ANDRE LEITE! Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (Van Halen) – Reaction Reação & Artistic Analysis (SUBS)

ANDRE LEITE! Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (Van Halen) – Reaction Reação & Artistic Analysis (SUBS)

Hello my friends, how are you?
I am Fabricio BamBam,
I’m a brazilian singer and songwriter
And now we’ll watch and analyze
to Andre Leite!
Performing “Can’t Stop Lovin’ You” by Van Halen!
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So let’s go to the reaction?
What a vocal timbre!
Sings a lot, right?
Besides having a fantastic vocal timbre
Andre has a very strong personality in his voice
And he’s just interpreting Sammy Hagar
Which is one of the most difficult voices
for you to do a cover song
Andre Leite my friends!
Seek to know more
is a Brazilian singer
is a singer of Christian songs
Has passed a great
Brazilian rock / metal band called Hangar
And he has several videos
of him making these interpretations
these covers, sensationally
with a signature that is his alone
His tone is very singular
has a lot of technical resources
There’s a lot of drive in the voice, a lot of rock’n’roll
Andre Leite is sensational!
I brought you to meet
I hope you have enjoyed this Andre performance
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See ya!

12 thoughts on “ANDRE LEITE! Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (Van Halen) – Reaction Reação & Artistic Analysis (SUBS)”


  2. Leite has a tremendous voice. I would ask of other subscribers. I have found myself moving more to simpler music. Coming from the US, I look at older Country Music (20's and 30's). I wonder if it is my age, possibly a reaction to the way the world seems to be so complex today, or just nostalgia. The work of Chris Stapleton, a modern singer, (1guitar, 1bass, 1drum), is more to my taste. I enjoy Folk Music from other countries for the same reason. Much of the folk music of Korea has the singer and a drum, that's all.

    Just curious if anyone else might be experiencing a change in the type of music that apeals to you.

  3. Oi Fabricio, demorei mas cheguei, estou adorando suas reações, tem para todos os gostos, está faltando um vídeo novo seu cantando, vc também tem uma linda voz, bjos

  4. Фабрицио, очень хочется иногда услышать твои песни в твоём исполнении, по возможности с субтитрами перевода текста и по возможности тобой наиболее горячо любимые.

    André Leite é um dos grandes cantores da música rock cristã! Bambam, assiste a esse vídeo dele na gravação do CD da antiga banda Iahweh!! Valeeu 👏👏👏

  6. Top!! Grande Andre!! Tive o prazer de ser um dos primeiros a vê-lo cantar. Início de carreira com 14 anos e já mostrava muito potencial!

  7. Потрясающий голос ❤️❤️❤️ исполнение великолепное!!! Спасибо, Фабрицио! Я получила невероятное удовольствие от этого исполнения! Люблю твои реакции (я уже несколько слов понимаю на португальском языке 😊 благодаря Фабрицио Bambam)

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