Animated introduction to the new sport called VX

Animated introduction to the new sport called VX

VX originated in the UK, in a region called Yorkshire.
Currently there are 11 National Governing Bodies spanning 4 different continents.
VX comes from the Roman Numerals, with V representing 5 balls and X representing 10 players.
VX is played on a sports court of approximately 150 by 80 feet, which is slightly larger than a basketball court.
The court also requires boundaries such as walls to contain the balls during play.
Each team has 5 players.
Each player requires a VX Stick to play.
VX uses 5 low compression tennis balls.
The 5 balls start the game in a V shape and are in play simultaneously.
A game of VX is played in quarters, with each quarter lasting 4 mins
The players start at each end of the court.
To start a game, the referee blows a whistle and kicks the balls into play,
now the players are free to move anywhere on the court.
To obtain a ball the players must scoop one up using their VX stick
In order to score, the players must shoot the ball at another player and hit them in the body.
When hit a player must stop playing, raise their hand and look at the referee.
The referee will tell the player to ‘play on’ and awards a point to the scoring team.
Once told to ‘play on’ the player is back in the game.
Meanwhile the game continues…
In VX the head, VX Stick and hand holding the stick are invalid targets.
Anywhere else on the body is valid.
This means that players can use the stick
to block incoming balls without losing points.
In VX the players can only take two steps before dribbling.
In the air dribble the ball is passed from one scoop to the other before the next two steps can be made.
In the bounce dribble the ball is bounced against the floor before the next two steps are made.
If a player commits a foul, such as not acknowledging a valid hit,
then the referee will call out the foul and
award 3 points to the opposite team.
If a player catches a ball shot by the opposing team
they stop playing, face the referee and
raise the stick in the air displaying the captured ball.
The referee then tells the player to ‘play on’ and awards 2 points to the players team.
When the time runs out in the last quarter the game is over.
The team with the highest score is the winner. In this case the teams reached a tie.

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