Banned for counting cards from the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino and Resort in way upstate New York

Banned for counting cards from the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino and Resort in way upstate New York

$1575 – Do you have a winner’s club card?
Ya – I do.
How would you like that?
Ah Hundreds.
They only want people that don’t know how
to play.
One Thousand-One Two Three Four Five Hundred-Twenty Forty Sixty Seventy, Five.
Thank you.
You’re welcome.
Don’t put your chips down yet..Ok? -OK
I need you to sign right here.
–I’m not signing anything!
Right here.
-I’m not signing anything!
-I’m not signing anything!
It goes against you.
How does it go against me?
What have I done that’s wrong?
You said I was counting cards so you’re
throwing me out of the place
and now you want me to sign something?!
There’s nothing illegal about it, you just
told me so yourself.
We’re leaving and that’s it.
All it’s saying he’s not allowed back on
the premises.
I’m not signing anything.
It’s just saying you’re not allowed back on
the premises…that’s all.
I’m not signing it!
Why would I sign it?!
Give me one reason why I would sign it?
You’re kicking me out for doing something that is legal
because you want everybody…You don’t want anybody to know how to play.
I mean it’s ridiculous.
You just want people to do stupid things and lose.
It’s ridiculous…You can’t know how to
play a game…What did we do that was wrong?
If we did something wrong, I would understand.
But because somebody wins, you get upset and
you’re going to kick us out.
That’s a bit ridiculous.
It doesn’t make any sense.
Flagged for counting cards.
Most places just say you can play any other game…They don’t go through all this escorting out and all that stuff.
That’s a bit ridiculous.
Can I have your address?
Why would I give you my address?
You’re kicking me out and you want my name, address, all that stuff? It doesn’t make any sense.
You’re still going to send me things to
come…They always do.
One-Two-Three-Four-Five-Six-Seven Hundred
Twenty Forty Sixty Eighty-Five Six Seven Eight.
Thank You.
You lead the way.
Have a good one.
You too -Have a good one.
-Thank you.

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  1. Rules vary by State. In Nevada they can bar you. In New Jersey they can not bar you but can make you flat bet. When on an Indian Casino you are not protected by state law you are subject to Tribal Law. Remember that.

  2. Quick question man, id google it but i legit cant find an answer online. When your running count is high (like 5+) are you supposed to bet more or less? thanks

  3. They don't back you off or worse bar you unless they are 100% sure. That said the bald guy was hilarious with his "It's gonna go against you" nonsense.

    Also not sure what you did to warrant ejection Dan but a flat bet or blackjack barring seems much more reasonable.

    Where I used to play they wouldn't even do that except for the extreme cases where you're taking tens of thousands. Knew people in management who confirmed if they suspected a counter they'd just tap in their fastest dealer and instruct them to use numbers in conversation as much as possible and have pit do the same as well as talk to counter non stop. Casino wins big when you throw a counter off and they bet based on an incorrect count.

    That was a small local joint whose highest limit table was $100-$1K limit.

    Oh and LMFAO that he expected you to give your address. If you used a card they have it already.

  4. Just do what I do.  Never make a players card first off.  Ever….When ready to go, pick up your chips and leave, don't get in to conversation with anyone.  Certainly don't answer any personal questions.  When they come over and start asking questions, either just look at them blankly and give no answers or simply advise them that you do not talk to strangers.  Go about your day and if they refuse to pay you your money, inform them that they need to pay you or the gaming commission and local police will be called.  Simple as that.  Don't acknowledge anything they say to you.

  5. Card counters should learn the art of reverse counting.  It's something casinos don't understand and never will.  Not a whole lot of players understand it yet, but it's far more profitable, never noticed, and gives you a much bigger edge.

  6. good for you buddy!!! fuck these mofos. everything is great and grand when your losing your welfare check…but god forbid you get lucky or find a flaw…theyll butn your house down. sue them!! get their tax i.d. and go to civil court

  7. Bunch of pigs. There a fraud. As soon as it comes to the player winning and there not everythings suddenly wrong and not allowed a load of bullshit. Tell him to get fucked

  8. Basic_assumption why are you so angry? If I ever get kicked out of somewhere I am not going to show my ID or sign papers. The fact that people are getting kicked out for playing blackjack is absurd.

  9. I find it funny that people just don't understand business. Look, if gambling at Casino's was fair.. i.e you have the same chance of winning as the house, then why would someone build a casino, lay carpet, paint the walls nice, put loads of slot machines and tables with nice people dealing you cards, provide heating if it's cold, and AC if its hot.. Just for you to have the same odds of winning as they do. It just would never happen. I love to gamble, but I understand that when I am playing a slot machine with a 90% payout, every spin I am paying 10% of the stake for the opportunity to play said slot machine, in a fun environment.

  10. may I get ur name, address social security number , bank account number and routing number please … like hell u can….. another example of why I strive to beat the" house" because the house doesn't play fair

  11. I was playing craps and winning on another players roll. I wasnt betting the pass line on the come out. I was betting the horn and field and hitting big. The pit boss said if I dont place a bet on the pass line no action!? I wasnt rolling…wth

  12. Lol….I once won 10k on a Royal at Let it Ride in Vegas..threw 10 bucks on the shitty 7 card bonus and won…they shut my table down for nearly an hour "check the tape to make sure the shuffle was proper"..they even reiterated that they didn't owe me the money if everything was not to their liking…then they finally paid me in giant chips so I wouldn't tip the dealers (they figure they won't get the money back then)…I had to make them break it down so I could throw my table mates 100 bucks each and tip…They are really douche bags..

  13. I know it's not illegal. But as a card counter you should know your betting deviations and how not to get caught with that low an amount. You were probably betting big after losing hands because the count was high. Most pit bosses spot that shit easily. Practice betting deviation and stop being obvious. Also, you're already being thrown out dude, and they are not going to change their mind no matter what you say, so just get your money, leave and go get the next place. Time is money.

  14. I would had told that fat ass to go eat another cheeseburger and I also would had said black only makes you look so thin!!!

  15. I have friends that brag about counting cards. When I am at the casino with them, they lose hundreds. The ones that BRAG about counting cards 9 out of 10 can't count the letters in their name. A true card counter (in my opinion keeps their mouths shut!)….

  16. why dont people say "im not counting cards" everyone ive seen that got caught admits it and says "whats wrong its not illegal" just say u werent counting cards

  17. funny casino owners are butt hurt cause people know the game. knowledge is power and hey its mostly one dude and he only got fifteen hundred while the house is getting hundreds of thousands.

  18. I feel bad for you, all the rotten shit luck. I am mainly a slots player, never got heavily into the tables, but I know i did play blackjack i'd probalby be kicked out for counting cards too because i have very high math mind. I guess all i can say is grow your hair long and get a long beard, and cash out your money before it gets to filling out a 1099. 🙂 Love to hang with ya at Foxwoods sometime but sadly I probalby won't see you there!

  19. Just a few kilometers up north, you could go to a Canadian casino and do card counting without the pit boss persecuting you. I saw a lot of old people writting down everything with pens and paper in front of the pit boss. Even I was using my cell phone to check the w/l/d trend, while also considering the number of players that were betting (more players betting = more chance of winning). Also, the minimum betting at the blackjack table is 5$.

  20. Congratulations on sending that Casino down a Trail of Tears. Next Indian casino you get kicked out of tell them how much you love Andrew Jackson!

  21. You are right. Card counting is legal. But casino's do not like them because they win too much. I do not blame you in being mad. Plus Dan H you are obviously on many casino computer's as a known Blackjack card counter. So they are all watching you like a hawk when you come in their casino's. I heard even actor Telly Savalas from TV series KOJAK in the 1970's was kicked out of many casino's because he was a good card player too !

  22. This is why you need a team! The counter sits and just bets min, then signals to the partner to come sit down and bet big when the count goes high. Then signal when it drops for your partner to get up and leave. Easy $

  23. You sure seem like a whiny idiot.  You already know card counters get banned, what is there to whine about.  Just get out and move on.  You think they're gonna say 'okay fine, you're right .. never mind, you can continue playing'?

  24. Something's not right here… First off, they don't back people off or ban them for counting cards, they back people off or ban them for winning too much money. Secondly, $1575.00 in winnings isn't going to trip any wires in any of the casinos I've played at, and I've been to a few. Lastly, counting cards is NOT a sure thing, it's a way to improve your odds by just a few percentage points, and the payoff comes over years of playing, not a single session. So, perhaps this is someone who has a history at this casino, or something else, but it doesn't add up that counting cards was the reason behind it. And you can take that to the bank.

  25. First of all, your fucking with your camera so much, you probably weirded them out initially, just because of that alone.

  26. Hi Dan-What was your spread when they took notice of you and how much were you betting? I once spent 6 months in Massena over the week-end if you know what I mean! Good cards!


  28. I wonder what would happen if someone wouldn't know how to play and would be losing all the time. I'm pretty sure they would treat this person like a queen/king.

  29. Never sign any paperwork!! Signing means I agree to be banned and I am guilty of trespassing!! And Next time, I agree to be arrested and I agree to go to jail!!

  30. Surprised they didn't bring in a stacked shoe with face cards taken out. Casinos will cheat your ass anyway they can.

  31. I live five minutes away and my dad used to work as a gaming inspector there and he would bring stories about how people would cheat to get money.

  32. I sometimes wonder if those 'professional' gamblers that make it rich are just ploys by the casinos to lure suckers in with a promise of making it rich, lol

  33. I hope a F-5 Tornado 🌪 goes through that town and rips that casino off its foundation
    Fuckin Crooks 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  34. i have no knowledge whatsoever about gambling but i have a question . if counting cards is simply a skill and does not involve any sort of cheating how can it be treated as an illegal action ? i just dont get it . unless they just dont want anyone who might take money from them because they are clever .

  35. Why argue with these guys? You knew it was going to happen eventually when you walked in. Just hold your head high & leave with a bit of class. You'll be the better man for it

  36. I don't understand how pathetic you can be. You go to a casino knowing what could happen for what you're doing and you still cry like a little girl. Just accept it and go to the next casino or go home. I don't care if you count cards or if you enforce casino rules, it's private property just move on with your day and go count cards at the next place and hope you don't get caught.

  37. This shows why you have to walk into a casino. They have at least a 2 to 1 advantage over you before they consider it fair. The car adds into industry is about to go belly up so they even cheat to win. Win more than grocery money they make up reasons to toss yo uh. By the way both dudes escorting this gentleman out have been known to drag men in th o the restrooms and butt rape them so tread lightly and never split 10s and double down around them. If you do and you see these 2 wink at each other and lick their lips I SWEAR TO GOD RUN!!! RUN LIKE THE MOTHERFUCKING WIND !!!!!

  38. You have to understand, casinos are businesses. If everyone knew how to count cards, they couldn't exist, they would never make a profit.
    Yes it's stupid, but people go there to have fun and MAYBE make some money, and that's why they're in business.

  39. If you don't see the reasoning behind it, then there's no hope for you. It should be obvious that card counters are like leaving the faucet running – they can continue to drain the vault of the casino for as long as the faucet is left running. This would eventually lead to the casino going out of business if no action was taken to stop it. Here's a hint: go to a place you haven't been banned from, maybe del Lago, and wear some sort of disguise, and only vary your bets by one unit up or down – start with two and go to one or 3 depending. And only win enough to enjoy a nice free vacation. Maybe when you're up 500 or so, stroll over to the Craps table and go what you're up on one shot – to show them that you're willing to give them a shot at getting their money back. A little compromise goes a long way toward acceptance.

  40. Lol it's not that easy to count cards if it were everybody would do it and blackjack would be no more, some people are just lucky like this guy in this video. People win the lottery all of the time but that does not make them professionals

  41. Was here the other night and took home 700. I was thinking of going back there to double up but maybe not. Any advice?

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