Ali-A”s FIRST GAME of Fortnite: Battle Royale… on PC!

My very first game of Fortnite Battle Royale and my brand Alienware Aurora PC Welcome everyone my name’s Ali-A and today It’s another. It’s a big it’s an unboxing ladies and gentlemen as you can see just behind, my second channel been popping off with Unboxings of loads of stuff recently it’s time for the main channel to get a little bit of love today Inside that box behind me is actually my brand new gaming PC. I want to say gaming, PC I mean all-around PC editing gaming working anything Photoshop. Whatever it is. It’s gonna be my brand new Day-to-day use PC, and I’m very excited great Now last week you wanted to see me gaming on this bad boy. My Alienware 17 laptop. We did a bit of eye tracking gaming It was extremely fun, but this isn’t what we’re going to be doing today. We’re gonna put that on the side This is desktop gaming so although you can’t see the other side of this camera And you probably don’t want to see the other side this camera I do have a little bit of a crazy messy setup at the moment I’ve never actually done a full-on gaming setup for this room right here I don’t think I have at least I think the last big gaming setup I did was in my old flat over a year ago So I’m thinking once this bad boy is set up once this whole room is a little bit tidier. I can show you everything That’s going on behind me everything that’s going on on the other side of this camera. It’s a big setup video Maybe sometime next week and update you guys and all the equipment I use and everything that goes into creating the set that I’ve got right here If you like the idea? Give it a big fat thumbs up leave a comment down below saying Ali I want a brand new setup video, and I can try and make it happen for you guys But these videos were about this box right here. It’s a big and so on kind of course he did today Hey, you guys never get to see my legs, so I tend to this we’re tracking this It’s a big one. I always start these unboxings and never anything to actually open the boxes with This room just filled…with boxes Put that to one side so in here a brand new gaming PC baby. Right, first things first What have we got in here? What’s up a mouse power prick? This is a key for me. It is indeed a keyboard. She’s nice, but I have a far nicer keyboard and mouse So these guys will just be spares for the moment Look at this look at this Here we go ladies and gentlemen it’s out of the box my brand new gaming PC the brand new Alienware Aurora Well if you didn’t get any more boxes in this room We’ve managed it And I am actually gonna show you the other side of this camera a little bit just to compare my old Alienware PC with this new one so this here is my old Alienware Area 51 Beast but it is absolutely huge Is giant just to compare it to like a Nintendo switch for example? This is a big big machine if we then compare it to the brand new, Alienware Aurora You can see that. It is a far smaller form factor, but with all the power I got on the old PCs this thing form-wise is a lot more efficient and means It’s not taking up so much leg room under my desk For when I’m playing games here and doing all my editing and everything on my PC so if you want the exact build and specs of my brand-new, PC I’m gonna leave all those details in the description along with the link for you guys to build your own version Because you can start building them a lot cheaper and make them obviously more powerful and bigger and better So there’s a variety of all prices all specs and I’ll link them down below in description that you guys know exactly what my One is more exact what it’s made of as well now. We’ve seen my old, Alienware, PC looked very cool When it was turned on so this one looks just as cool I know. There is a slightly creepy Evie face behind it, but you’ve got the same awesome Alienware lights on the side you’ve also got the Alienware power button on the front When this thing turns on it looks so impressive and you get the lights on both sides I love that one of my favorite things about all these Alienware products. It’s how all the design and the lights match up and all their products and when they turn on they always look amazing So it’s going to take me a little while to Take all of my drives and put them into my new PC get everything really linked up Which is why I think a full on setup video needs to take place very soon But I will take one of my main drives which has got an OS stored on it grab a game and give it a little bit of a tester as playing some games guys, so I’ll see you guys in a second after a little bit of setting up and let’s play some games on my brand new PC This video is brought to you by Alienware featuring Intel Core i7 processors. Start gaming We’ve got Oliver joining us for this. You don’t see me videos very often because it’s always Darcy on my desk I don’t know where Darcy is gone though, but I’m really excited for this and I didn’t expect this for today’s video But look what I’ve got booted up. I’ve never played Fortnite before on PC. I’ve only ever played on my Playstation 4 I’m gonna play with you guys my very first game with Fortnite: Battle Royale on my brand-new Alienware Aurora PC and see how we get on. If I get a single kill I’ll be happy obviously I know the game But I am shocking I consider myself shocking with keyboard a mouse to be really honest with you guys So excited for this give it a thumbs up. Let’s see what’s gonna happen Alright guys We are about to drop in. There is an option to use your controller on the PC version which I would properly switch over If I actually want very seriously But I do wanna stick with the keyboard and mouse for this video for my very first time playing Fortnite: Battle Royale My goal is to simply get one kill and survive more than a few minutes Okay, I know that’s not what you’re used to seeing from me but that’s what you’re gonna see when it comes to the PC version a Fortnite: Battle Royale because I am shocking with the keyboard and mouse. So I’m gonna go for I think this little err…like car warehouse I like to call it as our very first drop-in spot as long as we can loot get one gun and then find someone that’s facing the other way. We may be able to get a kill Oh God there would be someone coming straight in here as well, wouldn’t there Odds-on is he landing the exact same place? Yeah he is Alright, okay. Yeah nice. It’s a chest over here as well Thank goodness. Give me something decent all Green…green auto. That’s pretty good This PC players seem to know where to spawn in. That’s for sure. I didn’t expect anyone to actually come over here with me Let’s see if I can take him down. Maybe it’s gonna be a risky one if I go for it We’re inside the ring That’s good There he is, there he is, there he is. Here we go Oh my god, that’s how bad I am Oh my god, I actually killed him. That was the worst freakin play of Fortnite: Battle Royale ever. I don’t know why I am so like incapable of aiming with a keyboard a mouse. I’ve just never grown up with keyboard and mouse in hand. It’s always been a controller but aye…we’ve got ourselves my goal which is a kill We actually got ourselves two decent weapons and shield Let’s see how much longer this can go on for okay. Looks like the older the old treehouse I think has still got a glowing chest up there, so I’m gonna need a med kit. I’m gonna need another shield hopefully. So let’s see. The great news is the game looks beautiful I don’t know why that’s glitched over there…looks beautiful on PC. The new Alienware is running it flawlessly which is exactly what you want. The issue is not with the PC in any shape or form The issue with me not being great at this game. It’s just my hands unfortunately, but we’re working on it guys We’re working on it. Hopefully. No one’s gone up here whilst I’ve been heading over here myself. Where is that chest what the hell? Swear to god there was a chest up here Okay, apparently I mean oh no It’s gone. It’s gone So there’s definitely someone in the lonely lodge which kind of sucks cuz often lonely lodge isn’t a popular spot I love coming here. I feel like I’m on holiday…like a camping holiday whenever I come here, but someone’s definitely looted it It looks like they looted it a lot unfortunately. I feel like I should hang around here and challenge whoever’s here I don’t have many bullets. That’s the thing I definitely need to stock up and some more bullets Yeah, I’ve got. I’ve got a hang around guys. I can’t believe in quite yet, mmm there were any yeah chests in the main cabin Certainly ain’t any now, but that looks like a blue shotgun and as terrible as my aim is I actually think a shotgun Will be feasible for me to use so Nice you’re gonna gear up with this bad boy. I am just gonna run around with a shotgun out Oh my god, and it’s a chest Okay, it’s just looking good. I don’t know why they haven’t looted around here, but certainly ain’t complaining Let’s go and get another chest. What’s it gonna be? What’s it gonna be? Oh, a sniper. You know what? I’m gonna ditch that. I’m gonna pick up the sniper I’m gonna grab some bandages I’ve never aimed with a sniper um I mean I’ve never played Fortnite on PC but I’ve always assumed that you can get some nasty shots on Fortnite PC with the sniper because the aim isn’t absolutely broken and Like actually let’s you ain’t more than two miles an hour All right guys about to go for my very first build Here we go. Complete. My first ever build on Fortnite: Battle Royale PC Edition and another chest as well. Oh my god. It’s actually a med kit Oh my god. Well. I did not expect this I did not expect this alright. Let’s pick this up. Let’s get all back What? why are you shaking your head? Come on get bandaged woman. Let”s get herself back up to 50 Shield 100 HP wound to the top dirt. You don’t know how this is happening Get rid of that. Let’s pick the bandages back up again Okay, I’ve got a sniper. We’ve got a shotgun. We’ve got an auto. We’ve got a bit of shield We’re back up to max health. Couldn’t really ask much more than this oh it’s up to me to do now is to use the Fortnite skills that I’ve learnt from console and Just apply them to PC and try and aim. Try and aim better than a two year old so wish me luck guys Oh, I’m in the next ring as well. Oh The Fortnite gods are looking out for me apparently. This is insane. So at the time of recording this, they have added in a new jump pad and They’re gonna be adding in a new silenced SMG next week I probably would’ve done a video on that a few days ago on console So check that out if you haven’t seen it already, but if we could actually kept the new jumper that would be hilarious Oh, oh, there’s someone Okay, shots potentially. Oh, there’s few people. I’m gonna pull out my sniper is someone up there Oh my God. So close They’re still in there Don’t run Someone hold on, hold on, hold on. Okay, they’re re-building that. Oh there’s someone here as well. Hold on Oh, can I go for either of them, this is risky play. Oh my gosh. I don’t even know what’s going on. They’re both running around. I think you killed them Oh my god do not challenge that person at sniping Nope, nope nope instant regret instant regret. I’m so sorry Please leave me alone No These days young Greece upset. Oh my god whoever that person is they are popping off on people Alright, I don’t want to challenge them We’re in the top 17? Somehow don’t really know how. I hope that person’s just forgotten I was here and he’s gonna leave me alone. That’d be amazing. Oh, oh shots going down. Big shots going down. Let’s let’s do what I would try and do in console. No, or not Here you go. This is what I do. I don’t know why I’m like building and approaching situations It takes me five years to be able to swear to go Back to 3. Back to my wife and I have to look down and see what I’m clicking at. That’s how bad I am at aiming It was definitely some shots around here. Don’t know if that guy is trying to snipe me the hell the hell What The Hell There’s water on my screen. There’s lightning Is this a new update me? Mate. I haven’t actually played a new update yet at all. This is the first time I played it, and I am playing it on PC What the hell is lightning doing? I don’t know. This is scary Top 14 ladies and gentlemen. Can we make this a top 10 finish. Damn, that lightning is menacing Should it land right on us. Nice. Oh my god. I don’t believe it. The next Ring is on us again. This is actually insane Sniper is all all geared up If we lose any health we’ve only got , we’ve only got umm…This is this is so obnoxious. I don’t know if…Okay there we go Oh, oh , oh there’s someone Okay, that’s actually quite a good gun fight. Hold on We’ve got some grenades. Hold on Here we go He’s weak. He’s lost all his shield Oh, I’ve only got 15 bullets, so I need to kill him simply to get his bullets to be really honest with you. I can see him. He’s poking his head up there or no he’s moved. He’s moved. He’s moved. He’s moved He’s moved. He’s moved. Okay hold on Hold on Oh my god Oh, he must have been on like 20 health Forty health…and then he got destroyed by that guy who probably would have destroyed me. Alright. We made it to the Top 15 first game on the Fortnight: Battle Royale on, PC It was never gonna be amazing But it was certainly fun if you guys want me to play a little bit more Fortnite: Battle Royale on PC Maybe try it with a controller or stick with keyboard and mouse and team up with some other guys a lot better Let me know but there we go guys that has been the unboxing A very brief setting up with just some basic stuff and gaming for the very first time on my grand you anywhere will review see if You want to check it out? They’ll be linked down below in the description and I’ll leave all the specs there as well I hope you really enjoyed this video. Look out for a full setup video. Hopefully, coming next week if all plans out nicely Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you guys, then bye-bye

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