlemen
none of which were late reg participants
and one of them was from my other six
max table which made no sense at all
well that’s just how they do it and
planted Hollywood with blinds at one
hundred two hundred we have twelve
thousand ships were under the gun with
eight seven of hearts we make it five
hundred player who just was complaining
about his aces getting cracked and
taking a picture of it at his other
table flat calls
her heads up to the flop the flop comes
King eight six one heart put in the sea
bet middle pair back to a flush draw
backdoor straight draw 500 he calls he
has eight thousand behind the turn is
the seven giving us two pair the only
thing we’re really scared of is the old
nine ten for the nuts want to go for the
deception give him some false hope that
his top hair is good or induce a bluff
so we give it a check he takes the bait
and bets 2500 a big bet one third of his
stack three tank and shove all in for
value he snapped calls and shows six
three of diamonds for bottom pair with
the turn to a flush draw the river is an
off suit nine and we almost full double
to twenty thousand chips
with blinds and 100/200 were the most
active at the table make it 500 in
middle position button calls small blind
makes at 2100 easy for bet spot
he started the hand with about 14,000
big at 5500 to go button folds small
blind calls flop comes 7 3 deuce all
diamonds great flop he has 8,500 behind
he checks we bet 3500 he shoves all in
we got 2 over second nut flush draw no
way were folding now he shows pocket
jacks with the Jack of Diamonds we’re
flipping turn is the queen of clubs
River is the 9 of hearts and we lose a
20k flip
with blinds at 100 200 or the 25 an see
under the gun opens for 600 we’re on the
button with king queen offsuit so we
just put in the call the could 3 bet but
probably won’t get much credit since
we’ve been very active big blinds shoves
all in for 3,600 original RAZR folds and
recall bloods gamble he shows pocket
jacks alright time to win a flip flop
comes nine deuce deuce the turn is a
nine the river is a seven we lose
another flip down to about 9,000 chips
put blinds at 150 300 we’re raising
maybe 70% hands we pick up pocket kings
it’s all about to get paid off now 700
from under the gun plus one button makes
it 2,300 with 8k total is he making a
stand or does he have a hand he’s gonna
go with we could flat set the trap but
our image is so agro we’re gonna get
called by most pairs ace broadway’s shit
like that they’ve had enough so we shove
all in 9800 he calls
he waits for us to show our pocket kings
and he shows pocket aces let’s put a
king out there Ford comes 9 7 4 turn is
a four river is a 10 dealer counts out
his stack and says IO am nine thousand I
look at it and it’s eight thousand I
love the Planet Hollywood I pay him as
money and I now have 18 hundred chips
blind down to three or four blinds get
in queen jack versus pocket kings ford
comes all bricks and we’re out of the
Planet Hollywood three hundred and sixty
five dollars-six max tried to avoid the
negative vibes in horrible history that
has happened at the Planet Hollywood in
terms of location I’m still on the mile
walk to the parking garage for dealers
bad salesman
maybe I’m just spoiled by playing at the
wind the number one poker room in Las
Vegas thanks for watching until next
time this is life
in Las Vegas playing tournament poker I
would like to congratulate Eric Baldwin
on taking down the Venetian $1,600 main
event for over $100,000 and of course
Reggie I’m winning the run good gear
main event in Oklahoma for over $30,000
way to make our bowling team proud make
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want to miss thanks for watching see you
guys next time

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  1. Just woke up! ✔… Coffee in cup! ✔… New Boski Notification! ✔… Food Porn n Tourney Poker! ✔… "Life is Beautiful!" #GetzzzPaidzzzGetzzzLaidzzz! 😎❤♠♦♣

  2. 6 max on some cooler shit dude. Youll get em next time tho brotha, but man some fuckin sick hands there, especially 6 handed. Keep out of that damn place. They lure you in with their seemingly good prize pools and potential huge ROI spots, but it takes like 20 minutes just to walk into the damn Place, and I felt the same way with them moving me around and changing the only decent dealer out after one fucking orbit. #[email protected]

  3. You Boski. You should do more just daily living vlogs just to grow the channel. I think if you just start flooding it with videos your channel will blow up. Maybe add a few poker training or homework vids to keep us going. Just my thoughts. Peace out and gl on the next big tourney. Maybe take down a preliminary event at the 5 diamond classic.

  4. hey boss next time dry those scallops before throwing them in pan simply place on a paper towel for 5 minutes before cooking.

  5. You have to love that walk from the PH. Not. Didn't you say you didn't want to play at PH now you know why! Great vid. Let's win some flips

  6. ♫ My Boski's back and you're gonna be in trouble
    (Hey-la-day-la my Boski's back)
    You see him comin' better cut out on the double
    (Hey-la-day-la my Boski's back) ♫

  7. Another good one.Love your vlogs! PH sucks badly.I also Share ur opion about the Wynn.#1 poker room in vegas.
    Guess a good decision not to fire another bullet there.Thx Jeff!

  8. Thank you for the cooking tutorial, Jeff.  I've never had sea scallops.  I've seen them on Hell's Kitchen, but since you showed us how easy they are to make, I'm going to make them now.  Thanks.

  9. I don't know what I like better, the poker video of this, or the cooking part of the video , leaning towards the cooking . Scallops yum ,just turn down the heat just a tad next time doing your scallops.

  10. The best opening! You hang in there—your time is near, brother. I've been here in Vegas vicariously "enjoying" being at the tournament tables with you. Man, some our beats are brutal. Hang tough, my man. I appreciate your pain just as much as I relish in your victories. Keep on keepin on

  11. Man the minute you said that he waits for you to show I immediately thought this fucker has aces…strange how we always know. It's alright, if you won them all no one would want to play with you Jeff! 😎

  12. Fuck the Planet Hollywood..fuck their wack ass dealers, fuck their illuminati Arnold Schwarzenegger ass image!!! U still got your edge so its on to the next one..F the haters man! One Hundred!!

  13. the dealers for that circuit event were vegas local union dealers. many who you may see at the wsop or other circuit stops or vegas rooms. there were however floor staff who work planet hollywood and other affiliated properties.

  14. When we played there back during wsop for their million…the dealers were awful…worst dealers i have had…and we played there multiple times due to some good guarantees.

  15. If I may make a suggestion, if you choose to add butter to a ripping hot skillet, like you did here as well as with a beautiful steak from a different video, I would add a little bit of a neutral oil to increase the burning temperature of the butter, otherwise you tend to burn the butter and it will give you a bit of a bitter flavor that is undesirable to most.

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