Back to the Future Part 2 (9/12) Movie CLIP – Marty Tricks Biff (1989) HD

Back to the Future Part 2 (9/12) Movie CLIP – Marty Tricks Biff (1989) HD

Go ahead, kid. Jump.
A suicide will be
nice and neat.
What if I don’t?
Lead poisoning.
What about
the police, Biff?
They’re going to
match up the bullet
with that gun.
Kid, I own the police!
Besides, they couldn’t
match up the bullet
that killed your old man.
You son of a…
I suppose
it’s poetic justice:
two McFlys with the same gun.
What the hell?
Nice shot, Doc.
You’re not gonna believe this.
We gotta go back to 1955.
I don’t believe it.

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  1. Just a few weeks ago I actually got to see the DeLorean from this movie!!! 🙂 I was at my friends church for a concert and his friend who has the DeLorean brought it up! Not only did I get to see it, but I got to sit in it and take pictures of it!!! It was really, really awesome! If you don't believe me check out my video on here. Called New Community Church's Back to the Future Concert. Although non of the songs were from the movie, they just called the concert that because of J's friend bringing the DeLorean time machine! There were also autographs from Christopher Lloyd, Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, Mary Steenburgen, Ricky Dean Logan, Michael Klostorin, Marc McClure, Christina Ferrari, Claudia Wells and Jacuzzi girl #2 I couldn't tell what her name was in when she autographed her name. Paul (Guy with the DeLorean time machine), said that he hasn't gotten Michael J. Fox's autograph, but he has met him before and said that he was the sweetest person you'd ever meet! I loved when he said that! He also said how nice Christopher Lloyd and Mary Steenburgen are as well.

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  3. That was clever thinking of Marty to outrun Biff's goons and to make Biff think he actually jumped off the roof to the ground below and then stand on the hood of the Delorean so that Doc could wham the door of the time vehicle right into Biff's face.

  4. Has anyone ever wonder where that other stairway leads to?? The other one goes to the roof so where does the other go too?? It can't go any higher than the roof.

  5. So Biff Tannen owns the police, by the looks of it Trump does as well, and/or HRC, which is why you too often see police, military, and other law enforcement officials, not really seeming to do much to side with regular citizens and help and represent them, and instead only just seem to do their dark lord's bidding. Not saying all law enforcement is like that of course, but, it definitely looks like you don't see law enforcement helping out regular citizens instead, and siding with them, not nearly enough. Now, I am also aware though that sometimes the case for a protest is actually not always legit though, and is pretty stupid, say, a protest over something that looks offensive but really shouldn't be considered offensive. If I was a law enforcement official or cop or whatever, I definitely have no interest in trying to side with and help out a protest group like that.

  6. 0:59 My theory:
    Marty died…

    …and then Doc finds out about this, travels back in time to the exact time and place, and saves him!
    Think about it, how else would he know to be there?

  7. Marty sure put one over on alternate 1985 Biff here, he really made it look like he had actually jumped to his death and the face he has afterwards when he finds him on the DeLorean's hood is hilarious.

    It's almost like he was thinking he had really leapt off when suddenly… PSYCHE!!!!!

  8. I always thought the story would turn a little dark in This Scene and Marty would pick up the gun and put all 6 in biff as he layed there in the ground.

  9. Biff: What the hell?

    Anybody would've reacted the same way upon seeing a DeLorean flying up. Maybe not as comically as Biff, but they'd still say "What the hell?"

  10. Even though this movie was more mean-spirited with Biff's evilness, I still really loved the plot!

  11. If I was Marty I would have jumped down and shot Biff with his gun while he's was on the floor. It won't change the past and they are going there anyway

  12. There's a film theory out there that says Marty died the first time he made the jump. Then Doc used the time machine to save him before he died. This would make sense why Doc just so happened to be there at the right moment to catch him.

  13. I like the cycle they did on all 3 Tannens getting Knocked Out in every film

    In the first one it was cause of George Mcfly

    In 2nd it's cause of Doc Brown opening the Dalorion's door

    & in the 3rd it was cause of
    Marty Mcfly


  14. Vengeful Turks shot an arrow into the castle carrying false news of Draculea's death. Elizabeta, believing him dead, flung herself into the river.

  15. There's no way doc would have known to be at the rooftop unless Marty had already died once. The second time around doc would known to be there to save him. Doc time travels more than you know

  16. But if Biff succeed and killed Marty they willl have been in a paradox cuz if Marty died that means Marty jr and Marlene will have never been born so Doc and Marty would never have to go to 2015 to save them and so the 2015 Biff would have never had access to the De Lorean and go back to 1955 and give the almanac to his 17-18 year old self

  17. When Biff told Marty that he (Biff) owns the police, does that mean he is considered also as Chief Of Police that he can do whatever he wants meaning if he shot and killed Marty, Biff himself wouldn't get arrested and put on death row especially since he shot and killed Marty's real father George McFly and didn't get put on death row for that?  Otherwise it would be surprising that Biff wouldn't get into any trouble because here in this bad version of 1985, Biff is rich and famous and I'm sure a rich and famous person could get into trouble for committing a crime.

  18. You talkin to me, YOU TAlKIN TO ME TANNEN, Well im the only one here, go ahead make my day

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