Anna Linstruth & Benjamin Castro Perform to “Lottery” by K CAMP | Season 16 Ep. 11 | SYTYCD

Anna Linstruth & Benjamin Castro Perform to “Lottery” by K CAMP | Season 16 Ep. 11 | SYTYCD

40 thoughts on “Anna Linstruth & Benjamin Castro Perform to “Lottery” by K CAMP | Season 16 Ep. 11 | SYTYCD”

  1. Finally a good hip hop routine! It was getting a little disappointing. I hope they stick to it!! This was good!! They both killed it!

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t get the hype the judges had over this routine? I have seen hip hop that is 200 times better on this show. And I can’t believe that she was saved over Steph. I thought Steph did a better job in hip hop last week than Anna this week and she killed it in her style with Gino this week. The judges are ridiculous.

  3. I am starting to understand why Lady Gaga stopped working with Laurieann Gibson. Please do not bring her back as a judge next year. Most subjective judge to ever sit on that panel.

  4. Benjamin was so good in this! It's going to be hard to choose between the 4 remaning guys cos they're all so good.( Especially Bailey!)

  5. Tbh Anna looked more controlled in her swag in this piece which is dope idk understand laurieann judge comments at all literally,bring Vanessa hudgens back cause at least she knows the techniques in other dance styles and knows how to judge right lol

  6. I genuinely want to like Anna because of her originality and the fact that she’s a hip hop dancer because non-contemporary dancers are so under appreciated on the show but she has yet to impress me outside of her style . Still can’t believe they got rid of Steph that was ridiculous it was waaaay too early for her to leave 🤦🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

  7. I think they both look great here. I was happy to see Anna in her element because she really shined, in my opinion.

  8. omg that was awful Anna is horrible dancer she is very heavy and very grounded , Benjamin is dope the chero is just filling &…dtrix….Laurieann…….ewwwwwww

  9. This was great! I wished they would have attacked with the same intensity or style, but they both did good. I prefer how Benjamin danced it over Anna, but she did good too!

  10. Ben was really good at hip hop both last week in group number and here in this. Anna was good but I wasn't overly impressed. I think choreography could have more something more exciting wasn't really feeling the choreo. tbh I think stephanie should have stayed over her, but hopefully anna really wows next week to make saving her feel worth it.

  11. Honestly Anna is gonna go home next week, the other 3 girls are absolute beasts, so I don't see what everyone is so angry about. I think probably Gino is too good and made Steph look worse than she did, instead Anna was in her style and did good even if everyone is saying that she messed up the jump as if she fell or something. Also if you like a contestant just vote for her instead of commenting mean stuff under videos of other contestants, i saw so many comments bodyshaming anna is disgusting

  12. really hoping Anna gets out of her head and shows how truly amazing i can tell she is to the judges this week, she deserves it.

  13. Love these two together! Great partnership! They feed off each other so well 🙂 I have watched this so many times… maybe too many! 😅 They both killed this in my opinion! Love you Anna! Go Team Benana 💛

  14. I don't know but I feel like the other contestants specially Ezra and Madison get better choreographs then these two. I love Benjamin, but I don't like Anna nor I think she suits him, yet I hope they will dance contemporary next week choreographed by Travis because Benjamin deserves to get recognition for what he is good at.

  15. Bens flying rotate jump was so much impressive than Annas which looked funnily amateur in comparison..
    The ending was lame tho… the routine started strong but went on to go weaker

  16. Judges should have dropped Anna, even on a routine like this, she wasn't that strong for me. Stephanie should have stayed and her routine in this episode was fire

  17. This was such a boring routine in my opinion, Mariah and Bailey definitely killed hip hop this week. Anna needs to step her game up since she is a hip hop dancer and was outshined by Mariah who is contemporary.

  18. I really don't understand any of the hate towards Anna … She's a beast and has done great in every performance. She had just the right enough energy and facials during this piece without overdoing it, I love her and Benji but I disagree with what Laurieann said about Benji outshining her. They both equally brought it in their own way and showcased each other. STOP SPREADING HATE

  19. I really don't understand all the hate with this piece. There have been so many other hip hop numbers in the past that were not as good as this one, but all they got was praise. People were saying that "My Chick Bad" with Lauren & Twitch was one of the best numbers of all time. What's so wrong with this one? Not dirty enough? It was danced as choreographed. Anna made everything look so smooth and Ben kept up with her while being outside of his own style. If you want to be the couple to beat, I guess you have to hump a motorcycle.

  20. Sytycd needs to let go of the "we like to watch out dancers grow" mentality. It was ok when they had a Top 20 as contestants actually had time to grow without making it seem forced/favorited. With the Top 10 (eliminating 2 each week), they should only keep the best! Also, they should bring back dancing for your life to help validate why they chose to save a dancer.

  21. This weeks performances haven’t been uploaded yet but truthfully speaking Benjamin got sent home because of Anna and for that I blame the judges. How many other female dancers hip-hop female dancers at that could mop the floor with Anna and she somehow made it into the top 10 I’m sorry but this is on the judges Benjamin deserved better. I would bet anything that had he been given a different partner this would not have happened tonight. With that being said I also feel like solos should start from the very first live show so that the audience at home will be able to distinguish just how good these dancers are alone and not base their successes off of how their partnership works if they go on to the show as a solo act I feel like that should be showcased to the viewers just the same in the live shows because Benjamin killed his solo tonight and no one can take that from him.

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