Banned for counting cards from Foxwoods Resort Casino

Banned for counting cards from Foxwoods Resort Casino

How did he know our names?
– How the hell did he know our names?
How did he know our names?
How do we know your names? – How would you think we wouldn’t?
How would you know our names?
You Gentleman were informed in August of 2013
that you were restricted to one hand at table
Do you guys remember that conversation?
– And you were also told that if you violated
it you’d be escorted off the property.
That, that we not told.
We were told…
That I don’t believe.
We were told we could play table minimum – we
weren’t told that.
You were told what?
-Table minimum?
They never told us table minimum, well they
did tell us table minimum but they never said
that if we violated it we’re gonna be…
Why did you guys choose to refuse names today?
We didn’t refuse names.
We just didn’t use a card…Why would we
use a card, we only come once a year.
Because you were warned that if you violated
your restriction you’d be..
We were not warned if we violated our restriction.
At this particular time, I can tell, yes or
no, that’s your side.
Hey shut that off.
No I’m not shutting it off.
-I’m leaving.
Give me my money. You can’t make me shut it off.
First of All, you’re coming with us.
I’m not coming with you.
You’re going to be ejected permanently.
Ya, I’m going to get my money, and I’m
getting out of here.
You can watch me and bring me to the thing
but you’re not taking me anywhere.
We are going to watch you.
You’re not taking me anywhere.
Do you have your ID on you.
I’m not giving you an ID.
So you refusing, that’s ok we already have
That’s fine.
What’s your…
Are we all set with them?
Let’s Go
This is ridiculous.
This is absolutely redic…You learn how to
play and you count cards, this is what they
Keep Walkin’.
Oh I’m already warned.
Your jacket
What’s that?
– Oh thanks.
(Security takes jacket and walks in the other
Can I have my jacket please?
Absolutely boss.
Happy to do it for you.
was pretty good knowing our name.
Worried about $5 blackjack table.
Are you gentlemen staying in the hotel?
Where did you park?
Out over there.
Do you understand you are being permanently
ejected from the property.
You can record that.
You could save that so you could..
Can you tell me why?
Because you’re in violation of your restriction.
What restriction?
Again what?
Last time you were here you were told.
No we weren’t told that last time we were
Dan, were we told that?
We were told we could only play table limit.
My job is not to argue with you sir.
I just want to inform you that you are being
permanently ejected from Foxwoods property.
That includes all of our hotels, casinos including
the tanger mall.
Should you return without being reinstated
you’re subject to being arrested for trespassing.
Do you guys understand that?
Nope. I don’t understand that.
How come?
Because you’re not telling me why.
You have no reason to eject us.
Do you?
Yes we do.
What for?
What’s the reason?
I just told you.
Is the gaming commission good with that?
What’s the ruling on that?
Yes the gaming commission is ok with that.
Yep, we’ll see about that.
What did we do to violate this code?
– Nothing, we did nothing.
You can’t tell us what we did.
Thank you.
Where are we parked?
Escorted out.
For your reference…To get reinstated, write
a letter to the director of security
and request to be reinstated.
Explain the reason why you think you should
be reinstated.
He will respond back to you.
Why won’t you tell us why we’re being…What
did we do?
We won.
The table game manager just explained that
to you. I don’t have to.
No he didn’t explain that to us.
Yes he did.
Dan, did the table game manager explain anything
to us?
Nothing was explained.
Nothing was explained to us.
Why didn’t you explain it to him when you
were telling him you were never told?
Because we weren’t told.
Ok well, whatever you think you were never
told about before he explained to you again.
He did not explain to us two years ago, he
said “you cannot raise your bet”
Three years ago.
three years ago he said “you cannot raise your bet” that’s
all he said.
Do you understand how ridiculous this is?
Seriously I know you guys are just security
but honestly you understand how ridiculous
this is. Right?…They’re literally kicking us out
for playing cards.
That’s it.
We didn’t cheat or anything.
Just playing cards.
That’s it.
And you know that and I know that.

100 thoughts on “Banned for counting cards from Foxwoods Resort Casino”

  1. I support regulating casinos fuck this private bullshit being able to kick you out at their discretion. It's bullshit. They should have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are counting, even then, it's skillfull play in principle. Sheesh.

  2. I'd just comply and talk mad shit then go to another casino lol. No need to try and fight like a child to stay there.

  3. I agree with them banning you. Businesses are private property and have the right to reject customers for any reason as long as they are not violating human rights law by discriminating on the basis of race, religion, gender, etc.

  4. In the long run the casino did you a favor card counting or not the casino always will win in the end period all they want is your money you find a slight edge and they kick you out.

  5. I’ve never heard of anyone ever being kicked out of an Australian Casino for card counting , I was up about $13k playing roulette in Vegas and the pit bosses would not stop watching me

  6. Years ago when a friend who was dealing Blackjack at Foxwoods high stakes pit told his pit boss that a certain player was counting,the pit boss said "Yeah we know he's counting,but he's down $75,000 over the past year,so let him count all he wants".

  7. If my tribe kicks you out then too bad don’t come back if you don’t like it all I see is people complaining about money they lost but yet you guys come back 🤣🤣


  9. Casinos are required by law to pay you for what you won but they are private property and they can eject anybody they want without giving a reason.

  10. You guys don't belong in a casino because you know how to win. Casinos are for foolish brain dead delusional cunts which the casino loves

  11. so let's say you had a hunch a good hand was about to happen. so you wager table maximum from say a $10 bet. then you are dealt a blackjack. you will be banned for card counting?
    why does blackjack even exist if you can't alter your bets. not changing your bets means you are guaranteed to lose. or let's say you were winning using the martingale progression? or any other betting progression? would they think your wager change would indicate counting? is it wrong to use a betting progression?

  12. You say you are a winner despite you are being banned from a casino yet you are crying with two loaves of fuckin bread under your arms you damn momo LOL

  13. casino can eject you if they suspect you of card counting. It's not illegal but it's up to the casino. they told you guys so many times why and you keep playing dumb

  14. what a dump…. here's a hint… dont play at a crooked indian casino… its unregulated and nothing is legit there…

  15. This is an older video and first time I'm seeing it. As a card counter of the 60s using a single deck it was easy to go from a 5 dollar bet to 100. Did it many times. After a few hours of play I was once kicked out of the Freemont in Las Vegas, given my coffee in a paper cup and told to leave. All I saw in this video was 5 dollar red chips, you aren't a high roller. However the casino's are getting more and more like a business to make money. With the Native American casino's the government have given them a license to do as hey want. It is a shame that you can not bet what you want when you want and move your bet up and down as the cards tell you. This is why in 1985 I started to play Video Poker and never went back to 21. When it was a single deck and you got a full deck or near a full deck the game was fair. Today always the odds are for the house as they want everyone to lose.

  16. Gotta give credit to them for remembering you from three years ago and correcting you when you said it was two. Seems like they know more about you then you do yourself

  17. The only crime the guy committed was using his brain, keeping a count, and calculated betting. He didn't steal, use any device, or deceive patrons and casino staff

  18. I've got to admit the security is pretty spot on here. I'm not against card counting, but you knew what you were in for bro. You're just mad because you got caught

  19. Mohegan is much looser when it comes to running down players. You should incorporate unit betting into your game to cover larger wagers on positive runs.

  20. Not worth it
    Casinos just want people to lose
    I gave up gambling and my life is slightly better bc I don’t have to worry about it

  21. back in the early 90s? Card counting wasn't even an issue… now you have a bunch of brain-dead idiots running the place…. and it's empty…. the best thing to do is, stop going to the casinos so that they can close down

  22. just take a look at the fagboy security at Foxwoods… if anybody was back there in 92? 93? This is your worst nightmare…. just take a look at the Braden security that they hire for minimum wage

  23. It’s private property and they have every right to refuse service. If you’re going to count cards, be respectful when they catch on and refuse service to you.

  24. I was there that day… That was DANNY OCEAN and BERNIE MACK was the dealer.. it was called OCEAN'S 2 back then

  25. you always have the ultimate casino, the stock market! you can invest as little or as much as you want and cash out your gains in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, commodities, cash equivalents without any hassles.

  26. Nothing like getting kicked outta the casino while "having the time of our lives", is playing in the background lmao.

  27. I live 15 minutes from there, I was just there tonight. I dont gamble though, seen too many lives ruined with addiction.
    We go for the shows, shops, and restaurants.

  28. Only if we could get everyone to not play for 24 hours and I mean every one in vegas in non of the casinos. Fucking casinos will be shitting their pants and begging even card counters to come and play. But I guess addiction it too powerful that people wanna hand over all their money to these assholes

  29. Technically they're allow to ban u from their properties but on the other hand u can say that they're kicking u out for racist motivs and at that point they're violating the civil rights act 64 and u got a good chance of winning in court due to lack of evidence that u were card counting, i mean, that's impossible to prove…….

  30. Why do you deserve any respect from these thugs? You don't show your adversary any respect even though you know they caught you red handed counting cards. They could show you the video and it would be obvious. You want them to go to the security room and prove it to you like in court prior to the trespass ejection? Or man up and shake their hands for a job well done and tell them "GG" (good game) like a real man.

  31. Did they call the eye in the sky? You know there’s no one in the world who can count into a six deck shoe….

  32. You best believe that Casinos hire pit bosses or pit managers to protect the Casinos precious financial assets whether it's trying politely to get you to play other (losing) games,to tossing you out on your ear to never come back again.That's their job so it is fruitless to argue or to try to compromise with them.It's really nothing personal—all the Casinos want is to empty your pockets!

  33. These Scum Bag Security Guards think they can just throw you around!!!! this ain't the 70's Slick!!! I'm going To The Cage And Walking Out with not only my Money!!! But The Pitt Bosses Wife Too 😛

  34. It's not illegal to count cards, check the gaming commission website rules…. It's only frowned upon but NOT against the law

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