Are video games sexist? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Are video games sexist? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Have you heard that most video gamers are
now adult women—not teenage boys in the
basement? A new study says so. Feminist tech
writers are have seized on the study as proof
that the video industry has fallen behind
the times: too many games, they say, perpetuate
a culture of sexism and misogyny. Well, has
the gentle sex really taken over video games?
And are games rife with sexism?  That’s
coming up next on the Factual Feminist. When
I took a look at the Entertainment Software
Association study, I was a little surprised
to find that yours truly, the Factual Feminist
herself, counted as a gamer. I do not recall
playing a video game since Pac-Man in a bar
in Cambridge, Mass—in 1980. The study counted
anyone who plays, however occasionally, simple
smartphone games like Bejeweled or Angry Birds.
I don’t fault the researchers for their
findings. It’s great that the world of games
is expanding and there are more women creating
and playing games. But a distinction is in
order. There are casual game players—and
there are hard-core gamers for whom highly
complex, competitive video games are a primary
life passion. Adult women are not a key demographic
here. Consider just one typical data sample:
Researchers at UCLA have been studying the
pastimes of college freshmen for more than
40 years. For incoming freshmen, 65 percent
of girls but fewer than 19 percent of boys
said they played no video games at all in
a typical week. Among hardcore gamers who
play more than 20 hours a week, the ratio
of boys to girls is 7 to 1. This huge gender
gap has persisted since the researchers first
started asking about video games in the mid-1990s—and
it looks like it’s here to stay. But are
video games rife with sexism? Do they promote
a culture of misogyny and violence that must
be dismantled?  My answer is no. As I looked
into the literature on gaming, I discovered
that gamers make a lot of people nervous.
Not only are most of them male—but the games
they like tend to be action-packed, competitive,
and often violent. And they like to play them—a
lot. Gamers have long faced disapproval from
moms and teachers and—above all—researchers
and politicians—concernocrats—both liberal
and conservative. For years, games such as
Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty were said
to cause violence, even though no one was
able to establish a clear correlation. Those
concerns died down when Psychological Bulletin
published a major article in 2010 declaring
the video game scare “much ado about nothing.”
One graph showed that as video games have
surged in popularity, youth crime has plummeted.
But now, gamers are dealing with a new army
of critics: gender activists and hipsters
with degrees in cultural studies. These critics
are concerned that gaming is a largely hetero-patriachal
capitalist pursuit.  Why isn’t gaming more
inclusive? Why must there always be male heroes?
Why are the few females always portrayed as
either Damsels in distress or sex objects?
These critics have made some useful points
about “sexist tropes and narratives.”
But they ignore the fact that the world of
gaming has become more inclusive. There are
games that fit a vast array of preferences,
and games with responsibly proportioned and
appropriately garbed female protagonists.
Yet the video game gender police have become
harsh and intolerant. Many of them want more
than more women on both sides of the video
screen—they want the male video game culture
to end. Male gamers, as a group, do evince
a strong a preference for games with male
heroes and sexy women. Could that be because
they are—male? There is no evidence that
these games are making males racist, misogynist,
or homophobic. In fact, all the data we have
suggests that millennial males—born and
raised in video game nation—are far less
prone to these prejudices than previous generations.
Imagine if a group of gender critics attacked
women-centered shows like Oprah or The View,
or women’s magazines, for privileging the
female perspective and treating men like “the
other.” The fans might be tempted to tell
them to bug off—and find their own shows.
That is what many gamers did. And most did
it with logic and evidence and humor. But
recently two feminist critics received and
publicized email death threats. No one knows
who sent them. The millions of gamers must
include a few sociopaths, if it was indeed
gamers who sent the threats. But many of the
new culture critics seized on the emails as
a sure sign of patriarchal pathology at the
heart of gamer culture. According to one academic
pontificator, “What we are seeing is the
end of gamers and the viciousness that accompanies
the death of an identity.” Well, I have spent
the last few weeks talking to gamers, reading
about them, looking at all the data. I don’t
see pathology or imminent death. What I see
is a lively, smart, creative subculture consisting
mostly of tech-savvy guys from all over the
world—but also including a small but distinct
group of very cool women. If you love games,
they don’t really care about your age, race,
ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference. They
just want to game. My suggestion to their
critics: Stand Down. What do you think of
the controversy over video games? Let us know
in the comments section. If you appreciate
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  1. Ha lies i have 70 friends on xbox in all my time playing Apex Halo And Ark Minecraft And specifically cod ww2 ive met a single confirmed girl in apex but she sucked but at 3 squads left she suddenly got really good and then a guy gets on the mic and says that he helped us win at the end she got mad at him for it but he said his account he gets the credit

  2. Factual Feminist : answers with facts and logic and comes to pragmatic and realistic conclusions
    Feminazis : "impossible"

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  4. If I want Politics or SH!TTY Social issues thrown in my face I will watch the evening news and then puke… Keep your faggoty SJW agenda in your fuckin basement closet.

    Pandering to a set of small fringe minoroty groups that in NO WAY represent the majority of human beings is a bad joke, the only reason anyone pays attention to them is that mass Media gives them a soap box from which to speak and make it seem like there are Legions of those degenerate worthless subhuman turds. You people are pathetic for being pulled into that SH!T.

  5. When u mention violent video games I find it interesting that no one seems to wonder if these "shoot 'em up" games have any correlation to all the public shootings by random assholes. Before these games existed it was very rare to have someone shoot up the public scene. If you can't see it you're blind or just ignorant.

  6. I don't really think video games are sexist because I play ones that have no humans. Like, Animal Jam, FeralHeart, Spore.

  7. You forgot which player play which main character. Male plays as female and female plays as male.
    Maybe that is what the reason why.

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  10. I don’t care what you are if you want to play video games no one can stop you they are for everyone to enjoy video games are called entertainment for a reason because they are things that are used to entertain everyone that try’s them out no matter what gender religion race it doesn’t matter cause at the end of the day all these people are just trying to have some fun playing video games.

  11. Hey don't talk about my boys in the basement playing video games in Mario Kart are video games sexist no they're not they just had Boy Players back in the day so that's why they every other game was like we should copy the same thing but no we all do be like video games are sexist Mario sexist

  12. When leftist start talking about the imminent death of a culture, it seems a lot like projecting to me. The only culture I see dying any time soon is their own because most people besides politicians and hollywood virtue signalers that require constant validation from others have pretty much written them off as a joke.

  13. You dont have sex every second. you dont need arousal all day…its healthy to demand free space. i dont like the idea i throw my life away from enjoying my own mental happy.

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  16. All this stems from generalization. We need to remember that we are all individuals. Not one person is the same as the other, so why in God’s name are gamers treated as if we’re some hive mind of violence and hate?

  17. Wow, a rational feminist. Just a pity 3rd wave feminists refuse to listen to coherent arguments of CHS.

    Thankyou, you are a breath of fresh air in a world of toxic feminism.

  18. I’m a guy and I AM NOT a feminist I still agree with what you say not those crazy ass extreme feminist your fighting for equal rights they are fighting for well that you can’t tell them hi….

  19. This channel’s very name is an oxymoron (look it up)

    Also, I don’t think playing mobile games makes you a gamer. Gamer to me means either a console or computer, playing constantly and from the heart, not just to win. This just my opinion, but if it is yours as well, please reply

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  21. The only part of this that i don't agree with is that video games are a SUB culture… this displeases me. Yes I know this video is 5 years old and now that I said that I think she may have been right. But I don't know how big video games were back then because I was 14 and to preoccupied by puberty to care much.

  22. I doubt that many people believe that females play video games at the same amount as makes—that’s a straw man issue. The issue of concern is the way females are portrayed in video games (and TV, movies, etc—all which reflect but also influence cultural attitudes and stereotypes). Better to not be portrayed at all than to be portrayed as an object.

  23. Girls are 10% or less of the gaming population… so why 75% of the characters should be womens? Make no sense fuck all those bitchass 🙂

  24. If 20 hours or more per week is a hardcore gamer, then my wife is a hardcore gamer because she plays around 40 hours a week, on top of nursing school and a part time job. I guess I'm a hardcore gamer too as I play more than her and work full time from home. At least half of our game play is co-op of some sort, so it's not like we totally ignore each other for video games. lol

  25. I was so surprised by this video, I was just clicking on random videos while at work and this came on figured why not I could use a laugh. Boy was I wrong this woman rocks thank you for fact checking and supporting us gamers!

  26. Right out the gate, she says that the majority of gamers are women. Have you ever talked to anyone in the planet. It is commen knowledge that the vast majority of people who actively play games are men.

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  30. Censorship is always a grave mistake in the misguided perception to benefit society and has a history of backlash. Either we live in a free society, or we strip our rights in the name of “Progress” and see where that lands us. As a progressive It hurts to see my movement cannibalizing it’s own cause, and it saddens me to see good work towards free thought and equality become weakened in an obvious power struggle willing to turn to measures that weaken our laws which were there to protect us from greater oppression. We must be careful what we ask for, because when censorship becomes rampant in the name of feelings, those freedoms that allowed our progress to occur in the first place, won’t be there to allow you to share these feelings. Think.

  31. It's all Japan's fault that feminists keep getting their panties in a wad about small things like video games.

    If their female characters didn't have jiggle physics, panty shots and constant uses of females being depicted as "damsel in distresses"; these eccentric SJW women would shut up for a little while.

  32. Gamers a gamer. I don't see how a person that plays video games on or not a daily basis. They are human beings like us and sure yes maybe they over due it , but I don't see how an individual gamer should be discriminated by their gender ,sexuality, race and more. The point is that they enjoy playing video games. I myself , a gamer. And no it does not cause any violence. It's like accusing hot wheels being at fault for car accidents

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