All CS:GO Gambling Scams LIVE Twitch COMPILATION 2018

All CS:GO Gambling Scams LIVE Twitch COMPILATION 2018

It’s a trash knife
Deagle costs about 3 dollars and trash, trash, trash
How much is it? 16 dollars
His knife costs 70 dollars!!!
It’s basically a gift
I’ll accept it
So he’s giving me knife for my trash.
Seems like it.
Im accepting before he changes his mind.

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  3. Why are people so dumb when it comes to trading? I double check the crap out of every trade I do … even with friends.

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  5. Hey guys, I got the best method on the market atm. (Fake Trade Offer) Easiest Scam ever. You get 80% from your scam. I take 20%.

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  6. Retarded as fuck giving a random a expensive item 😂 sad thing is steam won't help you at all since toy sent the trade offer

  7. Never trade with a middle man plz don’t I haven’t been scammed before thanks to this YouTuber called diddle. If you want to trade with someone watch some of his videos first so you know what scams look like

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