Al Sharpton Warns Dems About Dangerous Obsession With Impeachment

Democrats may have been eager to put all their
eggs into one basket with their crazy obsession
to impeach President Trump but it is a risky
strategy and one fraught with peril.
Some key allies are already starting to get
jittery as polls are showing voter disgust
with the process and Speaker Nancy Pelosi
continues to play games by withholding the
articles from the Senate.
One who is speaking out against this dubious
gambit is the Reverend Al Sharpton who is
warning Democrats that what sells in Washington,
New York and California could be electoral
poison in the rest of the nation outside of
coastal elite safe spaces.
Sharpton showed up on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”
where he cautioned that the fixation on getting
Trump could backfire spectacularly and that
Dems need to focus on the “kitchen table issues”
that actually matter to real people.
According to Sharpton – “right now we cannot
say with any comfort that Donald Trump would
not be reelected.”
Via The National Review, “Al Sharpton Warns
Democrats over Impeachment Focus: ‘Deal
with Kitchen-Table Issues’”:
Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss
impeachment, Sharpton warned that a hyper-focused
Democratic effort to impeach Trump could distract
from a vision of “how we move forward.”
“Where a lot of the Democrats have made
a mistake is they’ve fed into a narrative
that Trump is dictating, rather than saying
‘okay, let them do that — I’m back,
involved in trying to make you and your life
work,’” Sharpton said. “That’s the
person that could beat Donald Trump.”
He also pointed to the danger that an election
driven by impeachment could devolve into “wonderland”
and “nerd politics.”
“The election is about me, my house, food
on my table, my kid’s tuition.” Sharpton
said. “If they can’t address that, they’re
going to miss everybody.”
“I think voters really that are struggling,
which are a lot of the base, which is a lot
of the base of the Democratic party, are really
trying to deal with kitchen-table issues,”
Sharpton continued. That’s what we’ve
got to address, particularly while you have
a president that’s bragging about the economy.
Right now we cannot say with any comfort that
Donald Trump would not be reelected. That
should make us uncomfortable.”
The flamboyant Sharpton who has made a nice
living for decades in the racial grievance
racket has become a highly influential voice
within the Democratic party after being a
regular guest at the Obama White House for
eight years.
Despite his history of overtly racist demagoguery,
his endorsement remains one of the most coveted
prizes of all and last year, a parade of 2020
hopefuls kissed his ring at his National Action
Network Convention where they promised to
support reparations.
Whether Sharpton’s political clout is strong
enough to break the impeachment favor remains
to be seen but like the proverbial broken
clock, he is right that an electoral shellacking
awaits if Dems refuse to focus on real issues
instead of vengeance and conspiracy theories.
When they’ve lost Al Sharpton, it is a big
sign that the mapping coordinates for the
clown car need to be reprogrammed.

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