Arcade 1Up Riser and Stools, Different Options To Purchase!

Arcade 1Up Riser and Stools, Different Options To Purchase!

welcome back to another arcade 1up
exclusive video today we’re going to
talk about some options you have for
accessories to pair with your newly
purchased cabinet first things first
with the announcement from arcade 1up
that the official stool will not be
released this year with the initial wave
of cabinets many of questions what they
should do in order to find a suitable
stool for seated gaming so here are a
few cheap alternatives IKEA has the
merriest stool for the extremely
affordable price of $5.99 even if you
don’t have an Ikea in your area you can
have this item shipped to you for $9
which even with that included makes it
still an extremely affordable chair the
merriest one assembled gives players a
seated height of close to 18 inches the
next more widely available option is the
trademark foldable game room stool from
Amazon this tool has a great option to
fold up for easy storage and keep things
nice and tidy out of the way
the seated height on this stool is 24
this also happens to be the same height
of the stools being used at arcade one
up demos recently as well as seen in
this image right here
now some people have felt that they are
official arcade 1up Reiser may not be
tall enough to suit their gaming needs
it’s official measurements raised these
cabinets 12 inches from the floor for
standard gaming IKEA has the lack side
table that comes in black for $8.99 this
side table has dimensions suitable for
the length and width of these cabinets
and would raise the machines an
additional six inches over the standard
arcade 1up riser one thing to note is
that IKEA states the weight limit is 55
pounds for the lack side table arcade
one up cabinets weigh over 60 pounds
however there are numerous reviews of
the side table to indicate it will hold
far more than 55 pounds so keep this in
mind if you choose to go this route also
on Amazon they have a similar styled
modern end table that is listed for $13
it would also raise the cabinet
additional 18 inches off the ground
several reviews are listed on the Amazon
page stating that this table will easily
hold more than 60 pounds leaving a
little concern about placing an arcade
1up cabinet atop these
I will leave links in the description
box down below if you wish to purchase
any of these items shown in the video
let me know in the comments section how
you plan on playing the arcade 1up
cabinet you’re getting will you be
playing seated or standing and why if
you found this video helpful be sure to
leave a like and a comment below as well
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your way thanks again for watching

67 thoughts on “Arcade 1Up Riser and Stools, Different Options To Purchase!”

  1. I'm gonna hang the cabinet to my wall that way I dont need to built a higher riser cuz the one they are selling looks like the monitor will still be to low

  2. So when the arcade cabinet slides off the end table during spirited battles in Street Fighter II don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

  3. I'm going to stand and play my Arcade1up cabinet. I already have my PC, Wii, Xbox360, PS3, PS4 set up in front of my couch so I can sit and play comfortably with friends and family. Besides I have long legs and I know playing with the cabinet sitting down I will be banging knees with my friends and things could get violent!!! Just kidding! Maybe!?!

  4. Do you know if these cabinets are going to be sold in limited amounts? I hate to spend an arm and a leg on someone reselling it but sadly I won't be able to afford one until late october.

  5. Im definitely gonna be sitting somehow. I recently went to an arcade and it gets tiring playing while standing for long periods of time. Ideal position will be me sitting with my arms in a comfortable position where my wrists dont hurt.

  6. I think it depends which cabinet ur getting. The one player ones it don’t matter but the 2 player or 3 player I think riser the way to go just to have the space

  7. Cooltoy,

    Great ideas! I found a couple of Pac-Man themed stools at Rec Room Masters. These are cool and stand a little over 15" in height. However, not too keen on the price. I swear the first time I saw these they were at $49.99 a piece, but just checked the prices today and they're 70 bucks a piece. Ouch! Still, if we're talking aesthetics, these would make a nice addition to any sitdown Arcade setup. Here's a link:

    And speaking of mini-cabs. Rec Room Masters also offers an "Arcade1up" style "mini-cade" at around $350. You have to add your own Raspberry Pie or Jamma board to it, as well as your own monitor, but I thought this was a cool addition to the "Mini Arcade" craze.

    Me, I'm excited to get my first Arcade1up Atari Deluxe cab. Counting the days!


  8. Why not build your own riser free? Construction sites often have discarded pieces of lumber u can use to build your own for free or the cost of a 6pack of beer

  9. if someone was to use these side tables, they seem like the cabinets would just kinda slide around of them, since it’s just wood-on-wood contact they have no outer lips to keep them from falling off. like the official riser. especially with the street fighter cab. if it wasn’t for those concerns i would be using those instead of the official riser.

  10. Thanks for the ground work..
    I’ll be keeping mine in the box in my hallway until I can find proper space in my game room.
    🤦‍♂️ I got too much crap…..😱

  11. Hey brother great content and you got yourself a new subscriber. But any chance you can do a video when the cabinet comes out to get dimensions on if we wanted to get new side art to for the cabinet. Since you know what your talking about. There are a few sites out there there where you could get custom art for the whole system if you wanted to. Just a idea for a future video. Keep them coming.

  12. I'm probably gonna have the old lady get down on all fours and rest my precious cabinet across her spinal column. JK sweetie!

  13. I'm 6'3" and had to sit down even on Full-size Capcom Dynamo cabinets back in the day. Or else i was forced to hunch down a little bit to reach the controls, which made my back hurt before long. So my answer: I'll be playing this with the riser, sitting down.

  14. Standing. My thought for adding more height to the riser if I find it too short is buying feet for the riser. Wal-Mart sells them pretty cheap, but I'm sure any hardware store carries them.

  15. You video helped a lot! I just bought the Street Fighter Arcade 1up cabinet and i need the riser, you've given me and everyone else interested great alternative options! Thanks again.

  16. My biggest question is " Will they arrive on Wal Mart Store fisically? Or it can only be ordered online? Please answer back

  17. Have a riser ordered. Gonna be playing arcade stand up style. If the cab still isn't tall enough w/riser i will figure something out. Maybe put something under the riser itself.

  18. Got the table from ikea the day I preordered Galaga! The table is good quality and sturdy. Now it just needs a machine to go on it

  19. It should be noted that the official risers place the control panel at the same height as the original arcade cabinets.

  20. Better mention that if you use a table the machine can slide off. Look at the real riser it has side panels for keeping it in place.

  21. Ur like the best arcade1up news channel i really enjoy watching your videos 😆 keep the good work bro 👌👍

  22. You CoolToy I got 3 of these stools for my cabinets. The ikea $6 ones are a steal. Even with $9 shipment still under $30. I have the Galaga and Asteroids. As soon as the PacMan link goes live I'll be getting that. If not I'll have to settle with Centipede

  23. Assholes are buying out the Risers from the stores and tripling the price for them on Amazon and EBay. You cannot find the risers anywhere.

  24. about a week ago i went to my local walmart to grab a riser for my street fighter game and being six foot two it still is a bit lower than id like to have it. it would be nice if they made 2 different height boxes, the 12 inch they currently sell and and 20 inch option for us taller people.

  25. I bought this same Parson table at my local Walmart for $13 its perfect height I’m 6” feet and I’ve built siding to the legs on all 4 sides to secure the cabinet with pile wood

  26. I bought a Muscle Rack steel frame storage shelf with particle board shelfs and adjustable height shelves in 1.5" increments. Cut it down to size, and currently have Pacman raised 18". Perfect height for me. The storage shelf is about $75 at Home Depot or Lowes. Plus it gives a bottom shelf below the cabinets for storing things. It is 24" deep, perfect for the Arcade 1up cabs that are 20" deep. The shelf is 48" wide, so now I have an open space for a second cabinet (Mortal Kombat).

  27. Suggesting that cheap coffee table might be dangerous for children that hover under the machine. I would not try it.

  28. I bought the table and cut cardboard walls and utility stapled them to the sides painted it black , “Matt spray paint” a dollar walmart or dollar medic…looks legit no one could tell..el cheap o strikes again!..also forget to mention put “L” brackets if your me in-between the legs.. they’re cheap and better safe then sorry.

  29. Random thought, the riser would be great to perfectly hide something inside. Like a fire proof locked box to hold emergancy money or birth certificates and such

  30. Great options to consider. I'd probably want to add some sort of raised edge to the top of a table, to stop the cabinet slipping off, during game play. Thanks for the video. 🙂

  31. Like your channel bud keep up the good work, just subscribed , got tired of looking for your videos lol

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