Almost Ready – Ep 2 “Why I had to wear a diaper!!“

Almost Ready – Ep 2 “Why I had to wear a diaper!!“

– Oh, my God.
– What? Yeah.
Like, we just wrapped.
What time is it?
It’s, uh, 5:30 in the morning.
Wrapped season one.
And I am exhausted.
I don’t think that everything
I have to do

from this point onward
needs to be about
my pregnancy.

( glamorous music )
Okay, one more time.
Shay: I’m still me,
and I’m gonna continue
to live my life

how I did before
I was pregnant.

I worked before;
I’m gonna work after,

and now I just need
a different size pants.

That’s pretty much it.
( musical flourish )
I kind of feel like
I got punched in the face

slash, like,
have the worst hangover ever.

It’s like one of those mornings
where you wake up,
and you just wanna
eat everything.
Well, that’s actually
every day for me right now.
( laughs )
But I really don’t care today,
and I’m just super delirious.
( sighs ) God.
– Hello?
– Woman: Hi.

Shay: Hi!
– Woman: Hi.
– Shay: Oh, my God.
Guys, I am running on two hours
of sleep right now.
– Monica: Oh, my God.
– Elsa: Hello.
Those hours.
16 hour days, Mons.
Like, I can’t.
( chill music )
♪ ♪
– So you wanna see something?
– Yeah.
Honestly, guys,
I’ve never known
that somebody could pee as much
as you do when you’re pregnant.
– Monica: Mm-hmm.
– I swear to God,
in, like, a half an hour,
I went to the bathroom
probably about 22 times
last night,
to the point where I was like,
“I’m (bleep)ing
wearing diapers.”
– Woman: ( laughs )
– I’m literally…
I am literally wearing
a full-on (bleep)ing diaper.
– Monica: ( laughing ) No.
– Shay: Okay?
Because it gets so annoying
having to go
to the bathroom all the time.
Monica, I need
to be able to fit–
Monica: What? I’ve never
seen that in my life.

– Shay: Look at Elsa.
– And I’ve had three kids.
Shay: She’s dying.
I’m wearing
a full-on diaper, okay?

Monica: What? Shay.
Shay: This isn’t even
an ad for Depends.
Monica: What?
Shay: This is a full-on diaper
because I can’t.
Like the set was, like,
way over here.
The bathrooms were,
like, way over there–
– Monica: Do you pee in it?
– I peed myself.
I got a couple good times,
and then I had to throw it out.
But I’m not doing it, you know?
I’m having to pee way too much.
– It’s just like, I’m over it.
– Monica: Oh, my gosh.

You know, I wish I would’ve
known about that,
’cause I had
a couple episodes…

You can thank me later;
all the tips and tricks
I’m learning from this.
– Monica: So what are we–
– So if you just see me,
like, changing,
and I’m like this…
( both laugh )
Can you imagine?
Woman: You’re like,
“I just peed in my pants.”

– There’s the bathroom.
– I’m just like this.
( laughs )
To actually have a fitting
where we’re not hiding it
for once

is awesome.
I had it in my head
that I really didn’t wanna

have to go
and wear maternity wear.

I really wanted to be
able to wear clothes
that I would normally wear,
just maybe in a different size.
All of these pieces,
I picked out

to model
my curated collection.

When I saw them,
I was thinking about it for
not, you know, specifically
being pregnant.
I just liked them.
( electronic music )
I feel super grateful
to have someone
like Monica in my life.

What do you think about
getting it a little bit
tapered just here?
– I like that.
– I think just there.
– Yeah.
– Mm-hmm.
Monica: There comes a point,
like, in the pregnancy,
though, where it’s like
you can’t really tell,
and so it’s like
that awkward stage.
Right. Exactly.
Now is the hardest stage.
– Exactly.
– Because it was, like…
So now that it’s,
like, poppin’–
now you can really show
the belly.
Embrace the bump.
Shay: Monica kind of,
like, dresses me

to feel how I feel
on the inside.

Wow, these are cool.
– Monica: Fun, right?
– Yes.
My feet haven’t swollen up yet.
Does that always happen or…
Monica: It happens, like,
towards the end.

– ( sighs ) Jeez.
– Monica: So you’re good.

Shay: Making a woman
feel confident

in this stage, I think,
is super important

because I’m not in control
of what’s going on now.

I don’t know if there’s
a woman out there

who has loved every single
moment and stage

and loved seeing
her body grow.

I haven’t personally
felt that way.

I’m learning to love it.

Love, love, love, love, love.
The fact that
I even got to work

up into this point is awesome.
– Look. Not pregnant…
– Monica: No.
Not pregnant. Pregnant.
It’s done.
– Shay: Thank you so much.
– Bye. You’re so welcome.
– You’re so welcome.
– Try my diaper method.
I’m telling you, it’s amazing.
( laughing ) Oh, my God.
Elsa: Enjoy the rest
of your day.
Shay: Love you guys.
Thank you.

Even with a packed schedule,
I still have to make time
to get regular checkups.
( elevator humming )
We’re at the doctor’s office.
( sighs ) I have had
two hours of sleep.
I need to get sleep
not just for me

but, like, for the baby,
for everything to be good,
so then I feel guilty
when I’m working,

’cause I’m like,
“Shit, I’ve had two hours.”

You can see
the arm right there.
Wow. I love that.
Back of the brain
looks terrific.
Here’s the eyeballs.
See the two eyes right there?
Shay: Wow.
This is a healthy-looking baby.
( sweet music )
Matte: Just lay down, honey.
Shay: No.
It’s, like, 50 pounds.
Turning yesterday
and sleeping–not okay.
And this is freaking me out
because I have
two more months left.
Most people lean in
and just enjoy the pregnancy.
( laughing ) I can’t do that.
– Matte: I know.
– Shay: Like, that is why

they say,
“Oh, you never feel ready.”
I feel ready about
this situation.
I don’t feel ready
about the house being ready.
Like, she’s gonna walk into
her room and be like,
“I wanna go back
to the hospital.”
Like, “What is this mess?”
“Why are there so many pairs
of shoes in here?”

– Babe.
– Shay: Like,

and I can’t blame her.
She’ll wanna go back
to the womb because this is,
like, way too chaotic.
And I still have so much to do.
I have to do
those photo shoot days.
Then I’m filming
that thing with Marcelo.
( exhales slowly )
Why don’t we cut it
in half, then?
I can’t cut it in half.
We already scheduled it,
and I told him
that I was gonna be able
to do it.
Okay, but you’re also
almost eight months pregnant.
The pace you keep
on a day-to-day,
you don’t necessarily
have to keep.
So could I have just stayed
in bed all day today?
– Yeah. Yeah. Why not?
– No, I couldn’t have.

I would love nothing more
than to do nothing
and stay home.
I would love that.
When can I do that?
Well, at some point
you’re gonna have to just
accept it and slow down.
Imagine how you’re gonna feel
a month from now.
Doctors say
that everything is fine.
I can work this pace.
Yeah, but how do you feel?
Matte, I’m beyond tired
right now.
I know, but you always tell me
you’re tired,
but then you’ll find more
things to do.
– Let’s take a nap.
– Because I’m not somebody
that should just be la–like,
fall back and do that.
Like, I–if there’s
stuff to be done,
then I have to do it,
and I still have projects
that need to be done
before I stop.
Stop looking at me like that.
( laughing )
It’s pissing me off.
( laughing )
Chill out at some point.
– And just relax and–
– I would love to relax.
you should’ve been the one
that could’ve been pregnant.
( sunny music )
I wanted to work
and do a short film

with Marcelo,
and I had no other time

other than right
when I wrapped.

So it’s been like
boom, boom, boom

from one project to another.
It’s all starting
to catch up with me,

and I honestly don’t know how
much longer I can do it.

Oh, my God, I’m so late.
This is where it is.
Okay, let’s go.
I have no idea what I’m in for,
but I’m just gonna do it.
For today, it’s gonna start off
with this kind of vibe.
– Okay.
– Of the glam, you know?
– It’s gonna be like that.
– Oh, cute. Oh, wow!
But, like, pink, though.
– Brows, we’ll…
– Shay: I had worked

with Marcelo on a–
on a shoot

prior to this
that was just so much fun.

And I definitely have a hard
time saying no to projects,

especially when I believe
in the director’s vision.

He wanted to do this sort of
indie beauty short film

about social media;
about, you know,

the different identities
that women play

for the attention of others,
even though sometimes you say
you’re doing it for yourself.

So I was really interested
in this concept that he had,

and I know he never does
anything half-assed.

So I was like, “Okay, cool.
Let’s do it.”

Marcelo: Yeah, I would say
it’s like, a more, like,

artistic, experimental, beauty,
sci-fi, psychological thriller
mixed all in one.
But basically, he has you
in this underground bunker

where you’re going through
these different stages

of the ideals of what
the guy wants you to be.

Shay: Mm-hmm.
Marcelo: That’s
the different characters.

Shay: This photo shoot came

after I’d worked
a 20-hour day.

( electronic music )
So to go straight
from that into this–

a lot of hair and makeup,
a lot of high heels,

a lot of that–
it was a lot.

And I don’t know if I would’ve
done it for many other people,

but I saw his vision and
was super excited about it.

Cool, right?
It’s very, like, pinup-y.
( electronic music )
Okay, so I was
thinking, like,
a little baby doll situation.
Cute. Yeah.
‘Cause it’s not, like,
accentuating that I am.
It’s just not even
acknowledging it.
– Monica: Yeah.
– Do you know what I mean?
Monica: For sure.
Shay: We all play up,
to a certain degree,

our image on social media.
I wanted to just kind of
bring that to life.

And now when I laugh,
the whole…
( both laughing )
I think this looks
really awesome.
I feel like this shoot isn’t
like, “Hey, I’m pregnant.”
It’s not.
It’s just a normal shoot.
– And I just…
– Man: This is just normal.

This is just normal.
This is a normal shoot, guys.
What are you talking about?
Au naturel.
( indistinct chatter )
( cool music )
Woman: All right, here we go.
Let’s lock it up.
Very quiet, please.

Roll sound.
Rolling. Rolling.

Man: Soundstage.

( clapperboard clacks )
And set.
And camera.
Do you like this?
– And cut.
– Woman: Cutting.
Shay: You know how they always
tell you, like,

“Don’t paint the nursery
’cause of the fumes
of the paint”?
I’m in an entire set
where everything has just
been freshly spray-painted.
So… ( laughs )
You don’t really usually think
about these things
before you’re pregnant,
but then after, you definitely
think a lot more about it.
– Woman: Set.
– Marcelo: Action.

( suspenseful music )
Shay: There were a lot of
different characters in this,

and we did two days of it.
I always like to think
and know that I’m a trooper

when it comes
to shooting anything.

If there’s a vision
and I believe in it,

I will help you
and exhaust myself

to the end so you can
get this vision.

However, it was a set that
they were changing constantly

throughout the days;
they were spray-painting

and there were crazy fumes.
Oh, Mylanta.
Look at the spray paint
and the paint.
That’s what everything
has been about today.

And the fumes were starting
to make me nauseous,
so I had to step outside.
And we still have
one more shot.
( sighs )
So I’m just on this shoot
right now–
the Marcelo shoot.
And I had
to literally step outside
because we’re shooting
in this room–
like, the set looks awesome
and the lights are sick
and everything about it
is amazing,
but they repainted, like,
everything head to toe,
like, for every single scene.
And I have–I don’t know.
They wanted to do, like,
a few more shots.
But I’m starting
to feel nauseous,
and I never feel nauseous.
I don’t wanna be the one
that’s like,
“Hey, I can’t be on fumes.”
No. I mean, it was a little bit
like this yesterday,
but just today is when I’m
really starting to notice it.
I just hate leaving
on stuff like this.
Do you know what I mean?
( traffic humming )
( groans softly )
( exhales ) Yeah.
I know. It’s not worth it.
( inhales sharply ) This was
actually the first shoot
where I’ve given them
two shots

to get everything
that they needed

before I walked off,
because now
it’s not just about me.
It’s about her,
and I’m not putting her
in any danger.
Because those fumes
were not good for anybody,
pregnant or not pregnant,
and I wasn’t gonna stay there
a second longer.
I’m happy that Mercelo
and everybody understood,

but this was definitely
a new way of working for me.

‘Cause truly,
had it had just’ve been me,

I would’ve probably been there
a lot longer than
even I should’ve been.

I’m now going through
this whole other journey

that I was not expecting.

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