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there was moments where I was close to just quitting basketball and they go from throwing in the towel like just this isn’t it there’s no way I’m gonna make it – crying nights now I’m at a point where I understand who I am a little bit better understand the life I have but when you look back on it in the moments I do it’s still crazy you know to even be here [Applause] [Music] when he was born of course that’s very special to any mother we had this fisher-price who it was like red on the bottom then blue and then like a white rim or something and he would go in and you know take the ball and all I would hear was like thump thump that was the rim coming down not realizing that was just another intro to where he was destined to be the first thing I remember is like a little ledge that’s like right there and like an archway and every time I ran by it I just tried to just I would just slap it I just had two hands one hand act as if I was dunking I’m gonna clean the house we were all short so none of us could clean the archway so all you saw was like these black marks on the wall the next thought would be my mom telling me I’m going to private school and having to leave all my friends for the first time and you know going to a school where you’re there one of the few black kids and they were experienced that before never in that setting changed me and changed my life I didn’t have a lot of money you know I went to private school I was able fortunate you know to go to those schools and you know it’s it’s hard being one of only kids who doesn’t have money if I ripped my pants we’re gonna be able to afford another one or less we sacrifice a meal or sacrifice something what struck me was by the time he was in seventh and eighth grade he was by far our best basketball player and kids go in two directions at that point they can say I’m gonna shoot 40 times a game in my eighth grade basketball game or they’re team players who pass the ball to their friends who know that they might be able to take the shot but they’re not going to because they want to include their friends that was Donovan Frank is black parked in Harlem with myself my teammate Eric my teammate Brandon we all dumped for the first time on the same day in Laughlin it’s crazy I don’t know how that happens when I was our first time ever doing it I was the shortest one so it’s most impressive when I did [Music] [Applause] all I cared about I guess it was just playing basketball so I’m in boarding school my 10th grade year my mom she always sees things ahead of time so she told me that you know I was acting out of character not being the same humble kid just kind of getting out of my element and she had warned me that God’s gonna make you recognize that you have to you know be the same kid you always fit didn’t listen a week later I break my wrist and a baseball game I miss out on a whole summer of AAU and this is when rankings are huge everything I google my name I’d be like oh this kid is good but we’re not sure if he’s good enough they can’t shoot all he does is donkeys athletic that’s it fortunately for me it fueled me you know all the negative stuff so now it’s like this this fire like it’s just starting to build and build [Music] [Music] we’d love to offer you a scholarship to play anniversary Louisville this is performed by to play a game like this is so crazy I was thinking just about college how do I get my degree in 3-4 years and hopefully after that make it to the NBA that shoot sometimes on weekends at 1:00 am you know in this college parties and you understand that your other players and their teammates are out so you’d go shoot caught myself one night I was walking back from the gym and the song 34:30 came on and I tasted my mom and dad was like yeah I will never have to work again I wasn’t talking about the NBA I just knew I was gonna just make it in somehow in some way I didn’t know how but there was moments where I was close to just quitting basketball that jump from high school to college I think is huge and there were moments where I was like this isn’t it when you play for junior the game before I got we got killed I was benched for the game against Indiana in the Pacers arena all the scouts gonna be there like I knew he like deserve to start and I knew like he was better than what his last game cuz I do watch all of his games and I did know that he needed a little booster I was like maybe I can help them join is not a say she doesn’t get really in depth with her emotions they come as the master she’s like oh you got it that morning that’s just you text me it was more like I believe you can do this I’ve always seen you work like she was bringing up moments from the past and that’s when I was like okay like if she’s saying this must be real I knew it was motivational actually it’s a pretty good text message [Applause] [Music] we are the game splitting I write hitting the crazy shots falling out of bounds and that really changed everything and I was doubting myself and my mom saying the same thing Jordans saying the same thing I didn’t believe it until right before the trap with the 13th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft Donovan Mitchell last night this was it was all brand new to me it’s just one of those things but he doesn’t feel like you’re there then when you hear your name called I wasn’t happening the organization that I love you know I really fell in love with the city as a whole I went and walked around when I first got there and somewhere that they treated you like nice and with respect you know this was a really special place felt like he really fit what we call jazz DNA he fit the personality of our organization very well it was the very first game where one of his teammates because he got sick to his stomach or something I’m not sure what happened but don’t have to start I’m like oh my gosh like this is the first game of the season and Don’s on the court I cry I’m starting so I’m warming up I’m looking just to get the visuals so I can be like right like when the game comes I’m not as nervous and I’ll hit you at one time and that’s when it was like oh yeah like this is now it’s all uncharted territory now I’m just out there just playing basketball no one knows me now I’ll know me as a shooter so now they’re going on the screens and the confidence just soared [Applause] big time players make big time shots in big time moment unbelievable I used to hear it on the TV as he’s watching it or he’s going to a friend’s house because they’re having an all-star party or whatever it may be but for him to actually be in the dunk contest and win [Music] and I’m like this is full circle for him it’s bigger than just having basketball shoes it’s what I represent what spiderman is like like my nickname what I stand for what that logo and what the shoe itself represents it’s determination over negativity you never know especially with camp you never know what kids go through whether it’s a home school work with their friends you never know I want to be able to make sure people understand that I know that this isn’t just about bass what’s about just lifetime he saw someone pulling out their change to pay for something in the grocery store but he was shy a few dollars and Danza said you know don’t worry about it’s on me but the money in the counter and walked out moments like that we had very humble beginnings and for him to remember what it’s like to pull out you know [Music] I finally realized impact I had now I’m at a point where I understand who I am a little bit better understand the life I have but you know when you look back on the moments I do it’s still crazy you know to even be here [Music] there’s gonna be trials and tribulations and you know it may happen next year but I think going through what I went through this year I think it really helps me it really helped shape me in certain different many different ways there are times where I thought man maybe this is just a one-year thing and they’re more like a one-hit wonder and that’s it for me it was just continuing to find ways to to show show yourself what you can do [Applause] [Applause] [Music]

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