Back to School Gaming Accessories for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One!

Back to School Gaming Accessories for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One!

– School is just around the corner,
and no doubt you guys are
seeing plenty of videos
on all kinds of different
cool little gadgets
that are gonna help you with your studies.
That’s not what we’re doing here today.
Today, instead, I’m gonna show
you some great accessories
to help you with the number one pastime
to distract you from those, video games.
– [Narrator] Question, it it fair to blame
juvenile delinquency on
the video game craze?
– Kicking things off, we’re gonna start
with a back-to-school classic, backpacks.
Specifically, though, ones that will also
carry around game systems.
Now, one that I absolutely love
and have talked about before
is the Switch backpack,
it carries around a Switch,
all the accessories you can
need, and enough extra room
to also carry a MacBook or a small laptop.
But within the context of
being for back to school,
I actually don’t really recommend this one
for a couple reasons,
it’s a little on the small side,
not really gonna carry
extra stuff you need,
like maybe textbooks,
but more importantly, while
it is a good-looking backpack,
kind of advertises to people that
it’s probably carrying
around a hard-to-buy system
that would be great for someone else
to steal and sell on eBay or Craigslist.
Not a great idea, so instead,
I highly recommend this CTA backpack.
This is one I’ve talked about before,
it’s specifically designed
for carrying around things
like an Xbox One or a PS4,
giving you a safe and secure way
to bring it around and take it to, say,
a friend’s dorm room or something,
but at the same time,
being nice and subtle
so it’s not screaming, “I’m
filled with game systems!”
It’s also larger, so
it’s going to be better
to actually double as a
useful, functional backpack
as well for textbooks or other things
you might need to get by.
Now, of course, having a way
to safely protect a system
as you’re transporting
it around is a good idea,
but there are also those
systems that you want to protect
while using them at the same time.
Specifically, portables,
the big one right now being the Switch.
Now, look, it’s not the best
idea to walk around campus
playing a game at the same time,
but I know a lot of
you are going to do it,
so if you are, invest in
a protective hard case
like this one right here.
What’s great about this one is that
it’s actually made out of rubber,
so it’s just a little pliable
and bendable at the same time,
so if you drop the
system while it’s in it,
it’s actually going to absorb the impact
and not just transfer the
whole thing into the Switch.
Now, it actually straps
really easy into place,
and it’s all one package,
so it’s gonna keep the Joy-Cons on,
so if you do drop the system,
it’s not only going to protect it,
but it’s going to keep these Joy-Cons
from flying off into the distance.
Great idea.
Now, speaking of the Switch,
while it does make a great portable,
it’s no secret that the
dock has its problems.
There have been scratched screens,
some Switches have overheated to the point
of actually bending a little bit,
and it’s just not nearly as
portable as the Switch itself,
which can be a problem if
you want to bring it over
to someone else’s place
and hook it up to their TV.
And that’s where a portable
dock solution comes in handy.
Turns out, the actual functional
parts of the Switch dock
aren’t very large and
don’t need a lot of space,
so a lot of third-party
companies have started popping up
with these portable docks for the Switch.
They are just small enough to easily fit
in your pocket or a small
pocket of your backpack,
making an easy way to be
able to impromptu setup
on a TV in a friend’s dorm
room or a common room,
anywhere you just want to
use the Switch on the spot,
this is on hand for you.
Now, a lot of these have been
coming from companies that are
doing crowdfunding and are
having fairly high price points,
but there’s actually some
more affordable options
coming up soon, for instance,
FastSnail is coming out
with one later this month
for only 30 bucks, just in
time for the school year.
(techno music)
Now, it you’re going to
be living that dorm life,
an important part of any kind
of gaming setup is a headset,
because you don’t want to be that jerk
that keeps your roommate up all night
with the sounds of
explosions and gunshots,
and chances are, if you’re in college,
you’re probably going to want something
a little more on the lower budget side
so you can afford the
pizza and ramen diet.
That’s where the Cloud
Stinger from HyperX comes in.
This is an awesome headset
at the low price point of 50 bucks,
with a great balance of
sound quality, mic quality,
and comfort levels so you can
wear it for prolonged periods.
It’s also designed to
work across pretty much
any gaming system, Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac.
It’ll even work with Switch,
although if you want to use
both game audio and chat audio,
you have to buy that
terrible adapter system,
since you have to use your
phone for some reason.
The point is, this is a great headset
that’ll work on any system you’ve got.
Sure, there are better headsets out there,
but only if you’re willing to spend
two, 300, even 400 bucks.
For 50 bucks, this thing
is an absolute steal.
But, of course, no gaming setup
would be complete without a monitor.
If you’re living that dorm life,
you don’t always have very
much room to work with.
And that’s why having
something like a full-size TV
isn’t really a practical idea.
And that’s why even if
you’re playing stuff
like Xbox One, PS4, or Switch,
you’re actually better off
picking up a gaming monitor
rather than an actual TV,
and might I suggest one
of these ones from BenQ.
They’re designed specifically
with gaming in mind
to give you a great
color depth, crisp image,
super-fast response times
of only two milliseconds,
and low blue light,
so you can actually play
for long periods of time
without getting your eyes all tired out.
This one in particular
is their 27-inch model,
which is a 1080p monitor
with 60Hz refresh rate,
at only 160 bucks.
If you want a higher resolution,
the options are out there,
but you’re going to be paying more.
On a low budget, this
is the perfect choice.
So there are some awesome
gaming accessories
to pick up for back to school,
you’ve probably also heard of
a lot of other useful things,
like external hard drives, battery banks,
I’ve got some of those I
would recommend as well,
I’ll put links for those down below
along with all of this stuff,
and I will see you guys later.

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  9. PSA! DO NOT USE A PORTABLE DOCK!!! If you need to have a smaller one there are super simple tutorials for making the official dock smaller! Only use the official Nintendo dock! There have been cases where third party docks have broken Switches because the don’t know how to distribute power to it! DO NOT USE THIRD PARTY DOCKS!!!

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