10 thoughts on “Atlanta Hawks owner Jami Gertz talks the NBA draft lottery with 11Alive Sports”

  1. Her husband is principal owner. They have two top picks in the draft, so if they draft well or pull off a good trade with them it will be worth it.

  2. I don't really give a single fuck about the NBA, but I was just kinda hoping for another image of Ms. Gertz in between 2 black dudes like last year just to see some people post comments insinuating certain "activites" involving her, both black guys and filthy noises coming from behind her closed dressing room door after the ceremony!!!….👄🍆🐈🍆

  3. This years 8 and 10 1st round picks plus next years 2 1st rounders (if Cleveland conveys) for the Zion pick.

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