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  1. My dad is OBSESSED with board games, so prepare for an explosion of great suggestions coming your way;
    – Skull
    – Codenames (v similar to chameleon)
    – Wingspan
    – Ticket to Ride
    – Barrenpark
    – Flamme rouge

  2. 1. you look super cute!
    2. I love this community- the fact that you can post a video titled ALL MY BOARDGAMES and we're all like HECK YEAH
    3. I bought headhackers for Christmas and we enjoyed it but me and my sister were not as good at it as we thought we would be 😂
    4. We also got one called Awkward Storyteller, and one called Labyrinth and they were both very different but really good fun!

  3. Highly recommend

    Also for Dan to fuck over other players…
    Kill doctor lucky
    It's like reverse Cluedo but you can really mess people up and screw over other players

    Soooo good

  4. I refer to dobble as snap on crap. Gloom is a fun card game, it is like Tim Burton vibes, you get families and the aim is to make your family as miserable as possible then kill them, and other players family as happy as you can and then kill them. Also if you like CAH, That's What She Said is good.

  5. I played catan for the first time yesterday! Such a fun game I was so close to winning the frustration was real!
    Pandemic and munchkin are fab games and I think the haunted house game you mentioned is haunting of hill house? Very fun but takes ages and is a bit complicated, another I can recommend would be scythe I reckon it would definitely let dan fuck some people over

  6. “What is this?!”
    Big potato game called ‘ok play’. Basically connect 5 (rather than 4) where you place the tiles next to each other to try to get 5 in a row

  7. I am terrible at deciding if they'd be your bag, but I just wanna shout out Root and Wingspan as my fave boardgames of this year, they are both beautiful and a joy to play, I love em!!

  8. LINKEE is my family's favourite game! We got it years ago when it first came out and we've made everyone we know play it. Only problem is we've gone through all the questions so we know the answers now lol
    omg and pass the pigs is such a throwback! we constantly bash heads trying to see if its makin' bacon

  9. My favorite boardgames are: Quarriors, Bang!, Munchkin, Exploding kittens and Snake Oil.
    To top of a board game night we usually play jackbox party pack games. They're great! 🙂

  10. Drunk stoned or stupid is great fun! There are two different ways of playing, normal rules you don't want the card, and 'I just met you' rules you do want the card, there's basically a debate section where you have to argue your case for who deserves the card, but yes it is much more fun with people you know really well😄

    Also red flags and exploding kittens are so much fun! They're both card games, and cluedo is one of my all time favourite games!

  11. If you'd like a collaborative game you should try Sentinels of the Multiverse! Apparently there's a digital version now, but I've only played the original card game. Basically everyone picks superhero deck and you all work together to defeat the environment and one or more enemies (depending on how many superheros you have). It's A LOT of fun. And a good balm for any more contentious games you might have played beforehand!

  12. Hannah: "It [DnD] seem like a big commitment."
    Me, at the same time literally going throught like over 100 pages of DM notes: Play it! Play it!

  13. Hard of hearing fan here
    I know you use Rev captioning. Please tell thin this one sucks. I could caption this better. Google auto caption could do better.

  14. My favourite board games (along with Catan) is Ticket to Ride and Monopoly Deal. The latter is a card game that is a lot quicker and a lot more addictive than the board game version

  15. Pandemic is good, but try « dead of winter » for a zombie game, its awesome! Its the kind of game that goes on for 3h and you dont see the time fly by

  16. "board games"… I only see party/card games and Pen&Paper/Tabletop games… the only real board game I have seen is Catan
    And maybe you could count Munchkin and Fluxx as a board game. And from the last few you mentioned Pandemic and Zombiecide are board games.

  17. I thought my family were the only ones who played pass the pigs 😂 just no one else knew what this game was ! Brought back memories :')

  18. I love dobble! It's great and also you don't have to feel guilty about getting it since it takes up so little space 😉 bananagrams is another fave

  19. If you like Catan, you will probably enjoy games such as Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne or Machiavelli.
    I also enjoy the games Bonanza and 'You're bluffing' (Kuhhandel).

  20. i got scrawl and chameleon as christmas presents for my family this year partly because i wanted to play them after watching the lovely board games videos but mostly because my family board game collection is weak and im jealous of yours lol

  21. If you're looking for a good co-op game, I highly recommend the Harry Potter card game: Hogwarts Battle. It might seem a bit complicated to get started, but if you watch a YouTube video or find friends who have played before, you'll pick it up very quickly. It's a deck building game (if you're familiar with that mechanic), but as you win each round, you start fresh with the base deck, so there is always the opportunity for people to join in. It's just SO SO GOOD, especially considering it's a licensed HP game. Most licensed games are crap.

  22. Try the game Last Night On Earth. It's really fun zombie survival game that you can play with friends or just with two people.

  23. I have the Harry Potter version of munchkin! Its the best!☺️
    We play Secret Hilter every games night! Its amazing!👍
    What do you meme? Is very similar to cards against humanity and just as funny (btw i have cards against muggles)😜
    Salem is amazing! Loads of arguing and people trying to catch each other out😁

  24. Betrayal at House on the Hill might be the haunted one you were talking about! It's amazing and one of my favorite games to play with friends. It's collaborative, but then at the end someone becomes a traitor during the "haunt" and needs to plot against everyone with different goals depending on what scenario it ends up being!

  25. I got hogwarts battle for Christmas which is a Co operative deck building game where you have to work together to defeat villains like voldemort and the basalisk etc it's very fun

  26. You can play secret Hitler with a pack of cards if you want to try it without having to buy it – one of my all-time favourite games!

  27. Would definitely recommend you play The Resistance! It's not to do with Star Wars at all 🙂 Pass the Pigs is great! We recently bought the inflatable one to play outdoors in the summer.
    I'd say my top picks, out of games that weren't in your video (unless I missed them!) would be;
    – Qwirkle ~ I play this a lot with family who aren't so into boardgames, as it's pretty simple to explain… it's about grouping colours and symbols on tiles together – probably best with 2-5 people
    – Tsuro of the Seas ~ like the original Tsuro (pathbuilding based) but has an additional element to it – dragons! Also gets bonus points for me for having such beautiful artwork! – probably best with 3-4 people
    – Coup ~ one of my absolute favourites! Involves a lot of bluffing, bribing etc – probably best with 5-6 people. Would recommend getting the Reformation expansion pack too, as the additional element makes it more interesting
    – Codenames ~ such a good party game! You work in teams and give one word clues to try and find all your agents before the other team does. Works best with 6-8 people, with an even number being the most fair
    – Dixit ~ again, gets bonus points for having amazing artwork. One of my favourite games to play with creative people. A mix of storytelling, voting and a hint of deception. Probably best with 5-6 people
    – Gloom ~ card-based game. Each player has a family, and you go through the game playing events to make the members of your family as unhappy as possible, before killing them, whilst also playing cards to make other people's characters happier! It sounds pretty morbid, but it's a great one to play with people who love getting into the storytelling aspect! I'd say it's best with 3-4 people

  28. jackbox games is really cool. it’s actually an electronic game thing and you buy it off steam then cast it to your tv. it’s got like five games included and everyone can join by going to jackbox.tv on their phones and putting in a code, kind of like kahoot. i have jackbox party pack six im pretty sure and it is hilarious. my favourite is “quiplash” where you’re given a funny question you have to answer and everyone votes for their favourite. there’s also a game called “trivia murder party” where you have to answer questions correctly or you die. it’s so much fun and would 100% recommend to anyone

  29. My friends and I played what's basically Scrawl before! I call it Telephone Pictionary because it's like a combination of those two games. We did it so it was a stack of paper that got passed around (write a sentence on the top sheet, pass it, put the top sheet to the back, draw, etc) so at the end we had these strings of paper with ridiculous phrases and drawings and the good ones have been our dining room decor for a few years now

  30. Recommendations: Betrayal at House on the Hill (i think this might be the haunted house one you were thinking of?) or as my friends call it, "Spooky House". you have to play it a lot to get a game that's even remotely similar to a previous time, since there are different "haunts" that can happen depending on which card is pulled in which room to trigger it, and even if you get the same haunt, the layout of the mansion is going to be different.
    Red Dragon Inn: premise is like you're a dnd party post-adventure hanging out in a tavern trying to fuck each other over. if you run out of money you get kicked out of the tavern (aka lose), and if your drunkenness level surpasses your stamina/health/something like that level then you're too drunk and you also get kicked out of the tavern. each player picks a character and each character has their own deck of cards that say what they can do (ie the thief has plenty of cards that let them cheat during gambling rounds, but the priestess has cards that let her "heal" herself aka sober up a bit). so you can get any of the editions (other than the single-character ones) and start playing, or you can mix multiple editions to get more players and characters. my friend has had the second one for a while and my mom just got me the 4th one for christmas which has a pirate lady on the front so i'm very excited

  31. Sounds like you guys really like American-style games (screw your neighbor games) rather than Euro-style (more Catan-like but much more complicated)

  32. Pandemic is so much fun! When I first played we thought you had to find a cure and eradicate all diseases-not the right way to play. It was so hard! Then we realized you only need to find cures for the diseases. After trying to do the previous tasks, it was so much easier, but still stressful. Its a great collaborative and strategy game.
    Betrayal at House on the Hill is an AMAZING collaborative game. It is never the same game! You need quite a large table or floor space since you make the 'board game' by exploring a house. I've played it tons of times and literally have never had a repeat. And there are a couple of expansions too which make it even more fun! That was is great to play with a group of people. I highly recommend that one!
    I just recently played Catan for the fist time. I really enjoyed it! Still haven't won a game yet, but I keep playing lol

  33. Any recommendations for games that can be played with one player as well as more players?
    (Sometimes it is hard to get friends interested in playing games while you are interested)

  34. I think the game you are referring to at the end is Betrayal at the House on the Hill it is super creepy and fun! Have a great day Hannah!

  35. I love munchkin! I have the Marvel version and the wizard of oz version
    Secret Hitler is a lot of fun
    Legendary is also super fun, as is Dice Forge

  36. I would be a much happier person if I had friends who enjoyed playing board games. My family usually plays card games. I have no idea how to play Fluxx; maybe you could do a video on that one day and explain how it's played? 🙂
    My favorite board game was Trivial Pursuit. My brother and I own several editions of it. Mostly though, we just play Canasta, Kick Butt, Phase 10, or Uno when we get together (all card games). Loved this video! I hope you do more game-related videos in the future! 🙂

  37. That haunted house game you mentioned at the end is possibly Mysterium which I highly recommend. Pandemic is another good cooperative game. As for good party games, my go games are Codenames and Telestrations.

  38. The game you said you didn't know what it was, was Ok Play I tried s a bit like Connect 4 , our favourite board games at the mo are Exploding Kittens, Dobble, Cobra Paw, and my kids just got Kersplatt for christmas such a kid game but silly fun , also just got Bears vs Babies not played yet though , my kids love Happy Salmon, we love board games, but I'm probably a bit too competitive especially against my kids. X love this x

  39. We are obsessed with board games! Recommendations are; Ticket to Ride (a classic) Forbidden Island (fun co-op), Forbidden Desert (next in series co op), Love Letters (quick card game), Takenoko (cute pandas!), Carcassonne (classic) and Kodak's (adorable tree spirirs). Enjoy!

  40. The games we play most at my parents house are:
    -Boggle (beacuse I always win)
    -Asterix the card game (a card game based on Asterix and Obelix,mydad loves it)

  41. Bonjour Hannah.

    Since I discovered cooperative board games, I am not interested with competitive game anymore. The best cooperative games to start:
    – Pandemic.
    – Castle Panic.
    – Aeon's End.
    For other suggestions: https://boardgamegeek.com/search/boardgame?sort=bggrating&advsearch=1&range%5Bnumvoters%5D%5Bmin%5D=100&nosubtypes%5B0%5D=boardgameexpansion&playerrangetype=normal&propertyids%5B0%5D=2023 .

  42. I think it's super fun to see how different people deal with board games. Like, when I can't remember a rule, myfamily will usually make something up that everyone agrees on. But in my boyfriends family it HAS to be what the rules say. They even play UNO with points which absolutely confused me, who does that?! 😂😂

  43. I'd recommend 'mapominoes' (you basically redesign the map of Europe/Africa/Asia – depending on which version you have – by playing cards of each country) and 'backpacker' which is another card game where you travel around the world and various things happen that you have to deal with and then get home at the end!

  44. What was the Lord of the Rings game you posted in your Instagram story the other day? I play the LOTR Warhammer and have ties with a table top gaming channel who might be interested in it. It's a great collection you have. Love it 😍😄

  45. i’ve never played d&d but i didn’t let that stop me from buying two sets of GORGEOUS dice. one day they’ll get some use lmao

  46. I really like Elder Sign/Arkham Horror, Mysterium/Obscurio, and Secret Hitler for group/co-op games. Obscurio includes a traitor and a game master who cannot speak and the way they interact with other players can be a lot of fun.

    Terraforming Mars, Rococo, Traders of Genoa, and Thurn and Taxis are all games with interesting mechanics and fun independent play. I feel like some of the most enjoyable games with good mechanics have the most boring subjects. 

    Tzokl'in is a game with a Mayan style calendar on the board made of gears that all rotate as each turn progresses, you have to plan future actions from the outset as you place your people. 

    One of my favorite games is Wingspan, it has beautiful artwork of birds alongside facts and they just released an expansion with European birds. As you place birds on your board their card effects can interact with other birds you've gathered into your ecosystem gaining you more points at game end. I have so many board games it's almost stressful how much space they all take up.

  47. I just spent all my money on Christmas gifts but now I want all of these board games! My parents got my partner and I the game Off Topic as a gift and we played it Christmas night, a fun one with friends or family!

  48. If you don't want to dive into Dungeons and Dragons but still want to play something with a D&D atmosphere, I recommend Red Dragon Inn, a game where your D&D party has finished a day's adventuring and retired to the Inn to drink and gamble away the spoils. It's tons of fun, and there are an absurd number of character expansions which all play very differently.

  49. I looooved pass the pigs when I was a kid omg!!

    My family is really into board/card games, our fave is Time's Up! Basically it gives you a bunch of cards with names and you play multiple rounds trying to guess the names. The rounds get harder each time but it becomes really fun because you start developing inside jokes about the cards to get people to guess them as the game goes on

  50. I havent finished the video so maybe you have it – but an AMAZING game is Betrayal at House on the Hill !! You explore a haunted house and then someone is the traitor and you get a different haunting each time you play!

  51. Cyclades is a good game to play if you enjoy screwing people over. (I'm not a huge fan of those sorts of games because I feel bad, so I generally take the pasifist position and inevitably lose.) Oh, and also Silk is a very screwy over type of game.

    Chinatown is a good game for a certain amount of collaboration as there is a lot of trading involved.

    My fave games are ones like Arboretum, Flamme Rouge, Splendor and Catan where you build up your own hand/game without having to fuck other people over too much to win.

  52. Dungeons and Dragons is fun with the right people, but it's for sure a time commitment.I feel like the time commitment may be a struggle for you because of how busy you are all the time. you will also want to play with someone who is experienced and knows what they are doing

  53. Oh yes Munchkin is one of my favorites and as a child I loved Boggle so Clickbait sounds great. My recommendations (I think they come in an english version) I absolutely love Catan the Duell, it´s just for two and a bit more strategic than the standard Catan board game (maybe more fun for Dan, because you can mess around with the other person more if you want to. My favorite game of all times is Carcassonne (the basic version is very simple) but there are many many additions for it it to expand and change it up, so it becomes this huge game with endless varieties and you can play for hours.

  54. This video is so cool! I really love board games and have been wanting to play more, it’s something that my family and I used to play when I was a kid and have fond memories of it. I feel like as I got older I stopped playing board games but been wanting to get back into it, they’re always loads of fun.

  55. We have Scrawl which has gotten many laughs, Chameleon, and this year we got Colour Brain and 10 things people google, which was good fun!

  56. OMG you should come and play D&D with us, it would be very full circle for me, because the friends we play D&D with my girlfriend met first through a forum and the way she described one of them was "kinda like Hannah Witton", so then we could actually compare. (spoiler alert, she was pretty wrong in my opinion, but would still be amusing)

  57. Personally i've always found munchkin the worst designed game of all times.
    Unless the cards perfectly align, you can't go over the low levels AND, if ever you go up to level 8/9 (you win at level 10) you have everyone else against you PLUS there still are so many monsters that you can't beat. You REALLY struggle to gain the last two levels. So it drags itself like it was in a coma without the possibility of dieing or being saved. Not fun, -infinity/10, would erase from reality.

  58. A game i would recommend is Clank! (with the ! at the end)
    You sneak into the underground realm of a dragon to steal stuff. You try not to die when you're still underground.
    It's different from other similar concepts in the fact that you all will die 100%. The first player to exit the castle starts the 3 turns countdown, at the end of which everyone gets killed by the dragon. People underground will be buried with the stolen treasures, the others will give the treasures to their heirs.

  59. We've been playing King of New York, there's plenty of screwing other players over!

    Nothing like some festive patricide before your brother takes you down!

  60. Linkee is amazing! Also with dnd maybe try and find someone who has played it before to DM for you? That's what I did and it's much more enjoyable when you're not all confused the whole time and there's someone who completely understands the gameplay:)

  61. I recommend Betrayal At The House On The Hill! it's a team(ish) game, where you all explore and build a haunted house and then when a certain thing happens you begin the 'haunt' (of which there are like 50 or something crazy, depending on various factors) and one player has to turn against all the rest so it's like one person against everyone else as a team while the team try and escape the house and you all have secret motives and special items you can collect etc. It's complicated but super fun, and if you play it you 100% have to have spooky music on in the background!

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