ASMR ไทย🇹🇭 Cut ,Burn,Tear Lottery Ticket 🎫(Eng Subtitle) ตัด ฉีก เผา กระดาษล็อตเตอรี่ 🎫💸

Hello everybody Today lets get some revenge on lottery tickets Do you ever feel you will never win a lottery even if it is close There is heart break at times, so lets come for revenge now Will we stop buying lottery tickets? No, right? Lets go ahead with the ASMR video There is cutting and burning too, haha Lets tear it up too So much lottery tickets but I never won any before This is not a video to encourage buying lottery, just a ASMR video for fun All these are old lottery tickets accumulated over many months Lets burn it together We have to be careful about the burning if not we will lose the house on top of losing the lottery I give this heart to everyone watching Ok today we got the revenge we wanted Lets continue it in the future haha If you enjoy this video, please hit the like and subscribe button for me! Thats it for today, byebye kiss!

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