AMERICA’S GOT TALENT EXCLUSIVE w/ Vegan Comedian Preacher Lawson

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT EXCLUSIVE w/ Vegan Comedian Preacher Lawson

– What do you do for a living? – I’m a stand up comedian,
which means I’m unemployed and I do stand up on the side. How you doin’ brother? – Do you want to introduce
yourself really quickly? – My name is Preacher Lawson
and I’m king of the jungle. I’m just playin’, I don’t
even know what that means, I don’t know where that
came from, it just came out. – Do you want to describe
yourself in three words? – Ah, three words, chocolate, loud and hungry, I’m hungry right now. – If you were to get matching
tattoos what would they be? – The matching tattoos, I would
probably get, I don’t know, something with my brother,
you know what I mean? – You said your brother
was a comedian and vegan. – Yeah he’s a comedian, he’s vegan. – Wow, that’s cool. – You know, he was a vegan before, he did it for health reasons,
and then I used to be like, I did it for ethical reasons, and I would talk to him
about it, I’d be like man, I’m a vegan, you know,
for ethical reasons and this is wrong, and he was
like you’re gonna make me go back to eating meat. And then he, this always happens, as soon as someone’s vegan long enough, they slowly start doing it
for ethical reasons, you know? – [Interviewer] So you
started to help that? – Yeah, so he was like, I remember one time I
was arguing with someone and he was like, no that’s
wrong with the animals, and I was like wait a second,
wait a second Justin, anyway. – But do you want to go through your vegan story really quickly? Because you watched Earthlings, something to do with your ex was involved? – I was, so what happened was I was, I was watching a
documentary where they were taking the elephant tusk and
they were killing the elephants just for their tusk, not even their meat. And then they would sell it to
someone else for like, money and I thought that was so stupid and I remember watching
my ex and I was like man, this is crazy that they’re
doing this, you know, and as I’m eating a burger
I’m like that’s crazy that they’re killing the
animals for no reason. And then I thought about
I was like I’ll try it, and I tried it so I became
a vegetarian for a year, and then I tried veganism after
that and I seen Earthlings and I was like okay, I’ll
never eat meat again. – Never went back?
– Never went back. – Have you ever been tempted? – No, no, no, no, no, I can’t. I just, I don’t think it’s
necessary, y’know what I mean? – Have you ever dated a non vegan? – Nope.
– Never? – I would never date a non vegan. – Not even if they’re
really close to being. – If they were vegetarian transitioning into vegan
or something like that or they were trying to be a vegan, yeah I would date someone
that’s trying to be a vegan, but if someone’s like I eat meat, I’m like well hey, eat meat over there. I wouldn’t date someone
that’s not a vegan. – And you’re single, right?
– I’m single. – Been on any vegan dates recently? – Single, ready to mingle. I mean yeah I’ve been on
some vegan dates, you know. – [Interviewer] Yeah? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Any eh, do
you wanna expand on that? – Oh no, I mean yeah, we just went out and ate some vegan food. – In London? – In London? Maybe I went on, you know, maybe I went on a date or
something with another vegan. I mean I go on vegan dates all the time. Anytime I go to a city I
actually post on my story I’m like hey guys,
anybody wanna take me out for some vegan food? So anyone that replies, I
just go out to eat with them. – It’s a good strategy.
– Yeah. – And you travel a lot right? – I do travel a lot. – [Interviewer] It’s efficient. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] An efficient template for- – Well also, also, I’m sad
and lonely all the time so I need somebody, no I’m joking. – That reminded me, what’s
the joke you did in like to Simon Cowell in 2017 about how you’d been single for three years? – Oh yeah, yeah, after
being single for a long time it was like, who needs teeth? You know like you smile with
your heart, no I’m joking. – Is love at first site possible? – I fall in love at first
sight all the time so, I mean I don’t know if
it’s possible but I think, I fall in love and then I
talk to them and I’m like I don’t like you and then
I stop, so it is possible. – So I think it’s
_ It’s not real. – What Earthling Ed said yesterday, when he did this yesterday was love at first sight may be, but when you first talk to
somebody, that’s when you know. – Really? – It’s like what you’re saying, right? Where you some somebody you
like but until you talk to them, you’re not sure. – Yeah, I mean, I think love at first, I mean I don’t know he
answered this same question, that’s pretty cool, now it’s
pressure, a lot of pressure, I didn’t know you did
something Earthling Ed. No okay, I think, I don’t believe, I think love at first sight is not true, if I’m being totally honest
I don’t think it’s true. But I do feel like you know somebody, I mean you kind of know like
when you’re dating somebody, you could date somebody two
weeks and you kinda know if you, wanna be with them long term. I mean there’s plenty of
relationships I got in and I’m like, this is a bad idea and I just stuck through it, so. – Any memorable stories
that you can expand on? – On me dating someone I
that shouldn’t of been with? – [Interviewer] Yeah. – I think that’s every
girl I’ve ever dated. Every girl I’ve ever dated, I’ve never wanted to be in a relationship, and then they were so dope
that I was like alright, and then I got in a relationship
when I shouldn’t have, because all my exes are pretty cool man, they’re really, really good
people, so, they trapped me. – Have you every double
dipped hummus at a party? – Yes, I don’t know if it’s
hummus but I’ve double dipped, for sure, and I’ll do it again. If you ever invite me to your party, get ready for some double dipping. – [Interviewer] Quinoa or rice? – Quinoa. – [Interviewer] Watermelon or Bananas? – Banana. – Beyond or Impossible Burger? – Impossible.
– Ooh. – Yeah. – What do you think of the Beyond burger? – I think Beyond Burger is great, but Impossible is impossible to match. – What sense do you have,
funny or intelligence? – Funny, man.
– Vegetables or fruit? – I don’t care if she’s
smart, alright what happened? – Vegetables or fruit? – Fruit. – iPhone or Android? – iPhone because I’m cool, alright. I mean you got an Android, he’s the only cool person without a, I mean come on, iPhone baby. iPhone is on the downfall though, they’re on the down, right, okay? – [Interviewer] Rihanna or Beyonce? – Beyonce baby. – And she’s got a plant based diet. – Oh yeah, that’s right yeah, okay, yay, double Beyonce then. – [Interviewer] Cats or dogs? – Dogs. – How long have you been in England for? – I’ve been in England
for a week tomorrow. – London specifically right? – London specifically. – And what is the most English thing you’ve experienced here? – A hot tea, crumpets and
tea, I’m just playing. That was really bad, I’m sorry, sorry. – You were recently on
America’s Got Talent, and also you were a
finalist in 2017, right? – I was a finalist in 2017 and I was a finalist
this year in champions. – And you cracked a vegan joke. – I did, I cracked a vegan joke. – How was that? Were you worried that you’d
be like the preachy vegan? – No. – Especially because your name’s preacher. – I know right, Preacher
Vegan, no pun intended. No I didn’t think about
being a preacher vegan ’cause I’ve done that joke
before and people laugh. Even if you’re not a
vegan, it’s a funny bit. Pigs are smarter than
chimpanzees, they’re just ugly. And you can’t eat something
just because it’s ugly, ’cause if that’s the case, some of y’all looking tasty tonight. (audience laughing) That’s it, I’m being real. That vegan bit is like,
it’s like maybe six minutes but I had to chop it down
to like a minute and a half, because you can’t do eight minutes on it. Then also I went and lost
them, ’cause I get like, I’ll start talking about veganism on stage and I’ll get like emotional. And I’ll be like hello you guys
are eating all these people. – Hip hop or pop? – Um, if we’re talking
about Michael Jackson, pop. You know what I’m saying? I would listen to Michael
Jackson over anyone, but probably hip hop right now. – Last thing you splurged on? – I bought a Tesla, that’s
right, I bought a Tesla, and I posted it on social
media, and I was like hey guys, I’ve spoiled myself, that’s
what I thought I posted, but apparently I posted to
my family, if you need money, let me know, ’cause
that’s what they ask for. – Bus or tube? – Tube, baby. – [Interviewer] Roses or sunflowers? – Roses. – [Interviewer] Do you
Instagram your food? – No. – [Interviewer] London
cabs or New York taxis? – Never been to New York, cabs. – [Interviewer] Weights or cardio? – Both. – [Interviewer] Netflix or YouTube? – The YouTube by far, it’s crazy right? – Facebook or Instagram? – Instagram. – Swimming or sunbathing? – Uh, come on I’m black,
we don’t sunbathe. (laughing) And we don’t swim either, so neither. (laughing) That’s funny. – Football or basketball? – Basketball man, what you ugh? Are you talking about football
as in American football? – Soccer I guess? – Oh okay well definitely no. – What’s worse, doing the
laundry or doing the dishes? – Doing the laundry is worse, excuse me doing the dishes is worse because you get the grandma hands. You know from washing,
all wrinkly and stuff. – Burger or wrap? – Burger. – Favorite vegan meal? – My favorite vegan mean? Vegan fried chicken. – What is the best thing about
being vegan in your opinion? – Saving lives, that’s
probably the best thing, right? – Okay.
– Saving lives, yeah. – Who’s your favorite celebrity? – Earthling Ed, we’re talking
about vegan celebrities right? – Yeah we can do that. – Or just oh, okay my bad, my favorite celebrity is Will Smith. Alright, that’s my favorite human being. But if we’re talking about
favorite vegan celebrities it’s Earthling Ed. – And Will Smith’s son is proper. – I know, he’s a vegan, right? Yeah, I love Jayden, I call it living. – [Interviewer] What vegan
celebrities out there that you haven’t met
that you want to meet? – Serena Williams is pretty cool. John Legend, he’s a vegan. – James Cameron
– Kyra. – Yeah James Cameron, I
mean, I think he’s dope and I want to meet him as
much as he wants me though. Same with Miley Cyrus, I
think she’s pretty cool. – Are you excited about the game changes? – The game changes? I am so pumped for that,
because I mean it’s huge because you got Arnold
Schwarzenegger who is just like, he’s known for being this
fitness guy that’s always huge and muscles, that’s what he’s known for. And so for him to be like hey
veganism is the right way, that’s changing the game. You got Kendra Farris
in there, the olympian, the only American olympian that
qualified for the Olympics, and he broke records as a
vegan, I love bringing him up. Anytime someone says
something about protein I’m like Kendra Farris, bam, in your face, and then they can’t say nothing. I think it’s huge. – Do you have any unusual hobbies? Stamp collecting? – Yeah I don’t, yeah I don’t have any unusual, I don’t think I have any unusual, I’m sure I’ll think of
it as soon as I leave. No, I’m pretty regular, I guess. – Morning or night person? – No night, night,
night, I hate waking up. I hate waking up. – What’s your favorite animal? – I don’t have a favorite animal. – [Interviewer] If you could
be an animal what would you be? – I would be like, man, what is an animal no one messes with? (laughing) I definitely don’t wanna be a gazelle. I would like to probably be, I dunno, like a gorilla or something? A gorilla or a, yeah gorilla’s fine. – What animal can you impersonate? – Definitely not a gorilla, ’cause I’m black, be kinda weird. What animal can I impersonate? (mooing noise) (bark) Yeah you thought I was
gonna do something else? (laughing) So stupid. – What is your number
one tip for new vegans? Obviously you’ve been
vegan a couple of years, lots of people going plant
based and vegan at the moment. – Stick through it, a lot of times, anything you do new is going to be hard. So a lot of times people are gonna be like oh I’m trying to be a vegan and it’s hard, but if you don’t work out and you just start going to the gym, that’s gonna be hard as well. So I would say give it a month
and look up a lot of recipes, ’cause a lot of time
people think it’s hard ’cause they don’t know how to cook. But there’s plenty of ways to cook. – [Interviewer] If you weren’t a comedian, what else would you be? – I would be an MMA fighter. – [Interviewer] Cool. – Yeah, I love MMA. – [Interviewer] Do you do any MMA? – I try to train in it but
I don’t train like that ’cause I don’t have enough time. – On the road? – Yeah I don’t have the
time, and then I was doing, I was doing, I was training
the MMA and I was doing comedy, and I always had comedy first, so when I would go train it would show, so you can’t kind of do
MMA or it’s gonna hurt, so. I just remember that
happening and I was like I gotta choose between comedy and MMA, and I was like you know what? When I have a bad set in
comedy, it doesn’t hurt. So I’m just gonna go and do
it, but I love, I love MMA. It’s my favorite sport,
I’m a huge fan of MMA. I know every fighter, and I’m just, yeah. – What’s your best memory from your America’s Got Talent experience? – Probably performing on Champions, when I did the vegan bit,
that was my favorite set, I don’t like any other sets
on America’s Got Talent. – [Interviewer] And
Simon Cowell went vegan, or sorry, plant based after that. – Yeah, you’re welcome,
that was my idea by the way. I planted the seed in his head
and it grew into veganism. – Where have been your favorite
places you’ve lived so far? – My favorite places I’ve lived so far. I love Orlando. That I’ve lived? Or been? – Gone to, visited, traveled to? – Okay, I love London, love London. – How is London?
– Sorry. – What have you done, have
you been vegan cafe hopping? Meeting up with people? What made you come here as well? – I came here to film, can I say? I don’t know if I can say this. I came here to, when’s this coming out? – [Interviewer] When would be the cut off? – Oh okay, I’m filming a show. – Okay.
– I can’t. I’m filming a show it’s gonna
come out in a couple months. That’s all I’m here for, but I haven’t been able to experience. I wanted to go to Unity
– Unity Diner? – Yeah Unity Diner ’cause
that’s Earthling Ed’s spot, and I’ll probably end up going there so. – What’s the most spontaneous
thing you’ve ever done? – What’s mataneous mean? That’s the first time I’ve
ever heard that in my life. Mataneous? That sounds
like an evil kenevil name. That sounds like a super
villain name, Mataneous. What does that mean? The most mataneous thing I’ve ever done? You know I’m from America, right? – [Interviewer] Spontaneous. – Oh spontaneous? – [Interviewer] Yeah
sorry I just wanted to. – Oh, man I felt so dumb. I was like, even Siri was like mataneous? The most spontaneous. – I just wanted to see. – I hate you man. Wait a second. (laughing) I hate you man, I was like
what you talking about? – Because I said it normally. _ But you got an English
accent man I don’t know. Mataneous, I was like man, I was like, I feel like I’m not dumb,
you know what I mean? I feel like I’m regular. So well, I feel like
I’m mildly intelligent. Mataneous, okay spontaneous, the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done. Alright, what’s the clean version of this? (laughing) What’s the most spontaneous,
I keep saying mataneous. – Maybe America’s Got
Talent, your first audition? – Man, I don’t know man, I’ve done, I don’t know man. – [Interviewer] Is there any skill you’d love to master expert level? – I just would love to
learn a different language. – Do you speak any Spanish? – Um, um.
– Say a word in Spanish. – Uh (speaks in Spanish) I don’t know. – [Interviewer] Who is
the most famous person you’ve ever met? – The most famous person I’ve
ever met, I met Jamie Foxx. – Have you ever met a celebrity that has been rude or
not up to expectations? – Yeah, but I’m not gonna tell the story. Yeah I met celebrities that are rude. I met, I met. But I don’t really get upset when certain people are rude to me, ’cause especially like celebrities, ’cause they’re getting
harassed all the time. I didn’t, as a kid I used
to say I didn’t feel bad for celebrities getting
harassed because I’m like you chose this, and then
I started doing stand up and then I, people started recognizing me, and I was like okay I get it, because they really chose
music and it blew them up. I chose comedy and then. People are all kind of annoying, people get to be kind of
annoying so I don’t get upset unless someone, I meet a celebrity and they’re consistently
rude to me all the time. – What’s the best piece of
advice you ever received? – You know what, man? This is, the best piece
of advice I ever received. I was, someone told me to go to LA. I mean it’s not really
like some, you know, it’s not really like a universal advice like hey, follow you dreams, but I was in Florida and I was
opening up for this comedian and I still haven’t found
him, I gotta thank him, but he told me to go to LA and
I was like no, I was scared. He was like how old are you? And then I was like I’m
24, and he was like, I’m not gonna say what he said. (laughing) He was like man, if you don’t go to LA, talking about you don’t
know if you can make it, if you stab somebody,
you go to jail, get out, you’ll still be younger
than me, so it’s like, you have plenty of time, and I was like that’s a
different analogy to use. But he was right, and he
convinced me to go to LA, and I moved to LA and
everything started changing. – And were you a well behaved child? – Was I a well? Yeah I’ve been, anything
my mom told me not to do, I didn’t do, I didn’t steal. My mom told me not to,
that’s why I don’t cuss, ’cause my mom told me not to
cuss, so I grew up not cussing. So it’s like, people think
it’s like, I don’t know, like it’s a thing, they think
like it’s an act or something. But it’s like, I grew up not cussing, I grew up not using the n word so, why would I use it now,
why would I start cussing? It’s like if you don’t say bruh, so why would you just be like
yeah, bruh, what up bruh. Just like, it’s weird Say bruh, I wanna hear it. – Uh, I don’t wanna say ’cause it’s going to be so embarrassing. – Come on now, I wanna hear, I wanna hear. – Like what.
– Just say bruh. I know you all say bruv, but like. – In London, in south London,
people used to say bruv. – Yeah.
– Say are you right bruv? But then it’s like some people, especially Australians say brah, so like instead of mate they say brah. What do you want me to say, bro? – Yeah it’s bruh. – Bro. – Bruh, no bro. Well you know in America
white people say bro. Black people say bruh. – I didn’t know. – So white people say bro.
– Yeah. – Black people say bruh. – So what’s the difference? You pronounce the h then? – We just sound different. – Yeah. – We just sound different
so it just rolls off. But some people say, it’s like fusing so, but for the most part
that’s how it’s like. – How many hours of sleep do you need? – I mean, I need four hours. – Four? – I need, I have to have four hours. If I get less than four hours
then I will hate everybody. – How many do you normally get? – I probably get like four hours. – Wow.
– Four or five hours. – How do you operate? – I don’t know, I don’t know
man, I just kind of operate. I feel like once you, your
body has an alarm clock called circadian rhythm,
y’all know about this, so it’s like if you wake up and go to sleep at the
same time, you’re fine. It’s really not, if you go to sleep, a lot of times you’ll
oversleep and you’ll be like man I’m tired, its ’cause your
body is so used to waking up at nine o clock, you woke up at 12. So as long as you wake
up at the same time, you’re fine, it’s not as bad. – Do you like giving presents
or getting presents more? – I like giving presents
more than taking them. I like taking presents,
don’t get me wrong. I love taking presents, but I just, I feel like when someone
gives me a present I’m excited for like 11 minutes and then I’m like right this is dumb. – Soap or shower gel? – Shower gel. – Ask permission or beg forgiveness? – It just depends on what
we’re talking about, okay. But yeah I usually ask
for permission, which is, I feel like it doesn’t work in my favor, you know what I mean? – Climb a mountain or jump from a plane? – I’ve jumped from a plane twice already and I would do that again. – Over climbing a mountain? – Because climbing a mountain
is scary, but I would do that, I would climb a mountain. – [Interviewer] Who are
your three favorite heroes? – I can’t pick three favorites. I think it’s impossible, its the same as saying my top
three comedians so I mean. I love my mom and I love Will
Smith, you know what I mean? But I, yeah I can’t pick three people. – Last question, awkward
goodbye, or epic fist bump? – Oh epic fist bump,
and we know to do this. (explosion noises) (swooping noises)

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