Another Top 10 Video Game Logics That Don’t Make Sense

Another Top 10 Video Game Logics That Don’t Make Sense

Once more it’s time to ask the eternal question huh? Welcome to and today will be counting down our picks for another top ten pieces of video game logic that don’t make sense For this list were examining more tropes and cliches of gaming that seem to exist without reasonable expectation. Contradicting convectional logic and raising eyebrows in some fashion. From simple matters of gravity to mechanics that never seem to go out of style, these recurring trends have certainly got our attention if only because they puzzle and confound us. Ok you just jump count to five and pull the cord. How hard can that be? # 10: Didn’t I just kill you? As far back as gaming’s earliest days, the threats of enemy’s responding the second you leave the room have been a constant. Sometimes players are merely faced with a finite but overwhelming number of foes attacking in waves. Other times its an unending barrage that only ceases when the player dies Everyone whose played Castlevania will know that sometimes you gets just to close to the edge and all of a sudden your in the other room and all those enemy’s you just spent all that time killing are back. No matter the exact form though its hard to justify why were doing battle with unyielding borderline supernatural adversaries in a great deal of games. ( Loud non-lethal sleep bullets) # 9:Rich Wild life Don’t fret about finances the great outdoors got you covered. Know as the money spider trope this entails animals and monster somehow carrying money or other treasures for players to claim in combat. (Death By spinning hat) As far back as s the earlsiet roleplaying games gold and other riches could be looted from the corpses of deadly beast. Perhaps they think that some of these creatures consumed wealthy humans and thus are accidental inheritors of that wealth but that’s quite a stretch or a lot of reason. the body having slain the random wolf
found that it digested not only the contents of a small Treasury but also
various household goods # 8 What’s with all the lit torches? “Oh God no no no” Maybe Ancient locals have regularly cleaning staff thousands of years after the fall of their creators. “Hey be careful this places is crawling with dark force users” Games such as Tomb raider for all their merit tend to avoid answering the question of why long abandoned tombs are still lit with candles and torches. bh in certain cases it can be chalked
up to implying her inhabitants but more often than not this is an unexplained
circumstance that wouldn’t be that hard to contextualize magically imbued fire, a
secret tribe, a sign of other travelers passing through there are a lot of
possibilities to consider but so little time number seven the double jump ah gravity
thou art too fickle and malleable entity at least that’s the impression that
gaming gives off when it grants players the power to make an additional jump
while they’re airborne while certainly versatile and engaging it also has the consequence of calling
into doubt any game supposed adherence to the laws of reality games featuring
midair dashing or trajectory changing abilities such as star wars the force
unleashed only exasperate the matter by implicitly relying on magic or vaguely
defined energy sources science can help you here number 6 Fix fire with fire when in doubt apply flames or smack with
a heavy tool those tuned into multiplayer oriented games may have
noticed that when vehicles are set ablaze they can be restored to normal with the
use of a blowtorch or similar device then there’s the case where players can
fix gravely damaged objects by hitting them enough with the wrench what’s even more bizarre though is that
some of these tools can double as weapons with little if any change in the
animation number five smoke inhalation what’s that? reloading video games can be fantastical and
stretch reality to its limits there’s definitely no question of that yet it’s
always a bit unusual win games certain characters must flee from burning
structures they’re not impeded or even negatively
affected by smoke dialogue and scripted sequences may make reference to their
predicament throwing in a coffer gasp but in regards to gameplay no effort is made to simulate the
experience “Haha you’ll move Jacob my dear” here’s a golden
opportunity to grasp that mantle of realism but you have tried their hand at
it number four magic magazines we’d never guessed that the military
forces in gaming had a mastery of such wizardry and Wonder in all seriousness this wasteful habit
of tossing aside partially used magazines while reloading is weird
enough before one realizes that they don’t lose any bullet throughout this
process and yet it’s accepted as the norm by virtually every single first
person shooter regardless of overall quality of
attention to detail whether games for sudo realism or more
stylized action it’s almost guaranteed to be sure
waste-free gun reloading without raising a single eyebrow “You killed many men today huh? yes haha we all did ” number three time heals all wounds popularized in the 2000’s by series such as
Halo and Call of Duty regenerating health has become an industry trend that
has long since transcended specific franchises or even genres. from a design standpoint it makes a
certain amount of sense developers want their games to be tightly paste and
backtracking for healing items might impede progress but making game heroes
and heroines regain health over time has the effect of threatening suspension of
disbelief how can one buy into a game purporting
to be realistic or reality adjacent when characters magically recover from brutal
injury by simply waiting five seconds “come on Frank come on we’re getting out” number
two bikini armor I think missing a few pieces here now
this one is strange you got to admit more than a few games feature character
customization and player chose an argument with a strange correlation
forming between the amount of skin covered and potential defense against
attack “citizens I used to be an adventurer like you …” however with regards to female
characters there was a trend of skimpier costumes equaling greater resistance to
damage or access to useful attributes setting aside that this devised the
entire purpose of armor it also plays into a greater phenomenon
of fan service being the primary are only reason for a given characters design it’s not to say that all these
characters are bad or just there for boobs but you know this has caused some
heated arguments “I will be grateful when I have
something that keeps swords from going through my vital organs” before we unveil
our top pick here are a few honorable mentions number
one one man army syndrome’ whoever said chivalry was dead it’s no
secret that grand scale games where massive armies clash can be taxing on
whatever Hardware their habit hence why so many couples choose to keep
battles kind of close and personal “I said An intruder two an one one guy” “One guy has been killing you all
by the ” however such restrictions can get
ridiculous at times for example in Assassin’s Creed it’s fairly common for
a crowd of guards to attack the player at one time conventional wisdom suggests that an
army can and should overwhelm singular foes yet enemies and gaming choose to
instead divide up and wait for their turn to fight will never quite
understand this one “I have heard reports that you useless
morons have been attacking one at a time why just everybody get him at once” do you agree with our list “This is so
not cool” what logic video games doesn’t make sense to you for more reflective top tens published
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3 thoughts on “Another Top 10 Video Game Logics That Don’t Make Sense”

  1. What else doesn't make sense? Looking for a logic in video games.

    Also, 5:21, it's rounds, not bullets. I mean if you are doing video about logic it should be… logical.

  2. Lol, video games aren't supposed to be logical. They're supposed to be enjoyable. I'd find it rather kinda boring if all video games followed real world logic.

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