Arcade 1Up Konami Cabinet On The Way!?! Arcade 1Up 4 Player Cabinet?

Arcade 1Up Konami Cabinet On The Way!?! Arcade 1Up 4 Player Cabinet?

you all wanted some more arcade 1up news
and insight well I got some for you
I spy with my little eye some
unannounced arcade 1-up goodness going
over their E3 announcement trailer that
they released on YouTube went over this
video with a fine-tooth comb and guess
what I found some goodies hidden in the
background that no one seems to be
talking about
what’s it behind so first things first
you’ll notice that there’s some mini and
when I say mini we’ve already got
three-quarter scale arcade cabinets
coming from arcade one but these are
actually even smaller these are bar top
sized arcade cabinets and they look that
just specifically have one game each
there’s a Qbert machine a Dig Dug
machine and a joust machine these are
all three on display right next to the
the main arcade cabinets that were
initially announced during the initial
III announcement and there are
pre-orders with exclusive of the final
fight of course since it’s delayed via
Dig Dug doused and Qbert all three of
them sitting right behind the CEO Scott
back Rach I think that’s how you
pronounce his name
not sure it’s got I’m saying your last
name wrong sorry bro and if you look at
this tweet you’ll notice that they’re
quasi confirming that they’re going to
be doing some cocktail cabinets in the
future potentially
but these are clearly not cocktail
cabinets these are more along the lines
of bar tops so completely unannounced
obviously they’ve got some in the works
some already production models out there
so we’ll see what the future has for
those additionally arcade one up added a
voting poll on to their website for
future games that they want people to
vote on to see which games they want to
release next and this is the way I’m
interpreting this information feel free
to take it as you will with a grain of
salt but to me with all the other tweets
and announcements I’ve spoken about in
previous videos this is just a list of
confirmed licenses that they already own
as far as I’m concerned so they’ve got
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the list
NBA Jam karate champ Marvel vs. Capcom
The Simpsons donkey kong x-men Golden
Tee big buck hunter NFL Blitz Golden Axe
and Mortal Kombat so several of these we
already know they have production
samples whether it be for a European
exclusive or you know something down the
line 2019 for the American releases but
we already know the majority of these on
this list they already have a license
for so to me this is just a confirmation
of games they’ve already gotten the work
so this is great news especially if
you’re interested
and what I think is going to be coming
in 2019 and that’s a konami cabinet with
teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x-men and
The Simpsons which would be a fantastic
lineup of beat-em-ups from Konami the
next question is will they make a
four-player cabinet now I would love to
see something like that clearly though
they’re gonna have to release a little
bit of a wider cabinet they’ve got the
three player rampage cabinet but for
adults that’s just a little too crammed
if you try to throw a fourth joystick in
that’d be way too much so hopefully 2019
if we do see them release economic
cabinet with those three titles maybe
they branch out they release a wider
deluxe version so to speak cabinet
that’s got four players if not you know
it’ll be all right I’d be okay to see a
two-player our kid game with those three
games on their next curious thing is
which graphics would you like to see
would you prefer the the Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles graphics on it would you
want to see the x-men graphic or would
you like to see The Simpsons graphic let
me know in the comments below because I
definitely think these are coming and
additionally some people have been a
little bit hesitant to pre-order some of
these arcade machines just because
they’ve been burned in the past with
other companies trying to replicate the
arcade experience and not doing so well
namely a couple years ago there was a
full-size replica arcade I think twelve
and one sixteen one type of arcade
machines and they were just shoddy
quality it doesn’t look to be the case
with these arcade 1up ones because
they’re getting fantastic reviews from
everyone that’s physically played these
games both at e3 and Evo but I was just
gonna give you a little more insight to
the company now looking at the the main
brand arcade one up there actually a
subsidiary of overall tastemakers LLC
corporation and if you’ll go to their
website you’ll see that a besides arcade
one up they have numerous other brands
underneath their banner Pacha moles if
you had the misfortune of trying to get
some of these during Christmastime a
couple years ago you know just how hot
this toy was when it initially released
so these are big players in the toy
market and the toy making industry so
Hatcher moles is another brand they own
it looks like they also have Kawai cubes
and they’ve got major licenses with
DC Warner Brothers and also arcade one
up they’ve got a rock and roll
memorabilia secret life of pets spy gear
and these this is a big company folks if
you haven’t been you know made aware so
to speak just for the massive licenses
they’ve already got these are gonna be a
big player in this arcade industry these
guys have the qualifications the
leverage in this industry to make a very
big impact so if you were on the fence
about who’s you know financially backing
setting these things up these guys have
it figured out
tastemakers LLC and arcade one up great
hands and that’s all we have folks just
want to make it short sweet update for
you today get those little nuggets of
information get the juices in your brain
flowing and I’ll come back with the next
update with more information when I get
thanks for watching guys I’d appreciate
a like comment let me know how I’m doing
and if you’re new to this channel please
consider subscribing because I’ll be
following this topic very closely thanks
for watching guys

100 thoughts on “Arcade 1Up Konami Cabinet On The Way!?! Arcade 1Up 4 Player Cabinet?”

  1. If it has the simpsons graphic ill take 10… jk but i do own 3 of these cabinets and other than the shitty quality i love them. Hoping to get NBA jam, WWF, Mike Tyson Punch out, and Super Mario Bros.

  2. I'd imagine there would be 2 separate cabinets…a TMNT one with the original Turtles arcade game and Turtles in Time, and the other with The Simpsons and X-Men. Those licenses will be expensive to get, so I can't imagine them putting them all on one cabinet.

  3. We have one on display in the Walmart I work at.
    People make lines of all ages to play.
    We were sold out for the longest.
    They only reason people return them is for two reasons.
    1. They gotta build it.
    2. They couldn't figure out to hack them to add their own games.
    That's all.
    Ik, I work at electronics. I ask them.

  4. Super Mario Brothers, with parts 1, 2 and 3 would be the ultimate cabinet, but they'd never get the licensing from Nintendo.

  5. what is the generic 1up white caninet that just says 1up? i dont want any artwork as i want to turn it into a retropie system

  6. NBA Jam, Blitz, MK, Simpsons, TMNT are all some of the greatest arcade games of all time. I’d prefer NBA Showtime over the original NBA Jam though, as well as Ultimate MK3 over the first one (but a cab with all 3 MK’s would be great)

  7. could you answer this question for me? the graphics on the machine on the front side and joycon area…are they painted on or stickers? i would liek to remove them and paint the cabinets my own design.

  8. I'd rather see TMNT graphics on the machine, but they could do 3 different graphics it depends on what you like because those are all easy brands to market.

  9. I would hope that both TMNT arcade games end up on it. My perfect version of this cabinet would be both TMNT arcade games, X-Men (the 4 player version), and the Simpsons – with the artwork on the cabinet being from the first TMNT game.

    I haven't bought any of these yet because honestly I really don't have much space for them. So if I do indulge, I will have to get just one. This would be the one that I would want the most.

  10. Ill wait till the tmnt and simpsons.. Seriously…ill buy thise quick… But these ..i have them on my lab top… But i want 1944… Tmnt..simpsons… Alien vs predator…

  11. I'm not a hacker. Electronics expert. Or custom carpenter. 300 is worth flashing back in time. Should've been making cheaper licenced cabinet games. Why did it take 20 to 30 years! Size. Is the most negative thing people say about the 1up. But majority of us can't wait to turn basements/ garages/ guest room into personal arcades. This is just 1st generation. I think 1up will evolve. And a retro gaming industry is gonna take off.

  12. I’ve been careful looking at these cabinets good and bad reviews and it appears to me that it’s target base customers are indeed very happy with them. With that being said, consideration to have one of these is on my radar specifically a Mortal Kombat one; would go nuts for a Simpson one as I’m a big fan of the show. I enjoy many 80s style collectibles (you can check out my YouTube channel) and I have a 1/3 scale Goro from PCS coming soon so it would be awesome to get the Mortal Kombat cabinet to compliment this statue. With limited space and limited budget I think these are great and I, like many others, have always wanted the arcade experience but the real deal had been always too expensive and space was always the deal breaker for me. Definitely looking at my collection room now for a possible addition of one or two🤗 of these. I’m glad they are addressing all the QC issues though, nothing is more frustrating than getting home with a collectible only to find it’s broken, lights are not working, paint work is bad, etc. I know people are saying that they are taking care of them when it happens but it’s still a bummer to have to wait disassemble and then fix it when you get the part.
    Anyway, great stuff and info on your channel will subscribe to keep up on this company’s offerings in the future. Thank you!


    Max Power

  13. I would love to see a 4 person exclusive NBA Jam, Simpson’s, X-Men, they need to get fathead involved with removable skins, or custom skins for the cabinets.

  14. I grabbed the Street Fighter 2 one for 190. I would actually pay full price if they released a combo with Simpsons, X-Men, and TMNT all in one cab, but I don't think that will happen. I would consider full price for a single cab featuring both TMNT arcade machines.

  15. What I'd like to see is the games playing by taking tokens. That would be really kewl. Then I'd start buying them.

  16. Violent Storm + Monster Maulers

    The only one of these I would throw down money for at full price, would be if they hit the licensing rights gold-mine and did a 4 player size machine with Simpsons, Bucky O Hare, X-Men and both TMNTs.

  17. I’d rather see TMNT graphics, but it’ll be cool if the cabinets has one side one and the other side with the other games design

  18. I was thinking of getting the street fighter 2 machine when my tax return money but i think im gonna wait till the simpsons one comes out because that is my favorite arcade game of all time

  19. If those are a list of games they already have licenses for, I'm surprised Donkey Kong is there. I figured Nintendo would not allow that. That could include DK, DK Jr., and Mario Bros. Golden Axe means we might get a Sega cabinet with maybe Virtua Fighter, Altered Beast, Shinobi, or Moonwalker. The biggest surprise on the list is Cabela's Big Buck Hunter. I'd be curious to see how they accomplish a light gun game without a CRT monitor, unless they use a crosshair joystick setup. Would love to see House of the Dead!

  20. I’d pay more for a wider cab with TMNT. Also what’s holding me back is only 4 games. I want dozens of good games. No fillers

  21. That would be the dream, If they made that cabinet happen. I wouldnt really care what was on it. I'D JUST WANT IT TO HAPPEN!! But if it was me Simpson's graphics or TMNT.

  22. I got the Mortal Kombat 1 up arcade cabinet for Fathers Day! But I can’t open, build and play it un til then😓😓. Cool vid!

  23. I would kill for the TMNT/X-men/Simpsons combo. Literally my 3 favorite arcade games as a kid. I guess I'd hope the artwork was interchangeable, but I'd be OK with TMNT artwork on one side, X-men on the other, and maybe Simpsons on the front? Of course they could do a mash of all 3 I guess.

  24. Big Buck Hunter?! Get those divorce papers ready! I'll miss you wifey, but wow am I going to have fun playing Big Buck Hunter!

  25. I'd love to see TMNT, Simpsons on the same machine, but I don't see them doing it because of the potential cabinet art.

  26. Why doesn't konami just release arcade games and arcade controllers that can be converted to new generation systems.. Play them at home on your tv so you don't got to have your homes cluttered with arcade cabinets everywhere and can still enjoy konami games.

  27. You have to revisit this topic. With the success of the 4 player TMNT cabinet, do you think we get an X-Men/Simpsons cabinet?

  28. He was partly right – TMNT is indeed a reality, though with only Turtles in Time as the alternative game. Let's face it; there's no way we'd see three of their potentially biggest releases on one cabinet. We'll see if X-Men and Simpsons see the light of day. Personally, I'd like to see a Capcom VS. cabinet.

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