Arcade1Up Hack! Hidden Menus & Games On Your Machines Uncovered!

Arcade1Up Hack! Hidden Menus & Games On Your Machines Uncovered!

today I’m sharing with you some breaking
news in regards to hacking the stock
game boards on the arcade1up cabinets.
redditor beriberi sneaky has been
compiling a great list of information in
regards to the true operating system
that some of these machines have been
running on the user has provided a
step-by-step process in which you can
solder on USB port to the game board
which will allow you to connect a USB
keyboard to access further game
functionality identified in this image
are the solder points and the wire color
coding needed to connect and add a USB
port to the board you can solder on a
USB keyboard directly to the board or
you can use a USB male-to-female cable
and cut off one of the ends and solder
on the exposed wire to the board I have
some links down in the description box
below for a cable and a soldering gun
that you can purchase from Amazon for
really cheap if you don’t already have
these handy if you’re going the route of
the USB cable keep the red circled ends
shown in this image here intact and then
cut off the other cable end once you cut
off the end strip about half an inch of
the outer insulation and about 1/8 inch
of each wire twist the ends of each wire
to prevent them from fraying and then
tin the end of each to your soldering
iron solder on the four wires to the
board and the order shown black white
green and then red then you’re all set
to reinstall the board and the power of
the cabinet back up once the system
boots up plug in the USB keyboard and
hit the tab key to access the menu
additionally Facebook user Ralph Ron zo
tested the same method out on his
rampage cabinet and was able to discover
several additional games are included on
this board and are completely playable
that’s right this cabinet has Crystal
centipede Liberator millipede Missile
Command and super breakout all on this
game board in addition to this it should
also be noted that since some of these
machines have now been confirmed to be
running off a MAME you will now have
access to controller setting inputs
sensitivities and
dip switch settings which is amazing
news and should mean you can do things
like remap the defender button layout to
a more preferred method of your choosing
you can even change the trackball
sensitivity on games like centipede
these folks deserve an extra-special
thank-you from the arcade one-up gaming
community for all their hard work on
this if you want to give this a shot
be sure to report back with your own
results in the comment section below as
of now no one has been able to test or
confirm if this works or what other
goodies may be lurking in the pac-man
Street Fighter or Galaga cabinets that
does it for this video update be sure to
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100 thoughts on “Arcade1Up Hack! Hidden Menus & Games On Your Machines Uncovered!”

  1. Will you be trying this out for yourself? Are you happy to see these menus and the changes that can be made to the games? Let me know in the comments below.

  2. You always get the inside info I'm totally doing this to remap Defender Thank you for sharing this and I appreciate those guys who found this hack RIGHT ON!!!!!

  3. I will try it on my Rampage cabinet , thanks for the heads up bro, too late on the sf cab though already gutted it for a raspbery pi set up though.

  4. I was watching this unfold last night on the fan group page. Apparently someone else tried this with SF2 and it appears to be password protected or something. Word is the Capcom licence owner provided It's own emulator or something along those lines. Pacman was without success as well. I wouldn't lose all hope though. Someone will figure it out.

  5. Thanks for the vid cooltoy! Hey guys pass the word around if you're interested. I have setup a google site where if you want, you can enter all those precious high scores you have.All info is on the site. It is:

  6. The secret menu has the same UI as my PC emulator. You hit tab and it's the same thing. My guess is that every arcade cabinet has those secret menu for doing maintenance on the machine.

  7. With having access to the mame interface it won’t be long before we can install games to the board directly through the same usb “hack”.

  8. BerryBerrySneaky here. (I created the USB mod referenced in the video.)
    There's a lot of incorrect information & assumptions here in the comments.
    This particular hack (accessing MAME settings) won't work on Galaga or Street Fighter 2 – they don't run MAME. They are running a commercial emulator without any user-configurable settings. I'm working on some hacks for these cabinets, but nothing is ready for release yet.
    Confirmed running MAME: Atari 12-in-1, Rampage, Centipede. Probably MAME: Asteroids.
    Confirmed not MAME: Street Fighter 2, Galaga. Probably not MAME: PacMan, Space Invaders, Final Fight, MK2, and any future cabinets.
    For latest info, visit the original thread at

  9. Great job cooltoy, glad to see you getting the news out there.
    The SF2 does have a password, but the information for it is out there also.
    Thing is, it's not MAME, but a custom variant.

    The processor they are using is to weak to run more modern games.
    In the end, its not worth hacking to add more games, it's better to use a PC, or a pi.

    But it is good to be able to alter the settings in the 12-1, and rampage, if you know
    what you are doing.

    Also to test:
    – savestates
    – replay saving and loading
    – CHEATS for all games
    – game orientation
    – sound adjustments


  10. The linked USB 3.0 cable is a poor choice – USB 3.0 has many extra wires. (Link was updated to a USB 2.0 cable.) The soldering iron linked is pretty decent. It's temperature-controlled and a has a fine tip. Should be more than adequate for a newbie.

  11. Here is a link to the original thread from @BerryBerry Sneaky

  12. I need more info before I do this. Do the dip switches control difficulty? Can the volume be turned down? Can the audio be changed to mono? I can't wait to see the options available. Will we find Mortal Kombat hidden in SF2? Just dreaming 😁

  13. I love these cabinets for what they are probably won’t be messing with any boards I wonder when there next announcement will be for more cabinets I know they will be doing one in January but I thought they were announcing stuff in December as well is that true

  14. If they would have just put a sd port or usb port on the boards of these things they would have not have been able to make enough of these things. I went with the xarcade tankstick and 2 TB hard drive with every game ever made up to ps2. I think Arcade1up dropped the ball by making these things to hard to hack. If Nintendo and others can put out systems that are so easy to mod and not get anything said about it. EVER. Then why not make a cabinet with a similar setup? Just seems like they threw away millions.

  15. Nice feature.. but as already said, the board in the arcade 1up cabs are terrible and not very powerful. Modded my street fighter 2 cab with a PI3 B+ and love it

  16. Awesome, did my Rampage machine tonight. Pictures below.

  17. Some of the default MAME keyboard commands work also. Like saving and loading a state. Maybe I will finally be able to play long enough to see if my Gauntlet has the level 30 problem.

    Shift+F7 to save a state
    F7 to load it.

  18. Wuuut. Good old mame never let's me down. I'm actually interested in 1 now. I'm glad it's not android based too

  19. would be shocked if galaga wasnt on the pacman board and vice versa

    honestly they made a mistake marketing those. both those cabs should have four games on them with u just choosing the cab style. A ton are sitting at walmart due to that.

  20. For the 12 n 1 cabinet, you can get access to the super breakout game, but at first try I couldn't get the spinner to control the paddle. I played around with the input settings, but didn't have much success and gave up quickly. Anyone able to do it?

  21. The Street Fighter cabinet needs a hack video (not Pi, not Pandora), just a hack of the MOO. Anyone going to post one at 3am?

  22. It’s odd that the boards show no sign of the company using a usb to adjust setting. Wonder if there is a sequence of buttons to press or hold to actually get the menu to come up without modding a unit

  23. SFII and Rampage cabinets are finally whole again! My Rampage overlay showed up with a bonus ENTIRELY NEW CONTROL DECK! Don’t need it since the overlay came with the graphic, so now I have spare parts. Thanks, A1up! My SFII overlay showed up a week or so ago, along with a replacement Rampage board and extra SFII overlay. More extras! Probably due to poor early organization, but A1up seems to be erroring on the side of overcompensation. I’m all right with that. Both my cabinets are prestine again and ready for the holidays! I can now sleep easy and dream of the Mortal Kombat cab coming. Can’t wait!

  24. While cool i think it is a better use of my time to install a raspberry pi like i have done in my videos. The old board is kind of trash.

  25. Just so people don't keep asking the same questions over and over again:
    12 – 1 – super breakout, few other variations of quantum
    rampage – centipede, missile command, crystal castles, millipede, super breakout
    new rampage – a few more versions of gauntlet 2 player [foreign]
    centipede – liberator, super breakout
    asteroids – ?
    pac-man, galaga, street fighter 2 – nothing
    space invaders – most likely nothing


  26. thnx, killer video. btw. a DIY riser is 19 1/2 " x 19 1/2 " front/back and 19 1/2 " x 21 " sides —tutorial here –

  27. Follow up video from Berry Berry, showing about 35 games total can be played : ROMS NOT INCLUDED

    I'm working with him to get most of pac-man, galaga and galaxian clones working too.



  28. Has adjusting settings on the 12 in 1 made a difference for the positive? Mostly for Track ball? And could settings be adjusted for a replaced upgraded spinner?

  29. So I get there are no hidden games on Galaga, but are you able to access and change other settings? Or nothing at all?

  30. I don't know about the old board but I have a newer version board and with the USB hack I can access MAME menu and play 4 player Gauntlet rev. 14 with the forth player using the keyboard and the first 3 players using the control panel and has full sounds going into the mono speaker and no level glitchs.

  31. Ha, the Centipede menu comes up sideways because of the monitor orientation. Super Breakout and Liberator are the extra games

  32. I just pulled my mk board. It does not have these soldering points to add a USB on it anywhere. 😔😔

  33. Are the pcb’s interchangeable? They have Pac-Man pcb for $30. Also are there any hidden games on the mk cabinet?

  34. Speaking of hacking… I have an Asteroids 4 in 1 cab I purchased for $75. And I just recently ordered from Arcade1Up a 12 in 1 pcb with the 12 in 1 control deck for roughly $60. My plan is to install the 12 in 1 hardware into the Asteroids cab. Should work, right??? Just curious what your thoughts are…

  35. I have a keyboard that can be used to a computer with a micro USB and also is bluetooth I cut a micro USB usb end off but I only have 2 wires they're both white what can i solder where to get it to work i dont have the usb thing to solder the port on or a direct usb keyboard to solder on

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