Back to the Future Part 2 (7/12) Movie CLIP – Biff’s World (1989) HD

Back to the Future Part 2 (7/12) Movie CLIP – Biff’s World (1989) HD

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to…
the Biff Tannen Museum.
Dedicated to Hill Valley’s
number-one citizen…
and America’s greatest
living folk hero.
The one and only
Biff Tannen.
Of course we’ve
all heard the legend,
but who is the man?
Inside you will learn
how Biff Tannen…
became one of the richest
and most powerful men
in America.
Learn the amazing history
of the Tannen family,
starting with
his great-grandfather,
Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen,
fastest gun in the west.
See Biff’s humble beginnings
and how a trip to the racetrack
on his 21 st birthday…
made him
a millionaire overnight.
Share in the excitement
of a fabulous winning streak…
that earned him the nickname,
“The Luckiest Man on Earth.”
Learn how Biff parlayed
that lucky winning streak…
into the vast empire
called Biffco.
Discover how, in 1979,
Biff successfully lobbied
to legalize gambling…
and turned Hill Valley’s
dilapidated courthouse…
into a beautiful
casino hotel.
[Biff’s Voice]
I just wanna say one thing.
God bless America.
Meet the women
who shared in his passion…
as he searched
for true love.
And relive Biff’s
happiest moment, as in 1973,
he realized his lifelong
romantic dream…
by marrying his
high school sweetheart,
Lorraine Baines McFly.
Third time’s a charm.
No! No!
Hey, you’re coming
with us upstairs.
Let me go.
Sonny, we can do this
the easy way or the hard way.
The easy way.

100 thoughts on “Back to the Future Part 2 (7/12) Movie CLIP – Biff’s World (1989) HD”

  1. Why isn’t anybody suspicious that there’s a guy winning every bet unnaturally with him going around with a colored book that didn’t even exist yet?

  2. “What would happen if Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) became Captain America?”
    “It’d be like Biff from Back to the Future II took over”

  3. The Almanac can be shown in Biff's pocket at 0:39. It is also shown later when Marty views it through the magnifying glass. I always wondered why he would have it in plain sight. Even if Old Biff told him to keep it on him, surely he could have hidden it deep in his pocket or something. If someone else saw it, they could have taken it from him and realized what it was.

  4. At 1:26 how it shows Biff kissing Marty's Mother on the video monitor tells us just how classy Biff is with the ladies..
    Yah, what a F**King Pig

  5. People oftentimes question how Biff could have a grandson if it is never shown that he has kids. My guess is this: His daughter Tiffany, who I like to think was a friend of Jennifer Parker's, had Griff by artificial insemination and she died just after he was born and Biff was left to raise him.

    You have to wonder, though, about Buford Tannen. In Back to the Future III, Marty interferes with what Buford does, however, whether he does or not, Buford would go to jail, anyway. We can only assume that he had kids before he went to jail and one of them would be Biff's grandfather. Otherwise, Biff would not have existed, because Buford would have been in jail and not with his wife.

  6. Part of me is like, Why would you disrespect Back to the Future with that comparison, the other part of me ia like, "I hate it because it's true…"

  7. That's hilarious, all these years I never noticed until now there's a sign that reads Smoking Required as Marty approaches the museum entrance…lol!! 😂 Oh that's also the Las Vegas Plaza Hotel Casino!!

  8. rofl when I first saw this movie as a little kid, I thought in the sign for Biff's Pleasure Paradise, Biff was holding a red-flavor snowcone lmfaoooo. it wasn't until YEARS later I realize it was 100 dollar bill on fire lol

  9. Yup the guy in the cowboy hat that says “we can do this the easy way or the hard way” is cal from titanic

  10. At 1:09, what was that cop doing in the back?  It looked like he was going to shoot Marty just because Marty pushed aside the Biff Tannen mannequin.

  11. It's funny seeing that sign next to Marty at 0:20 saying "Smoking Required" when usually in buildings there are signs saying "No Smoking."  However, it seems like Biff smokes as seen in the sign at the beginning of the video and Biff's a bad guy which is why he decides to let people smoke in his building.

  12. It's weird how they filmed part 2 + 3 back to back but when they showed a picture of Mad Dog Tannen at the casino, it looks almost nothing like Mad Dog in part 3.

    Also, they tell you to go into the museum to hear of his backstory, then proceed to tell you pretty much 90% of it in that same video

  13. I just never understood why Marty's mom married him in the first place. She obviously didn't love him and she didn't look happy at the wedding. So why did she?

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