43 thoughts on “AMERICAN WRESTLER: THE WIZARD Trailer (2016) Jon Voight Sports Movie”

  1. how dare they tarnish the the movie ' The wizard' by adding that into the title … fred savage is turning over in his grave

  2. this shit pissed me the fuck off because it says it was released november 11, 2016 in theaters and also says that it was recently released on dvd and blu-ray format february 7, 2017 but it is currently march 17 and every fucking time i click on the link that leads to Amazon to try and buy the movie it just shows results of that fucking blonde headed girl from the movie, instead of the actual movie on dvd or blu-ray i really do not know what the fuck is going on and i really wanted to see this movie too. and this is a complaint.

  3. I'm from Petaluma! I go to Petaluma High school. The one on the East side is called Casa Grande not East Petaluma like it is in the movie though.

  4. Tonight was the premiere. AMAZINGGG! The actor who plays Ali is from Palm Desert, Ca. He was present @ both showings and we were lucky to meet him. Great guy and actor.

  5. American Wrestler is a thoroughly enjoyable film about winning through determination, heart and having something to prove. Throw in a love interest and it’s a no brainer for fueled motivation. The highly relevant subject is a good lesson in humanity and recent history. Although the outcome is predictable, the immigration storyline is a nice layer to a tale of triumph over the bad guy – which in this case is ignorance – that we all love to see from time to time on the big screen.
    William Fichtner as the Vietnam vet coach could have used a bit more story to balance the theme, if not for the sheer thrill of his captivating presence; however, we get the message. Fichtner’s uniquely special energy leaps from any screen – it’s very easy to see how more of him might have diminished the other players' special moments.
    The real life story adds an in-depth appreciation. Check it out.

  6. greetings folks, and latinos and latinas. there is more than a life long work to be done. the native americans in north america have korean dna. koreans are brainwashed that the native americans are mongolian. korean dna is mongoloid. part of the prc, part of the russia federation, canada, continental usa, and japan are all korean land. what did the spaniards and the portuguese do in central and south america also has a lot to be atoned for. what did the chinese, japanese, russians, americans did do and are doing to korea?

  7. Lmaooo that principle gave such an inspirational speech in that office but all the real principle ever did in that office was accuse people of doing drugs 😭

  8. I haven't seen it yet but I can see it's the type of movie I thought my NY Times Bestseller Foxcatcher would be. Something inspirational and uplifting (and accurate). Instead it's just a big downer. American Wrestler looks exactly like the type of story I envisioned. They could have even used the same title.

  9. awsome, and after that wrestler , did he go to WWE? as Dolph Ziggler, brock lesnar, randy orton, or kurt ungle?

  10. tipic movie again, girls, a young a girl a dream bla bla bla, the unic exception is john void a racist man making a movie with iranian , just that

  11. Anyone know the name of the music in this trailer? I've heard it before in other movie trailers!

  12. I want to thank you very much for this incredible, beautiful film a good evening for everyone….💓💘😀

  13. This an insult to wrestling. I went to a very "mixed" school in the late 80's. Wrestling is a
    sport that if you were good it didn't who,what, or where you came from. That is the beauty of the sport.

  14. One of the best movies I've seen lately!! I recommend it definitely, especially if you are going through rough phase in your life.
    It's a pure inspiration by seeing the new perspectives of life shown by the biography of a real fighter. Of every point of view.
    Amazing plot, amazing actors!!! 10/10

  15. I'm so proud to be in this!  But I haven't made it to the theatres it has played in to see it myself.  A few friends of mine saw it and saw me as the crying friend at the funeral in it.  I hear it won an award and is a great movie.

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