Aussiest. Interview. Ever. What a legend!

Aussiest. Interview. Ever. What a legend!

What happened?
Oh, well, It’s really quite funny.
I was in bed sleeping at 2 o’clock this morning; my wife comes in and says,
“Oh! The shop’s been, uh, someone ran into the shop.”
And I said “uh, what?” So, I jumped down the bed and all I had was my
undies on, and I’ve walked out the front and I seen out the car smashed and I seen the bloke
walking back to the car. And so I’ve walked outside and I said, “what are you doing, mate?
Like, “you can’t be leaving the scene.” And he goes, “don’t be a hero mate!
And I said, “I’m not trying to be a hero, but the police are coming!”
And he just decided he’d scoot up the road,
and I just said, “nah, it’s not going on like that mate.”
So I jumped in my car, and I started chasing him up the road. And then he went down a side street,
and then the police were coming, and I flashed them and sent them off in the direction him.
But mate all I had was my jocks on. I was chasing him up the street, and I’m just, like, “mate!” Like…
‘Cuz you told me that this is your mate shop.
And you didn’t want him to get away.
Yeah, nah, nah! It, well, my mate’s mum’s had this shop for, like, 40-odd years. And, uh…
Look at it! Look at it! Whoa!
It’s a mess, isn’t it?
Beyond a mess! Like, words, words can’t explain how it is mate. Like…
Now, Daniel, you’ve managed to put some pants on in the meantime.
Yeah, mate!
That’s good to hear. Do you feel like a hero?
Not really. It’s just something you got to do for the community, mate.
It’s like, you look after your mates and your mates will always look after you.
There you go. Good attitude! There you go guys: Daniel, quite the Australian hero here this morning.
As for the owners of the fish and chip shop,
well they are insured but there is a big mess to clean up this morning.
Oh, wouldn’t you like to live next door to Daniel?
Aussie of the day!
Yeah, thanks a lot.
Cheers! What Daniel needs to realize – Daniel, if you can hear me –
you know all good superheroes wear their jocks on the outside, so it kind of fits the brief. Pardon the pun.
Yeah, but I had nothing on, bar my jocks!
Yeah, Lisa.
Well you missed that bit of the uniform, but that’s okay. You’re a hero in our eyes. Well done, Daniel!
Yeah, cheers. Thanks a lot guys.
Goes to show what you can achieve in your underwear.
Thank you very much, Jessica Miller. We’ll check in with you again shortly.

100 thoughts on “Aussiest. Interview. Ever. What a legend!”

  1. I worked with two Australian guys. One said mate every sentence and the other said it once or twice in 2 years.

  2. Gotta tip for ya Dano, next time you're on the telly wear a Holden tank top. Anyhow, good on ya maaate! Tru Blue.

  3. Aussies and American Southerners come from the same place in England. They also have the same problem holding on to their teeth.

  4. The dripping condescension from the presenters is repulsive. Give me Daniel in a firefight or emergency any day next to the dinks who are mocking him. He has more character in his finger than the whole lot of them in that studio. He's also got a great sense of humour. I don't think they were being funny or nice to him, I think they were insulting him with their golf claps and false platitudes.

  5. G’day mates this is what Australia is like.. I’m just waiting for yeah I’m just waiting for a mate<—- meme

  6. As an Aussie I understood every word of this. Every single word! This is Australia 😂 deadset every tradesmen.

  7. "And i said naaa its not going on like that mate" give this guy a medal what a fuckin legend 👍👋

  8. Fake. Where’s the kangaroo and emu fighting in the background? The guy is also missing a vegemite sandwich on one hand and Bunning’s sausage roll in the other. And the song “down under” should also be playing in the background.

  9. He is more then a hero… You are the best guy when you don´t think about the sitiuation. Best wishes from germany 🙂

  10. I think I'd be a sort of a legend if I was living in Australia because my name is Mate, a traditional Croatian name. (Matthew in English, Matthias in German, Matteo in Italian, etc.)

  11. I've been watching this video since one year. Every time i feel low, i come here.. idk why.. but this video is so so so good .. Thank you Mate: )

  12. Aussies are the best EVER!!! Wish it wasn’t so hard and expensive to go visit (maybe even live).

  13. If l wasn't a Pom ! I would want to be an Aussie.. We have a healthy rivalry and great senses of humour !

  14. ANZACS step aside. A new bar has been set. Morning news trolls ever lower. Thankfully I have Alex Jones.

  15. I wish there were more people like him in the world. The world would be a better place!
    Btw I love his Aussie accent 😎

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