Baccarat Strategy from Casino Specialists!

Baccarat Strategy from Casino Specialists!

Baccarat is one of the best casino games
for beginners because there’s almost no
strategy needed
all you need to worry about is placing
your bets. The dealer will take care of
the rest
if you’re still not clear on how to play
just watch our how to play Baccarat
in baccarat you bet on whether the
player or the banker hand will win
. Which brings us to the
most important rule in
baccarat. Never bet on a tie. One reason
players like baccarat is that the house
edge is very small compared to other casino games
the casino has just a 1.06 percent
advantage on
bets made on the banker hand and a 1.24
percent advantage on the player hand
but when you bet on both hands tying the
house edge goes up to over
14 percent so as long as you bet on either the
banker or the player hand to win you’re
basically flipping a coin against the
most baccarat strategies have more to do
with a gut feeling than solid math
players will try to feel out how the decks are shuffled
the casino supplies players with a scorecard to
keep track of results
are the results coming out in long streaks for either
the banker or the player or is it more often alternating between the two
many players like to follow the shoe. Meaning for example when the banker wins
they’ll bet on the banker until it loses and then switch
other players like to play
the chop
which means always betting against the
last result. Another common approach is
betting the trend
up until a point. So for example You may
bet the banker and win three times in a
but switch to a player bet on the
fourth hand. The truth is if you want to
rely solely on the math you should
just bet the banker every single hand
since the house edge
is slightly less.
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21 thoughts on “Baccarat Strategy from Casino Specialists!”

  1. This info was kinda useless. The main strategy mentioned here is to "always bet on banker" which is not very smart to do because if a streak of 14 players appears, you've just lost 14 times in a row!

  2. i use the banker strategy and it works. the reason it works i only bet on the first 3 cards of a new shoe, not all the shoe. is almost a 200% profit.

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  6. these strategies u watch, u hear are useless. if u really wanna make money on baccarat? start questioning urself. can u stop when u're losing? can u stop after 10-20 hand but u just make a tiny profit? if u can, u have high chance of winning. thats all.

  7. it's a very bad idea betting every round in baccarat!!! you will definitely lose! only bet when the outcome is fairly predictable i.e if it's always alternating player/banker.this game can be your best freind or your worst enemy.

  8. I play baccarat by flipping a coin. Start off with a new shoe, flip a coin, and see what matches the coin result. I.E. if banker wins, and you flip heads, then heads=banker, tails=player. If you win 3 in a row, pump up your bet. If you lose 3 in a row, get up and leave. I've won thousands playing like this, and have had the table betting with me when I was the only person winning despite what the board says. So far I've had a 60% win or break even rate on my sessions which is a huge edge. A lot higher than the 50% which is expected by flipping a coin.

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