Arcade 1Up Cocktail Arcade Cabinets Confirmed! Street Fighter II, Pacman, Space Invaders, Atari!

I’d like everybody to another arcade one-up
update video today we’re talking about
cocktail cabinets how was a bartender
gonna get his hands on any of it this is
a big time you’re ready so some breaking
new images were released online in the
last couple hours and it looks like it
is official arcade one up is going to be
in the cocktail arcade cabinet business
so these images that leaked online
display a Street Fighter championship
edition cocktail cabinet as well as some
others so there’s a centipede and
asteroids cabinet potentially this could
be another twelve and one Atari set up
so that would be great
next to it there’s a space invaders
cabinet and last but not least is a
pac-man cocktail cabinet towards the end
so that would be an amazing option for
people that didn’t want to get the the
three-quarter scale arcade cabinet
they’re offering this is new options you
could potentially get one of these
cocktail cabinets no news or info as far
as pricing or release date but this is
definitely something they’ve got up
their sleeves for 2019 it would appear
because there’s been no mention of that
for a 2018 release whether it be for the
American market or the European market
but and there’s some curious things too
so some people might ask how well well
how would you play Street Fighter on the
cocktail cabinet arcade set up where
someone sitting across from you and
you’re both looking down at the screen
and if you’ll look closely at this image
it looks like this is a it’s almost like
a split screen effect I don’t know if
it’s an actual line across the middle
because all is is the continuation
screen on Street Fighter but it does
appear that both players each have their
own aspect ratio part of the screen so
to speak so it’s upright for one person
it’s it’s the other way around for the
right person so you’re not having to
look upside down at a game so that’s
good because that would make these games
impossible to play so definitely cool
great designs very similar to the 3/4
scale arcade cabinets and they got the
graphics on the side the overlay on the
control panel so definitely some top
top-notch stuff from arcade
up and I can’t wait to see more about
these anyways as always guys thanks for
watching I appreciate it if you could
give me a like comment let me know how
I’m doing on this channel I’d greatly
appreciate it and if you’re new to the
channel please consider subscribing
because I’ll have more great arcade 1up
updates just like this one thanks for
watching guys

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