Back to the Future Part 2 (4/12) Movie CLIP – Welcome Home, Jennifer (1989) HD

Back to the Future Part 2 (4/12) Movie CLIP – Welcome Home, Jennifer (1989) HD

You all right?
You got a little tranked,
but I think you can walk.
Ma’am, you should reprogram.
It’s dangerous to enter
without lights on.
Lights on?
Yes. Now, look.
Just take it easy,
and you’ll be fine.
And be careful
in the future.
The future?
Have a nice day,
Mrs. McFly.
Broadcasting beautiful
views 24 hours a day.
You’re tuned
to the Scenery Channel.
I’m in the future.
I get married
in the Chapel O Love?
Mom? Mom, is that you?
I got to get
out of here.
[Doorbell Rings]
Mom, is that you?

99 thoughts on “Back to the Future Part 2 (4/12) Movie CLIP – Welcome Home, Jennifer (1989) HD”

  1. Here we are… no Scenery Channel, Pizza Hut still sucks, and we don't have flying cars…. but we have free and unlimited internet pornography.

  2. I wish that number 2 featured more of Jennifer. I think Back to the Future III would have been funnier if Jennifer had been with Marty. She could have set him straight. Imagine her trying to deal with Buford Tannen.

  3. the jenifer in BTTF 1 is different girl than jennifer in BTTF2 😯 I realized on october 15 2015 😂😂😂 .they diddnt predict that

  4. The Making of Back To The Future: The Ride, as well as several very rare photos. Check it out here:

  5. I'm not the biggest Michael J Fox fan, but he convincingly pulled off the daughter's voice. Not to mention he looked quite fetching as a woman lol

  6. Elisabeth Shue as Jennifer. Never will be cuter than Claudia Wells when she was Jen.

  7. Must have been either a shotgun wedding due to pregnancy, or rebellion since they got married in a cheap looking place (judging from their wedding clothes and lack of witnesses). Guess Jennifer's family hated Marty for the accident.

  8. This is what my life has come to: I've got a half-chub over the thought of having Elisabeth Shue and Michael J. Fox in drag.

  9. I’ve been watching back to the future since I was about 9. I’m 22 now and just realized that the daughter is actually Michael J Fox 😂😂😂

  10. Jennifer really changed for this film. In the first one she’s smart, here she’s a bumbling idiot. But I think that Elizabeth Shue really sold the cluelessness. She was the best Jennifer!

  11. Everybody's talking about how Marty's daughter is Michael J Fox, and I'm more concerned with the uncanny-valley head turn she does lmao kinda creepy

  12. I just mf realized that Marlene Mcfly was Michael J Fox in a wig…… I’ve watched this movie at least once a year for the past 10 years….

  13. I was literally laughing my ass off when I realized that Marlene McFly is played by Michael J. Fox 😂

  14. It would've been funnier if Lea Thompson was playing Marty's daughter. Then she'd be the one asking "Mum , is that you?"

  15. 2015 Jennifer looks a lot worse than 2015 Elisabeth Shue. To be fair, if I was ever in a film where they had to age me, I'd probably focus on looking better too.

  16. I’ve watched this movie about 10 times and finally realized that Michael J Fox plays Marlene McFly. 😮😂 Guess now that makes him a trap.

  17. Oh I was wondering that
    When I first watched it I was like why the heck do she have a mustache I mean she’s pretty but she got a mustache

  18. I always got confused by the cops saying be careful in the future I thought that they knew she was not from that time and time travel was actually a real thing for everyone.

  19. "Welcome Home Jennifer". Another right prediction there. I have my Alexa saying the very same to me (replacing Jennifer for my name and adding King of the Castle to it 😁). Also with the lights on & entering home with a Samsung fingerprint Smart lock!

  20. Still amazes me that that's Michael under that wig and make up, I still can't figure out how he did that voice.

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