Arise: A Simple Story 2. Next Chapter: Piccolo Studio | Dev Diary

Arise: A Simple Story 2. Next Chapter: Piccolo Studio | Dev Diary

[XBOX SOUND] Hi, we are Piccolo Studios from Barcelona. We are Jordi and Alexis and we are here to talk to you about our first
game Arise: A Simple Story We are three partners at Piccolo Studios. We’ve been together for
almost 20 years now. We come from the world of advertising. Eight years ago we created our own company, which is a vision of products for advertising and big brands in Spain. And we we’re making money, but weren’t, we were not having fun anymore. And we have always been very
passionate about video games. So at some point we decided to create a video game company. As simple and as difficult as that. Everybody told us that it was, like – A big mistake. A big mistake! Yeah, actually they told us, “This is a mistake, you shouldn’t do it.” “You should not risk what you have now,” “Because you are successful at advertsing.” “Why would you risk
everything you’re doing?” So if you’re going to fail, at least fail doing what you want to do. Right? So, It was as simple as that. Oh yeah, simple as that. Yeah. When advertising became just a job, we decided just to try a new adventure. This led to creating Piccolo
Studios, which means Piccolo means small in Italian and this also reflects our vision how we want to craft games. We say, “We craft them;
we don’t make them.” The team that we have, It is small. We don’t pretend to be 200 people. In the future,
we don’t want to be all that much. And we have wanted to
create things that have… not that have, a message in the sense that we
want to change the world, but we want to to talk about something that really we feel. The concept behind Arise, which is having an old man remembering his life, is also connected to the the point in life where we were when we decided to create Piccolo, because we are not that young anymore.
We are not in our 20’s. We are older. We are in our 40’s. And what we have which makes us different is that we have a life to look back at. We have this vision of looking back at what we have achieved so far. And we wanted to translate this into the game experience. All video games are about
the adventure ahead, but never talk about the adventure behind. And this is what we wanted
to tell people, and that’s how the idea of creating the company is connected to the type of game that we decided to make as our first. We chose Arise because it’s, it implies the meaning of overcoming difficulties. Life is full of difficulties. Also because it’s like
you fly up and you see everything from the top. Then you can recall all
your life and then you, you see all the, the emotional rollercoaster
you’ve been through. I tell you, we have put a lot of our passion in this game. Our main goal as a company is to, to craft games that touch people. So we wanted people to, to feel this connection with the game. We all created this story, which is, which has it’s highs and lows. And, we put all our passion,
I mean we quit advertising to create something like this.
We risked everything we had. So, I don’t think if you can put more in a game than what we put. Yeah. Actually we want people to feel all sorts of emotions from sad to joy to meloncholy to hope to feeling the loss of
someone that you love, to love someone. I think if I had to summarize in one word it would be empathy. We want you to feel empathy. That’s, also because it’s a simple story. There’s an ordinary man and we are ordinary people as well. When you are a kid and you
are wandering in the woods for the first time. Or when you kiss a girl for the first time, it’s extraordinary to you. When we are talking video
games, it’s always ones, you know, this huge adventure
and you always have, you are the chosen one about something. You are always the chosen one. It’s boring to be the hero
everytime, you know? And save the world every day. I think we will put that in the
video actually because that’s great. Okay! [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. " if you gonna fail atleast fail on what you wanted to do! " man that line hit me hard. Thanks for motivating man.

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