Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 2) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 2) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial!
Today we are going to create Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2.
So this is a new game on my channel Red Dead Redemption 2.
As my printer broke I had to take an older blueprint.
I used the for the Wild Card from Fortnite I recently created
and I am happy that this videos is also sponsored by Squarespace.
Thanks a lot for the support! More information at the end of this video.
Let’s make some modifications to the blueprint.
I decided to create Arthur Morgan because this game Red Dead Redemption
amazed me for a very long time and I haven’t even played it.
I was always the Nintendo fanboy. I owned all the consoles.
I played the exclusive titles a lot like Super Mario and Zelda, of course
but this is one of these games where you want to think about.
You can think about buying a Playstation, for example.
I think it will also be available for Xbox, right?
Yeah, Red Dead Redemption.
The second title will be the first one I will play then
if I buy a Playstation.
And all the trailers I have seen
all the gameplay I have seen so far was so amazing.
The whole world the publisher Rockstar created is so alive.
I looked at these animals and they are all simulated.
They have their daily routines, they go to the lake,
they drink, they go hunting, they hide.
They all have a population within their species,
so if you start hunting let’s say deer
or any kind of wolves, for example,
they become less and even more difficult to hunt in the future.
And this is one of the things I love about games,
you know that, when publishers pay attention to all these details
which finally make the world alive
and that you really have the feeling you can dig into it.
So, let’s talk about the creation for a minute.
Now that we used the modified Wild Card skin
and I started coating with brown,
I even started all over again because the brown of the trousers
didn’t match the one in the images I used. I made it a bit darker.
For the shoes, his boots I just took some black
and I threw in some ochre.
And now we try to get these boots into shape.
They are quite thin at the end
and I try to get in some folds
so that it looks like leather.
And now on the back side. We also tried to get in some folds
and I’m cutting away a very thin layer of brown clay
to start with the second part the torso.
He is wearing, Arthur Morgan is wearing this blue shirt.
and I tried to mix the clay the way that you can still see some lines
from the darker blue and the purple I mixed in.
The original shirt he is wearing has some very tiny thin stripes
and I didn’t want to ruin my creation by drawing
onto the final version of this clothing.
So I decided to go with the mixing as solution.
Now this will be the skin color.
It’s a bit red from all the Sun I guess.
They had no sun protection.
Well except for the hat.
And I try to simulate some further folds onto the shirt.
It should look like as if he had rolled up his shirt for the arms.
This will be the connection part where we will attach the hands later.
Now, this is the neck.
We will fill it in.
It’s the easiest way I know to make it look realistic
that he is wearing a shirt
and that the skin is underneath.
You have to think in layers when it comes to clay.
This is at least what I am doing the scarf as well the black scarf
using this very thin modeling tool to get in all these folds.
This is the knot in the middle.
Now, I’m quite curious.
If you have played the first title of this series,
if you will play the second one Red Dead Redemption 2,
let me know in the comments.
Looking forward to read your opinion on this game,
because if you like this video,
I am definitely making the second one
from Red Dead Redemption.
The next tutorial will be… Fortnite.
I have already started the Dark Bomber skin.
This one was the winner in the last poll
and it is way more tricky than I thought it would be.
I really hoped to upload two videos this week,
but the Dark Bamber really got me
because well all these tiny details made me go crazy.
Now we are creating and I had to look this word up.
Suspenders! They are attached to the trousers because
well, their function is to pull up the trousers while running,
so that you don’t need any type of belt.
It’s supporting…
…a belt all the tiny buttons as well and now we will mix some ochre and brown
for some leather belt.
And this one goes from the left low part to the right upper part
around his hips.
And this belt will be quite important for him as a character,
but also for many many more cowboys out there
with ammunition.
It’s an ammunition belt as well
And it will also be the place where his knife will be attached,
but not only his knife. No!
This is the pistol holder
with two leather stripes as well and we will glue them onto the creation after oven hardening
because otherwise, they would change their appearance
and I wanted them to stay just like like they are right now.
This is the pistol he is using.
I know in the game that he is able to use many many different weapons,
but this is the one just a regular Colt.
Colt or is it Magnum?
And it’s so unique in the game and this is a further point
I just love about Red Dead Redemption.
Everything he owns, everything he is wearing in the game
you can see it on his body.
If he is owning, wearing any kind of big gun
he is wearing it on his back
while not using it.
If he has I think
different clothes he is wearing that.
If he has found an animal, hunted an animal he is also carrying
the dead body of the animal over his shoulders.
I know there are different games, which also have the same technique,
but it’s just so realistic.
So for the fingers, this is the easiest way to create a really good-looking hand
well, except for the thumb.
I had to remove that one.
I feel sorry for many of you who had a thumb surgery, I know.
I don’t know why but someone wrote just two weeks ago I think
that he had a thumb surgery, so I hope you are well right now.
So this will be the face for Arthur. Arthur Morgan!
I really suck at creating faces.
You can skip these comments. You don’t need to write them down.
I tried my very best.
I think to this point the face looks good.
It looks quite badass,
because this character is.
And then when I start creating the eyes
you really should try that.
Eyes are so important. Eyes are the 80% of a face.
When you screw on the eyes you screw on the whole face because it just looks weird.
You know what I mean?
Attaching the two ears as well.
But this didn’t stop me from creating Arthur Morgan.
The eyebrows could have been a bit lower I think right now,
so that he looks a bit more angry.
The hair, a very thin layer of brown clay
works best for this and of course some kind of texture with the scalpel.
With bold hair it looks quite funny.
And this guy reminds me of what’s his name from House of Cards, right?
Now the hat.
This also should look quite nice in the outro.
You will see a very silly hat I own,
but I love this silly hat because I bought it in Africa in Namibia.
Two more buckles on the boots and we are ready to go into the oven.
Freshly baked Arthur and freshly baked Colt and the knife, of course
and these are called spurs, right?
Attaching the weapon, the knife and also the spurs…
Still not sure about that.
Google, says…
so this should be right.
Now that we added the pistol to his hand we can work on his cigarette
because Arthur didn’t care much about his health.
He was smoking and I used the toothpick
as the starting point for this tiny cigarette.
I used this technique a long time ago on the alien I did with the story cube.
And we added some wool as the smoke effect.
The last working step is featured by the transparent polish
and we use it to get the boots
quite clean and shiny.
Also for the weapon and the belt buckle
and guys I guess that’s it Arthur Morgan!
Almost. I hope you enjoyed today’s video
with Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2.
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I guess that’s it for today. I hope you had a great time.
See you very soon with the new video!
Take care guys. Bye!

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  3. This is the first video of yours I've ever seen (was searching for RDR2). I'm simply blown away by your talent. At the start, when you turned two brown tubes of clay into convincing-looking pants with such apparent ease, I was amazed. It only got more amazing from there, especially the tiny details like his weapons, spurs, suspenders and so on. Your presenting style is great too, with clear camera angles and your friendly and enthusiastic narration. Wonderful job.

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