AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade – Play Games From Your Amazon Fire TV Stick!

AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade – Play Games From Your Amazon Fire TV Stick!

in today’s video we’re gonna be talking
about the latest firmware update from at
games for the legends ultimate arcade
cabinet the firmware 4.1 has come out
and it has integrated support for
Bluetooth devices including the Amazon
fire stick I’m going to talk about just
why that is so important and how cool it
is coming up right after this.
so if you weren’t already aware the
Amazon fire stick is actually very
capable little device in fact the 4k
version is actually more powerful than a
lot of the Raspberry Pi options out
there and quite frankly it’s more
affordable in most cases even though the
4k version retails around $50 Amazon is
pretty frequent about putting these
devices on sales to help promote their
services like Amazon Prime I think I
paid $25 around Black Friday for my 4k
version and the 1080p versions retail
around $35 and again those go on sale
frequently as well so these are very
affordable very nice powerful little
devices that you can play retro games on
but today I’m going to be talking about
a three part series that I’m redoing
showing you how to play your own games
and install your own games on the Amazon
fire stick but for today’s video we’re
going to focus primarily on the beginner
level introduction for the fire stick
and the at games legend ultimate arcade
cabinet now for the beginners out there
I know there’s a lot of you that maybe
aren’t technically proficient and adding
your own roms and doing that type of
thing and maybe it’s a little you know
intimidating to do that type of thing or
perhaps you don’t have access to a
powerful PC or a PC at all maybe you’re
primarily a Mac user this beginning of
level tutorial is going to be
specifically for you so I’m going to
show you first of all how you compare
the Amazon fire stick with your at games
legend ultimate arcade cabinet and then
I’m going to show you your game options
you have without having to go into nitty
gritty details and how you can just
simply download some games from the
Amazon Prime Store for your Amazon fire
stick alright the first thing I want to
do obviously is download the latest
firmware for your legends ultimate
arcade cabinet once you’ve done that
you’re going to connect your fire stick
very simple process you’re going to plug
it into an HDMI port identical to the
blast dongles and you’re going to power
it with USB you can use the usb on the
control deck or you can power it
externally to be an outlet if you want
to do that this is very simple like I
said just plug it into the HDMI plug it
into the USB you’re good to go once
you’re there you’re going to start on
the source that has your fire stick and
I’m going to be using the included
remote that came with my 4k fire stick
and I’m going to navigate over to the
settings once I’m in the settings I’m
going to go down and come over to
controllers and Bluetooth devices I’m
going to select it
I’m going to go to other Bluetooth
devices now instinctively you may want
to go to game controllers but you need
to go to other Bluetooth devices and not
game controllers select other Bluetooth
devices click Add Bluetooth devices and
it’s going to start searching put my
remote down then I’m going to go to my
control deck and I’m going to hit source
to go to my Legends ultimate arcade menu
once I’m in the menu I’m going to come
over to my settings and I’m going to
select Bluetooth client I’m going to
make sure it says Bluetooth device if it
says Bluetooth host you just toggle it
here and then you hit apply since
Minority says Bluetooth device we’re
good to go so I’m going to hit
discoverable and select it I’m just
going to start the countdown now it’s
going to start looking for the Amazon
fire stick and trying to pair via
bluetooth going back to my control deck
I’m gonna hit source I’m going to go to
my fire stick source whether it be the
red or the green and we should see the H
a800 or whatever it’s called for the
control deck pop-up
and then now it has found the control
deck that is the codename for the
control deck and grab my remote and I’m
going to hit the enter button to pair
the device and once the successfully
Paris we should get a little pop up in
the bottom corner that says everything
is good to go
device is connected so now I can
actually put my control down and use my
joystick so you can see I can navigate
up and down a button is going to be my
default enter and B button is going to
be my back so I’m gonna hit B B I’m
gonna go back to my main menu I’m going
to show you just how easy it is to add
some games and show you what they’ve got
so I’ve got the apps up there in the top
corner I’m going to hit down on my
joystick navigate over to the games and
now you can see some of the games you
can play and add on your fire stick so
they’ve got Sega classics and these are
all categorised different ways different
ways you can search the games a lot of
paid for games and there’s a lot of free
games I highly advise you to come out
here and explore this because there’s a
lot of great games to be discovered so
they’ve got the spotlight games you know
pac-man Championship Edition DX very
cool game and there’s the retro zone we
got Final Fantasy odd world pac-man 256
Double Dragon trilogy Crazy Taxi more
Final Fantasies r-type Sonic CD Virtua
Tennis lots of great games again you can
search these categories arcade adventure
board game brain puzzle top free games
so if you absolutely don’t want to pay
for any of these games there’s some
awesome great gaming options that are
free of charged but I’ll let you explore
this on your own and I’m going to back
out a little bit and I’m going to show
you some games just to give you a little
example of what you can get out here
just from the stock built-in app store
on the fire stick that I’ve already pre
downloaded onto my fire stick to show
you just you know what we got to work
with I’m gonna go back go to my home
screen and then we’ll try asphalt 8
airborne this is a very San Francisco
Rush ish kind of racing game a lot of
arcade action
hey buttons gonna read my accelerator
joysticks gonna move the trackball and
the spinners do not work so keep that in
mind but controlling this with the
joystick is very simple even though this
is a terrible car and handles poorly
it’s still fun little game but object of
the game obviously you know go fast turn
right and left not like NASCAR but smash
other drivers see if I can actually
catch up to this guy and I’m gonna hit
that guardrail because I don’t use brake
okay look at that first place let me see
if I can crash into him get some arcade
style action going boom and that’s what
we’re looking for
got another guy see if I can take him
out catch up with in and there he goes
very similar to like you know burnout
legends or that type of thing but very
fun little arcade game how they
recommend this little this little racer
free of charge nice little ramp here did
I make it oh yeah I made it so well back
out we’ll try something else
another free game that I downloaded it
is the pinball arcade everybody loves
pinball virtual pinball is on
everybody’s mind right now and the
pinball arcade is here and the great
thing about pinball arcade is it comes
with some free tables right out of the
gate you also have access to some table
packs and you can buy some to the store
like that if you want to play more but
right now we’re going to start with Last
Action Hero I want to select that and
just kind of show you what you’re
getting there now the control mapping on
this one’s a little weird but it’s very
playable so my menu button is going to
be my start or my plunger and then my
start and my rewind button for player
one over here are going to be my left
and right flippers so I’m gonna hit menu
to start it off
and I can change my angle of view by
hitting the Z button go through
different viewpoints fire the plunger
and I was not paying efficient try again
now doing so hot keep keep staring at
the digital DMD up there trying to
figure out what’s going on on that
instead of staring at the bowl
not the most exciting table ever but
it’s still I mean how how do you deny
playing something that’s cheesy 90s
Arnold Schwarzenegger I mean that’s just
my childhood a nutshell but oh my gosh
here I was calling the table boring and
I got multi-ball coming right at me
alright and that went straight down the
chute and the multi ball did not last
let’s go ahead and check out something
else so the next game we’re gonna play
that is free is the skateboard Party 2
game very similar to the Tony Hawk
franchise so if you ever played any of
those games this will be very familiar
to Joystiq is going to maneuver around
and you’re going to be using your
buttons to do various commands and I’ll
walk you through those just go to free
skate real quick and of course again
with a free game they’ve got paid
upgrades they start you with the most
ridiculous looking character because
you’re like I don’t want this guy I want
somebody else and then you realize that
everybody else is pay to play or you
know pay play longer to be able to
upgrade so we’re just going to start
with this guy because he’s free it old
Fred I’m gonna hit motor city park
so forward on the joystick moves forward
left right very normal as you can tell
very similar to Tony Hawk a scream I
ollie button I believe yeah B is my flip
see if I remember what am i okay my Y
button is gonna be my grabs and I’m
trying to member which one is for grinds
it is my Z button as I fall on my face
but Tony Alex franchise was one of the
one of the biggest parts of my childhood
growing up I’ve been a skateboarder for
over 20 years so I absolutely love
skateboarding and skateboarding video
games and I enjoy playing this even
though it’s on arcade I enjoy the
challenge of having unique control
schemes for games like this but again
free game fun little skateboarding
adventure game and it runs really
smoothly on here if I can do any tricks
and a smash but there you have it that
is the beginner level tutorial on how
you can access the Amazon fire games and
put them on your fire stick download
them very simple process all you have to
do is go to the menu find the game you
want to play select it download it once
it downloads go in there and you’re
ready to go all the games are a little
bit different as far as the control
scheme so you kind of have to figure
things out but I have yet to find a game
that does not play on the control stick
via the Bluetooth connection so
hopefully that helps the beginners out
there and like I said I will be making a
second video for the intermediate level
that’ll show you how to play even more
advanced arcade games and more games
that you’re probably familiar with and
it’s a little a little more complicated
so that’s why I guess the intermediate
ranking but that video will be coming
out this weekend and then lastly I will
be doing the advanced one where I’ll
show you how to install retroarch
onto the fire stick that way you can
load up your own roms if you’re
comfortable doing that and then play
them via the fire stick so I hope you
enjoyed the video if it was helpful make
sure you hit that like button share this
video with your friends also if you’re
new to this channel make sure you
subscribe hit that notification bell so
you’d be the first to know every time I
release new content like this and as
always thanks for watching guys I really

47 thoughts on “AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade – Play Games From Your Amazon Fire TV Stick!”

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  2. That is so cool. Have to buy a Fire Stick now. Just got my Legends Ultimate a couple weeks ago and love it. Hoping someone will create a zip image of bunch of packaged arcade roms for it. Thanks for this video. Very informative.

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    I'm not a fan of AtGames the company, but they did seem to put out a quality product here.

    Android gaming adds another dimension to this. I have an Android TV box and play Android games and use emulators for the various retro consoles.

    I recommend for Android games:

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